Demi Lovato Chunky Bikini Pics

Demi Lovato bikini

Former Disney star, mental patient, and Selena Gomez girlfriend, Demi Lovato was photographed looking fat in the bikini pics below.

Reportedly Demi Lovato is recovering from an eating disorder. Unfortunately she has either recovered too well or her new girlfriend’s pussy is made of chocolate, as she is shamefully overweight.

Demi Lovato showing off her flabby body while she rubs tits with her dyke girlfriend in the bikini pics below is an affront to Islam and the ocean. It is no wonder that the ocean appears to be trying to violently eject Demi as it already has enough large bodies in it that stink like fish… they are called whales.


Demi Lovato Demi Lovato Demi Lovato
Demi Lovato Demi Lovato Demi Lovato
Demi Lovato Demi Lovato Demi Lovato

  • The Guy with the Eye

    Firsties!!!!!! I shall Have her Give her the aids…and save us all.

  • Kahlid

    She looks like the fat-faced spic hag who scrubs the shit-stains out of the toilets at my uncle Jaffar’s 7-11.

    If I were a fat, dirty, talentless kuffar like her, I’d cut myself, too.

  • aghmed

    It is obvious that this beach is not in Japan, otherwise there would be a harpoon running through her.

  • Observerwwtdd

    A buffalo at her watering hole is a perfect target……

    ….for Jihad-dick….

  • Mufti David

    Looks more like an African hippo at a water hole.

  • Tyrone shoelaces

    muff diver of smelly asses

    Yous should no when da muslims went on there african wildlife fuckin safari yous nailed a few hippos in da ass and monkeys,sheep,zebras and whatever else you dirty arab bastards could sneak up on

    • Mufti David

      Oh yeah, it was really fun when we went on an african safari. We actually went to hunt buffalos, elephants etc with our AK-47, but we also took down some googles. Wow it was really fun I tell you!

  • Tyrone shoelaces

    Dat bitch is hot i would loves to sniff her all over

    • Mufti David

      These are best of the diseased & obese whores you’ll get your balls on.

      • Tyrone shoelaces

        Dick sucker david.

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  • Anubis

    Now that goes to show why the ocean reeks of fish, with her big flapping pussy lips oozing stench into the water. Demi Lovato has an infamous reputation for pooping in the woods, so I’m sure she does it at the beach as well, probably in the face of her lezzy lover as they 69 each other.

    On waddling around on land, she appears to be a fat cow. Laying on the beach, a beached whale comes to mind. Her being one of many lezzy lovers of Selena Homez, I’m not sure which one is more skankier, Demi or the illegal alien Selena. It’s a toss up.

    • Kahlid

      Stone them both for we have many rocks!


    why can’t u idiots respect other people???? in my country all of us including muslims respect others. not like, durka durka the shit ass, aghmed, khalid, anubis, abdullah the asshole and friends. go read your quran. i’m sure that the quran ask u all to respect others. wat kind of muslims are u people??? u all are fucking asshole muslims

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      cock sucking fan

      Us Muslims read the Qur’an everyday, especially the parts which say to kill all infidels….and there are many of those.

      • Anubis

        Well said brother Abdullah, and homo chink Hong with his google ebonics is high on that “dirty Kuffars to be stoned list” with his daily ignorant anti-Muslim rants.

  • Jemima

    Deys only one way to gets a figger like dat! You gots to start ever day with a big ole stack o my fluffy pancake jus swimmin in butta and syrip. Yes yes. mmm mmmmh!

    • Anubis

      Negress aunt Jemima –

      At the top of civilized humans are the Muslims, and no Muslim would want to consume any type of food that has been touched by the hand of a fecal skinned google. Allah had cursed them into googles, and made them unclean groids for past heathen transgressions against Allah.

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    after fat-ass demi left the water….there were many love-sick manatees thinking they had met their dream “sea cow.”

  • Tyrone shoelaces

    asshole Abdulla.

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    • Abdullah The Butcher

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      Us Muslims ain’t interested in her sexual escapades.

      • Tyrone shoelaces

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  • Kahlid

    This is what happens to spic women once they get past a certain young age. They fatten up, sag and end up looking like some lard ass washer woman with horrid Adobo farts.

    Allah smite them all!

    • me

      your dick must hate you for being such a fag.

  • demiprotector

    she’s beautiful and sexy in her own ways. look at your faces and you are all look like cows. shut the fuck up and eat your own shit

    • Demi Lofatso


  • me

    She’s not fat all. I normally think the things you publish on here are funny, but this isn’t.

    • Mufti David

      Not fat? This is the problem with western infidels. They think they think they’re normal even after being an endomorphic sack of fats & shit. You continue eating more and more shit untill its too late and become morbidly obese and end up dying from suffocation.

    • Kahlid

      Not fat as compared to who or what? A blue whale? An elephant? Tracy Gold?

      She’s a fat greaser pig harlot pushed on impressionable, idiot kuffar children by the Jew run media.

      That bag of stale taco farts and donkey semen doesn’t know or care that you ‘adoring fans’ exist.

      • Tyrone shoelaces

        Compared to yous mama kotex lickin Kahlid.

  • me

    Not actually an adoring fan. Demi Lovato irritates the hell out of me. But she is not fat.

  • Demi Lofatso

    so she cut herself to let the fat out?

  • Call Of Pussy & Black Cox

    Kill this bitch and use her fat for more Burgers.
    American fucks irritate me.
    Muslims Unite.
    Peace motherfuckers.

  • Walter

    thats fucked up. She looks hot!

  • Big Jack

    Hateful losers are cruel. Lovato is gorgeous, that’s what a healthy woman should look like. Not like a tall skinny goofy chick on drugs.

    • Kahlid

      So you like lard ass spic bitches?

      We’ll just add your name to the ‘to be decapitated’ list.

  • Aubrey Scott

    You guys are all ridiculous, that is so incredibly offensive. First of all, she is no where near fat! She looks great, she’s got a healthy, slim body. She looks great, you guys all just suck. She deserves better words than those, and not to be put under a microscope for EVERYTHING. She’s a human, just like you and me, so calm it down. All it does is make you look arrogant, and we don’t need to add salt to the wound.

  • miley makes me barf

    demi makes me barf too

  • demiisfuckingperfect

    if calling a girl fat when she’s clearly at a healthy weight is what this world has come too, no wonder so many girls feel the pressure to be stick thin. Demi stands for an extremely good cause and has saved many lives by telling girls and even boys who are convinced by low life fucks like you guys that they are disgusting. no person should ever feel that way. no one deserves it. you don’t know how much hate for yourself it takes to purge or not eat or cut yourself. even to want to die. there’s a word for people like you guys. murderers. you’re the reason do many kids are committing suicide and wanting to hurt themselves. in reality, they are the good people who should never change while you are the disgusting immature fucks that need to grow up and learn that true beauty is on the inside not the outside. and it’s really too bad cuz Demi is both beautiful on the inside and out. so go fuck off and teach yourselves why real beauty is. cuz it’s definetly not sitting behind a computer calling people fat. go to hell. I hope you guys get some help. I really do.

    • Taylor Swift


      Post long-winded shit like that and I’ll make you listen to one of my horrid songs.