Demi Lovato And Selena Gomez Are As Gay As The Day Is Long

Demi Lovato Selena Gomez

Ever since I broke the story that teen idols Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez were big time lesbians, and most likely were twittering each others’ love buttons, I have received a lot of guff from smart-mouthed teenagers.

I’ll have you little punks know that I am a Jihadist and will not be intimidated no matter how many ill thought out misspelled insults you throw at me. In fact I will continue to out Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez as the tremendous dykes that they are. Not only that but in the coming days I will be outing more of your little teen celebrity icons as lesbians, and I will continue to do so until you denounce your Christian Jew God and accept Allah as your lord and master.

Now that that is settled watch this video of Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez that pretty much proves they are as gay as the day is long.

  • VintageStardust

    You are an evil, twisted, sad excuse for a human. Demi Lovato, is one of my idols. Selena Gomez, my best friends’ idol. Do you think we are lesbians? No. You are simply a sleezy paparazzi looking to make a quick dollar, by spreading untrue rumors to RUIN these girls’ lives. I don’t give a damn if you read this or even care, but other people will.

    • Renounce Jesus and The Disney Channel and accept that there is no god but Allah and Muhammad is his prophet or I will out another secretly lesbian teen celebrity. Trust me when I tell you this one is a big star, and her outing will shake the very foundations of Western society.

      You have till Monday.

      • Dead Ed™

        I believe you, dude. And I know who it is. But I’m not going to tell…

        • A REAL WOMAN


      • LoveAll

        Here’s an idea…why don’t you shut up?

      • Sly Cooper

        Never! I’ll never accept Allah as my Lord and Master! The one and only Jesus Christ is my Lord and master. This video proves nothing. In case you didn’t know,hugging and kissing can be a sign of respect or greeting. It is not always a sexual thing Durka Durka!

        • Insolent fool! You asked for it! I will be outing another teen idol as a lesbian next week.

          Good luck sleeping at night with all the young lesbians you are going to have on your hands!

          • Sly Cooper

            Go right ahead. Do it. I won’t lose any sleep. Plus I’ll be able to tell weather or not they are.

          • Dead Ed™



          • A REAL WOMAN


          • Hates but Respects Religon

            OH NO!!! NOT ANOTHER LESBIAN! news flash nobdoy gives a shit, Durka Durka. Oh and you probably aren’t even whatever religon you are claiming you are because people who truly believe things like that don’t disrepect it like you do.

        • DS

          Durka is a raghead dude, always remember that, so his words are worth nothing! ragheads are not even worth the shit they drop out of their shit stained underwear! My brothers are over in afghanistan and they say all ragheads are dumb idiots and can barely speak, so why get all wound up about what a raghead says.
          I do hope that Selena and Demi are lessies though. That would be awesome. Maybe I can even convince them to do a threesome!

      • Dead Ed™

        ‫سفك دماء ، Durka Durka. تحقيق بشأن تلك المواد مثليه.

      • A REAL WOMAN


      • Lesbain ;P

        Common! Yea if you out a famous gay actress there will be a slight stir but after awhile people won’t care and the actress will probably start some gay right campaigns now that they are out, or your just gonna say their gay, their going to react by just telling some newspaper that their straight. Who are people gonna believe. The retarded religious psychopaths, or the well known and loved actress?
        Oh, and by the way, ‘Allah’ means God, and Christian views love GOD. Your both praying to the same loser, Only difference is one religion believes Jesus is Gods son, while the other think he is a prophet. Get your idiotic religious head out of your well used ass and realise that both religions worship the same GOD, just differently.

        • Abdullah The Butcher


          I can tell from your “manly” rant that you are one of those hefty “bull dyke” lesbians.
          I bet you are wearing flannel and have a man’s wallet on a chain. I hear that is how you “snatch pirates” advertise your homoqueerism in public without causing a ruckuss among the gay hating infidels.

          Well…I hate all manner of homosexuals……both homoqueers and lesboqueers…which means I hate you.

          You may not be thinking that there are Jihadists out there ready to cut you to pieces…but I assure you there are. Just go down to any Mosque and ask a Muslim what he thinks about lesboqueers. But I warn you…be prepared to meet Satan….because the Muslim you ask just might be up for cutting out your liver and feeding it to the gutter rats.

          The Qur’an commands us to kill all lesboqueers and it will certainly be a pleasure to stick your sorry ass with my most prized Kard.

          Also , do not try and tell us anything about Allah you stupid infidel cunt. Your filthy mouth is only good for sucking ass and not for uttering the name of the one true God.

          Know this you vile kuffar lesboqueer…..there will come a time soon when you will beg for your miserable life…and all you will be offered is death.

          Suck On That!

          • Lesbain ;P

            I’m sorry. Your total lack of good personality halted me from replying sooner. I’m afraid to tell you that what you believe I look like is completely inaccurate. I own no chains and mainly wear dresses out of the house (flowery if you must know) and have long dark brown hair…. Sorry, I think YOU may need to suck on that hit of reality.

          • DS

            If you are a muslim, then you deserve to die. My brothers in the military say the same thing, we have to turn the middle east into a sheet of glass. If there are muslims out there ready to die for their god, then hurry it up so the rest of us real people can get on with our lives, for christ’s sake! my brother and my dad say the same thing. I know anyone who is muslim should die, but i do hope you’re right about them both. I would love to get it on with them. They’re in my age range!

          • Hates but Respects Religon


            What the fuck is a homoqueer?! You are extremely uneducated, aren’t you? Did you make it through 4th grade or did u fail and finally decide 2 drop out on ur 18th birthday? I’m a “mountain child” as the rest of the country would call me and even I’m more educated than you. That’s sad. You really shouldn’t threaten people over the internet though. If you ever feel like “cutting somebody to peices” why do you come on down to my part of the country because you won’t come back and neither will any of your ragheaded buddies. Oh and it isn’t her religon so it means nothing to her and nothing to the rest of the world. The ENTIRE WORLD HATES YOU! I agree with DS that we should just turn the middle east into a sheet a glass because we DO have weapons of mass destruction. *laughs* silly ragheads

      • DS

        Oh, i hope it’s hannah Montana! I would love to see her naked with another girl, doing something disgustingly filthy. That I would enjoy, as well as several if my other lesbian friends! Please say it’s her, i would love it!
        By the way, for Dead Ed, you’re both ragheads, right, so who cares what you say? The only thing you’re good for is psychotic rants!

      • Hates but Respects Religon

        What does renouncing a religous symbol have to do with any teen girl being a lesbian? Just for the record though, there is no God (you capitalize names) or Allah. Its all a bunch of bullshit to coax people into actting the way others would prefer they act.

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          You sorry ass motherfucker.
          I both hate and disrespect your subhuman ass!

          We Muslims don’t give a shit about the opinions of you pussified crybabies.
          If you don’t like what we say on this site…that’s tough shit….we will continue to wage Jihad against all manner of western infidels, especially, immoral celebrities, homoqueers, lesboqueers, whores, drug addicts, and big nosed jews.

          Suck on that you piece of shit!

          ALLAHU AKBAR

      • jesus crist is betr then ahal

        U fucked up Cunt ass fucked up mother fucking as shit head is as straight has a fucking circle go suck your BC and go back to your home country so your ducked up Horace of mother fucking moms can wipe your mother ducking assassination and go shove your pet dildoe up your gay porn stars ass

    • The Kilted Yaksman

      What the fuck has that little no-talent twat done to be your idol? Is she spending all her money to feed the homeless? Is she working tirelessly to cure cancer? Is she waiting to join the military so she can protect our country from extremists?
      Get a fucking life and idolize people who make a difference in the world.

    • Audrey

      and if they were they wouldnt be your idols anymore?
      Wow, douche.

    • Jessica

      Calm down. Being gay is not a big deal, saying somone is gay weather they are or anrt doesnt make his evil or twisted.

    • DS

      Wait, stardust, even if they are, it’s definitely bisexual, so that’s awesome. Besides, this is a raghead you are listening to, what good is their banter anyway? We already know they are liars, idiots and disgusting degenerates who screw goats and their own sisters! Who wouldn’t want to see Demi and Selena in a straight out 69, even better, to do a threesome with them, so let’s hope he’s right! To our misfortune, they will probably be as straight as an arrow…

  • Altamish Haniff

    Now that’s just mean, those girls are best friends from childhood, don’t you have anything better to do????? Go pick on another celebrity that you wish you were!!!

  • the anti jihad

    Do you really think we will accept Allah for you bashing a couple of Disney Channel Teens haha. Hows this FUCK ALLAH AND EVERYTHING HE STANDS FOR. And FUCK JIHADIST including your self.

    • N/Famous Tipp

      yeahhhhh thats whats up fuck him bes a bitch

    • Hedi

      Ha Your fuckin awsome dude

    • Safa

      Hey idiot Im a muslim what the helll are you saying.Stupuid doooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

      • Hates but Respects Religon

        Safa and most other muslims

        I’m Sorry for my earlier comments about muslims. I know all of you aren’t mean and want to kill us all. I just hate stupid people and it brings the worst out in me. I’m from an area in the country where thanks to 20/20 the entire country thinks I’m a drop out that lives in a trailer with 40 people doing drugs all day so I definately understand stereotypes.

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          Don’t lie you stupid mofo

          You know you are an inbred, Mad dog drinking, sister-humping, piece of trailer trash.

          Eat shit and die hillbilly!

    • DS

      You tell them! Still, i hope he’s right. I would love to have them be that way.

  • Dead Ed™

    Lol @ Durka Durka.

    He said:

    “I’ll have you little punks know that I am a Jihadist and will not be intimidated no matter how many ill thought out misspelled insults you throw at me.”

    The part that made me laugh the most, “ill thought out misspelled insults.”

    How true, my Jihadist brother. How true.

  • jennifer

    what your doing is wrong , selena gomez and demi lovato are good rolemodels and they are not lesbins, its wonderful that you want people to be muslims and im a muslim and love allah very much but your doing in the wrong way , your make islam which is a wonderful raligion sound bad buy calling selena and demi lesbins soooo please stop it.

  • d

    those girls are wonderful , there talented and beautiful and theyve been best friends ever since they were children , nobody will care about anything you say , theyll just think your a twisted , sad , lonley idot who doesnt have a social normal life , if selena and demi read this theyll be hurt but theyve got their fans and their wonderful families supporting them and the whole world supporting selena and demi so they would not care about you at alll,

    • MOOMLA


  • bryanimpact

    So what if they are gay, I still think that they are both hot! And I’ll still listen to their music if they are gay. Maybe you’re gay? Have you ever thought about that?

  • Carol

    I kind of feel bad for like the 12 year olds that are reading this, so this post is for them: Guys, this is a parody website. It’s meant to be a joke. For everyone that is concerned about these girls’ reputations, don’t worry that some news network will pick this up. They KNOW that this website is meant to be a joke and is for entertainment only. A simple Google search of “Celeb Jihad” will tell you it’s a satirical (that means it’s a joke!) website. Have you ever read the (now discontinued) Weekly World News? The one that had those stories on “Batboy” and say that Dick Cheney is a robot? That’s what this is. Or the other website, “The Spoof”? The only thing that concerns me about this article is the fact that they really are underage. I sort of feel like these sorts of funny/satire sorts of articles should make sure the the people are of age.

    • axis

      I don’t care If he is freaking Richard Pryor! He has a fetish for picking on these girls and the prick needs to shut his freaking mouth!

  • axis

    Still haven’t learned from the second time have you like I said before and I will outline it nice and slow!
    1. They are excellent human beings who do very charitable works
    2. They are best friends
    3. you are a prick!
    4. You need a reality check like getting hit by a bus (definitely)
    5. Why don’t you leave good people alone and crawl back into your basement where you are no doubt over 40 and being fed and cared for by your overwrought parents who like us want you to get a freaking life!
    6. did Allah ever specify it would be 72 female virgins you fag and for someone as desperate as you that is most likely why you are participating
    7. My lord and savior Jesus Christ has an older book than Allah so who came after (hmmm?)
    8. why don’t you get a life and stop slamming teens for your entertainment because you are incompetent at that too.
    9. And for anyone who actually believes this crap go on you tube and type in Selena Gomez or Demi Lovato and you will find out in 2.5 seconds guaranteed that this is pure and utter bull crap!

    • Carol

      seriously though, this is a parody website. it’s like “the spoof”. or like the colbert report (my favorite show!!!!) just saying.

      • axis

        I don’t care! they don’t deserve it and he deserves what he is getting in the comments section! He is a prick! And he needs to get a life I swear these girls throw their hearts into everything they do and are always trying to help people and for him to write his poorly thought out, incredibly crappy editorials on the internet directed at them! Oh my God why doesn’t he get real and get off the soap box because someone needs the wood!

        • P. Curve

          Axis, get off the high horse. You go into a huge list to prove his (satirical) remarks wrong, call him a “fag” then in the next breath mention your lord and saviour Jesus? You sir are no good Christian. Also, check your facts. The bible was written at various times. The Quaran is ancient. And do us all a favor and either get a sense of humour or LEAVE THE SITE. As to the author, kudos my Jihadist brother! Let us eradicate the Christian Jew God with witticisms and funnies!

          • axis

            Yeah like he is doing any better works my calling them lesbians and then mentioning his god? you can go get a life too!

          • axis

            he calls them lesbians and mentions his god that is just as bad, The Quaran may be ancient but God was on peoples tongues since the beginning of this world. I don’t hold anyone down for their religion or sexual orientation but when I know that it isn’t true that they aren’t gay and when someone tells me my religion is wrong and false he is gonna get what is coming too him so shut up!

          • DS

            The quoran was ripped off from the bible and the bible was ripped off from even older works. But the worst lie is the quoran. they even stole their ‘holy’ sites from the bible, right down to where their most holy site is in the middle east. ragheads don’t even have brains enough to make up at least something original in their holy books. That’s pathetic, really pathetic so, if you’re a muslim, always remember, your religion is probably the most fraudulent works ever ‘written.’
            I have to feel bad for such inferior people as yourself. no matter how low you sink, muslims prove that you can go even lower.

      • Hates but Respects Religon

        yeah but when my 9 yr old sister came home crying because she couldn’t like selena anymore because she was gay, it needs to stop. I tried to tell her that even if she was gay it didn’t amtter she was still a good person but she’s in 4th grade, its not ok for them. When that didn’t work I tried telling her that, it was a joke but she is convinced its true because she heard it at school.

        • Gigi Gomez

          Umm ok first off ur little sister shouldn’t even know what a lesbian is
          So u should be ashamed for even mentioning your little sis on here

    • Hedi

      Lol ur fuckin awsome dude.

    • Dead Ed™

      Aww, those evil men at CelebJihad are picking on my rolemodels. Something should be done about them. WHAAH…

      Aww, the need to pass legislation like they do in China and Russia about websites like this. Or make computers un-available altogether, like they do in Cuba and Venezuela, ’cause the Castro brothers and Hugo Chavez know what’s best for their people. WHAAH…

      Aww. We can’t have a 1st Ammendment. We need the internet to create advertising. WHAAH…

      Aww. Making fun of my rolemodels isn’t funny. Don’t they know I have their dolls I bought from Toys Я Us? WHAAH…

      Fucking crybaby.

      Adult Tantrums: When It’s Time To Grow Up

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        You said it Ed!

  • Adelfonia Delporitria

    Eh bitch fuck Allah i’ll come and tear you apart myself, don’t mock Demi or Selena I’ll come find where you live and tear you apart fuck face you probably a fat fucking little shit sitting on your chair with nothing else better to do. I don’t hate lesbians and I approve of them but Demi and Selena are best friends not lesbians, you mother fucker I will tear your life apart, better watch what you say or i’ll come and find you. I will fucking find you. Fuck Allah you fucking Muslim, fuck the allah and fuck you, I will fuck you both over fucking scum. I will fucking nuke you so bad.

    • YoBiscuits

      Yeah Ermm Could You Insult Him WITHOUT Sating “Fuck Allah” .. Coz That Is Disrespectful.. You Should Be Respecting Other People’s Beliefs & Who They Worship. Im Not A Muslim But Im Pretty Sure That The One You Believe In Wouldnt Be Glad Either :|

      • axis

        I agree with that insulting religion is wrong but he started by Insulting mine, he insulted my lord Jesus. He shouldn’t be saying screw allah but the author shouldn’t tell me my religion is wrong and falsely accuse two teen role models of being lesbian when they aren’t. I completely agree with you I am just saying my peace and that the author isn’t a victim.

        • Adelfonia Delporitria

          Oi mang he mock my Jewish ancestry so I fucking say what I want mang, what the Allah bitch, you mock my god I fucking tear yours apart bitch, mang you don’t know shit mang, fuck you and this is supposed to be about Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato not some god mang so fuck you.

          • kiki

            what you said was out of order…fix up! who do you think you are disrespecting other peoples religion and beliefs…doesnt make you any better then this idiot and his article about selena and demi and what he said about islam and judaism! just like these racists and prejudices! what this dick said was wrong, but you that doesnt make you any better…why you stooping to this fools level!? SORT IT OUT! im a muslim myself and this fool disrepected Allah by saying those things…i wouldnt even consider him a muslim….so why are you?

          • kiki

            also this website is like ‘the spoof’-A LOAD OF SHIT…STOP GETTING YOURSELF SO WORKED UP!

      • DS

        Why have respect for such inferior dregs of human kind. They are ragheads. That’s like saying you respect a horse’s shit.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      Shut the fuck up you dumbass google.

  • Mariah

    Hey i no ur trying 2 make ppl muslims yeh, i’m a muslim but u dnt c me insulting ppl. Get a life ur SOB!! Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez are great ppl, great rolemodels 2 little kids, so STOP trying to brain wash ppl u little parasite!

  • Jamie

    Um, no. They are not gay 4 crying out loud! Don’t you have anything better 2 do then be mean to Selena and demi? Guess not cause your being totally rude. Stop messing w/ these awesome girls. Go bug Miley Cyrus if you want to trash someone. It’s not right to write lies about these girls. Thay have done nothing wrong to you. but i guess this is what you get when your JEALOUS of Selena and Demi.

    • DS

      Oh God, I hope they are! After all the time I spent dieting and making myself look like this, if only they are, then that’s going to be excellent!!!

  • Nayeli

    The truth ashamed to advertise that they’ll say all the nonsense, Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez are really nice and say nothing should estupideses like this on it.

  • Allen

    I knew those two were carpet munchers. Thanks for conferming it for me.

  • titi

    u will never live long in ur life? big fool
    demi is not a lesbian?fool

  • JAC

    I’m subjected to these two everyday, since I have kids who watch the Disney channel. The thought that Demi and Selena might be having hot, sweaty, lesbian sex make my day a little brighter. Thanks!

    • Adelfonia Delporitria

      Eh bitch you are one sick mother fucker don’t be dissing the two mang I will fucking cut you open you fucking little shit, fucking piece of fuck you fucking bitch.

      • Westside willy

        Yo your a little violent aint ya,I don’t give a flying shit either way but you might not wanna threaten peoples lives. People on here are mental midgets and insults just make them more ignorant. Theres and old saying that says ” Be carefull when you engage in a argument with a fool because after a while people may have a hard time telling the fool from you.

        • Westside willy is an asshole

          Don’t go all Confucius on us now. You have been such an asshole in the past!

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          backside willy

          You must have been “chicken binging” because you sound “mega-google.”

          Eat shit and die mofo

  • grace

    hhahahahahah i agree with the person who that 100%

  • N/Famous Tipp

    haha fuck allah or whatever you call it and you and fuck all you pussy ass niggas imma do you muther fuckin jihad haha BITCHES AINT SHIT!

    • N/Famous Tipp

      it makes me mad when people talk bad about jesus but for real when did religion come in this man your giving alot of people bad names you know

  • LoveAll

    You can’t make someone denounce their religion. Only if they want to. You probably have no life, just trying to make people like your Allah, and insulting celebrities to make it happen. Wow what a loser.

  • LoveAll

    Alright, alright ya got me..I accept Allah,,,as a faggot..

  • nana

    oh my gosh soooooooooooooo sad

  • Bridgit

    You are so mean… jeez you are only doing this for your Allah… he may be your god, but really he is doof, like you

  • besho

    youre an idiot. and you cant force ppl into your religion, i’m a muslim and my religion (islam) taught me to respect other religions.
    and fyi demi lovato and selena gome are NOT lesbians they are friends, so get a life and stop making up rumours about teenagers its creepy and sad.

  • Shelbs

    Nope not gonna happen, and this proves you are making this up HA :P

  • Andrew

    Greatest thing ever. Both the actual post and the comments below are priceless. I love this website.

  • LAlaLa

    ookkkaaayyy!! yooh need to get a life! they are not dating! instead of trying to convince people that all yooh tell is lie’s go doing something else or go hangout with frenz! ohh wait yooh probly don’y have any! now stop saying that their lesbians because they are not. yooh have to have evidence that they are but yooh don’t! there just good frenz and they’ve been since they were on barney and friends together so shut the hell up and go fly a kite!

  • kathleen

    who ever wrote this is a loser and he or she shoul get a lige cuz seems like this person doesn’t have one.

  • Someeeell

    Look, just shut the hell up, whatever about your allah, dude it’s a FREE COUNTRY! I’ll praise God and ONLY God until the day he comes back! Shut the FUCK up about Demi & Selena. You don’t have a job, you don’t have a life, you don’t have a stupid DICK, you’re a worthless piece of trash! You’ve got nothing better than sit your fat belly ass in a fucking computer staring at people watching your stupid site that only gets 1 view every hour!! Why the hell are you going say their lesbians if you know NOTHING! so i recomend you to shut up!

  • Louren

    Say what you want but it doesn’t matter, because your a disgusting low life who has nothing else to do but sit his fat ass on the computer and rag on innocent teen girls. And I’m not a teenage girl, I’m a mother who happend to see this story. Your pathetic, why bother living? You have no purpose In life, you can’t even get a real job. Just go dig your grave because the world would be alot happier if you did

  • Hedi

    Why the hell would you put the fact out that your a Muslim? Your already pathetic enough and this just makes people hate you more. Get the fuck out of this country

  • A Mcfarland

    Allah is a false pig. I’ll see you in hell.

    • Safa

      Hey idiot keep repeating junk

  • Turd Ferguson

    If they’re not gay, I’m gonna need to see proof that each loves riding the Baloney poney

    • DS

      I don’t want to see that. As much as I like it too, it’s better with another girl. believe me, all you girls out there. My dad doesn’t know yet about me, but he’ll know soon, when he meets my girlfriend and he sees what she looks like. He’s a pervert like my grandpa. he like syounger girls too. my grandpa got married six times now, the last girl he divorced was younger than my sister. now he lookin for seven. my dad does same and I know he’s going to like Jay. but she’s my girl and he can’t have her even for another two years anyway. If demi and selena are too, that would be so awesome! jay like s them too. instead of a threesome, maybe all of us, they look like me, but jay is blonde. I think we would get along great!

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        DS….aka dick sucker

        You sound like that racist bitch…..joe jonas’s girl.

  • jane

    what the fuck dude they are not lesbians to each other so shut the fuck up
    what do u know about them thats it true NOTHING
    so shut yoyr mouth
    they are best friends so selena gomez and demi are interstead in guys
    who do u think u are
    i hate this kind of ppl writting these rumors which is not true so stupid

  • luis

    some people have no life and just like bothering the people that are living their life’s so to you stop worshiping a god that does not exist and follow the Real God so that he can change you unworthiness you call your life and stop calling people what they are not just because you cant come up with a conclusion on what you really are. ungrateful you just don’t like you own life so you introduce you nose into other peoples lives and you modify everything you don’t even know about. dummy

  • luis

    o ya the video doesn’t prove anything you made it oooooo wait it does prove that you are the one that pick the gay song so say that you are the one that is gay dummy haha

  • Rayquaza24

    Allah Sucks

    • :)

      so im a muslim, i just wanted to say id never insult jesus so ur an ass. jesus is a prophet in our religion so we respect him very much. and in our quran it says ( lahem deenohon wa leya deeni) which means you have ur religion and i have mine. Its means i have no right to judge you and i wont. i couldnt care less if they’re gay or not i have one of my close friends who is gay its their right i have no right to judge. so please dont go cussing when you dont even understand shit.

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        bug eyed homoqueer

        Don’t lie you filthy piece of infidel shit.
        You don’t have a “friend” that’s gay….you’re the one that’s guy.

        You’re the worst kind of homoqueer; the scared shitless kind. Just tell everybody….the infidels don’t give a damn.
        And you don’t know squat about Islam or you wouldn’t have made those dumbass comments.

        Also, when Islam takes over. we will stone you for being a homoqueer.

        Suck on that asshole

  • Asshole

    hahahahahahah I knew it. These two girls are in love with eachother and should get married when hit 18.

  • Kari

    Bahahaha I LOVE THIS….KEEP POSTING this makes me smile and know that some people should read more often….anyway keep going the video had me dancing…HEY HEY HEY..YOU’RE SO GAY

    • mionm


  • Christian

    Wow, shut up you are a weird dumbass. lol, your stories are funny though. Wonder what else is in that twisted mind of yours?

  • BeingGayIsOkay

    Stop saying that you know Demi and Selena aren’t lesbians. You do NOT know them in real life. You do NOT know their sexual orientation. So stop saying that you know for a fact they are not gay. It is just as likely for them to be gay as it is for them to be straight.

    You guys know nothing about them either, so why don’t you SHUT UP. Everyone is allowed to have their own opinions but there is no need to bash people.

    … you dont know them so shut up. theyre not gay!…


  • Ezzee

    How cool would it be if they were gay……………

  • orange

    u make their relationship break ok…….
    they were NOT GAY they just best friends when they on barney!!!

  • jess

    haha so you think that just because you call 2 amazing girls lesbians, we will all suddenly turn to allah? hahaha your retarded.

  • kiki

    its people like you that give the rest of us muslims a bad name! i dont even consider you to be a muslim…or you just pretending to be one to MAKE US REAL MUSLIMS LOOK BAD!? do not pay attention to this idiot! what this fool is saying isnt right, but some of the comments i have read on here towards our God isnt either, please dont disrespect peoples beliefs and religion…THAT GOES FOR YOU TOO CELEBJIHAD! just for the record they arent lesbians, even IF they were, who cares, leave homosexuals alone…IF YOU ARE A MUSLIM THEN YOU KNOW ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE! YOU D***!

  • Strange

    Please stop spreading rumours about Demi and Selena… and please dont call yourself a ‘Muslim’. Stop giving Muslims a bad name and image… and to all those people insulting Islam can u not diss this guy without promoting racial hatred??? Please try and respect everybody’s religion… I really dont understand WHY people can’t be multicultural… and to the author of this blog… please ; if u are truly a Muslim… delete this blog… its absolutely pathetic… You are giving Muslims a bad name…

    • kiki


  • Lauren

    Excuse me,but what the fuck is wrong with you? Demi and Selena are not gay,so obviously, you breaking a FAKE story to the media is the result of you being a jealous ass racist bastard with no damn life. I mean really- Who spends their time writing fake stories about idols? Now you could be thinking why am I wasting my time writing this to you,but I feel it must be said. You stupid ass, jealous bastard. Just because your mom turned gay when something bad happened to her doesn’t give you the authority to go and ruin someone else’s reputations, you douche bag. I hope your dumb ass dies and goes to hell for that,you fucking crack whore.

  • 1 hot [email protected]

    This publicist is a fucking loser and has nunthn better 2 do but tlk about them. If they best friends let dem be and you can kiss ass you sorry maget ass bitch

  • Dead Ed™

    Adult Temper Tantrums:

    When It’s Truly Time to Grow Up …

  • ariana

    WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?! THIS SITE IS MADE TO BE A JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HAVE NEVER SEEN MORE IDIOTS IN A COMMENT SECTION IN MY LIFE!

  • TT

    omg. would you please stfu! you really don’t know what the hell you are talking about! and get a damn life!!!!! and im sure you don’t care what people say about you guys,but, why are you guy keep spreading false info? and where are demi&selena they should be solving this problem. cause they won’t stop unless they both confront their selves. this is just redicious! GET A FUCKING LIFE!!!!!!!!!!

    • mcFail

      learn to spell