Demi Lovato And Miley Cyrus Are Dating

Demi Lovato Miley Cyrus

Wow this is getting good. After we just reported that Demi Lovato, heart broken from her recent breakup with longtime girlfriend Selena Gomez, had taken a lesbian vacation. Demi is back in LA and dating none other than noted town bicycle Miley Cyrus.

Skeptics will argue that Miley is just an obvious rebound for Demi, but I see the way they are looking at each other in these pictures and there is obviously a spark between them. Not to mention these 2 young dykes have a lot in common. They both whore themselves for the Disney channel, and they both make terrible songs even with the aid of super computers.

The Miley Cyrus Demi Lovato power couple or “Milato” (if that is to racially charged we can go with “Demrus”) is the hottest thing going in Hollywood right now. As these pictures show these passionate lesbian girls make an adorable couple.


Demi Lovato Miley Cyrus Demi Lovato Miley Cyrus Demi Lovato Miley Cyrus Demi Lovato Miley Cyrus
Demi Lovato Miley Cyrus Demi Lovato Miley Cyrus Demi Lovato Miley Cyrus Demi Lovato Miley Cyrus

  • Someeeell


    • God

      I can’t believe Demi would cheat on selena!!!

    • Sarah

      Are you retarded? Have you never heard of a joke? Do us a favor and work on geting a sense of humor. You might need to look “humor” up in the dictionary first.

    • mia

      bitch! GO TO HELL!!!!

  • hahah

    Hhahaha, yeah, “LEAVE THE INTERNET!”

  • erfw



    • C

      So you’re saying Miley is actually bisexual and polyamorous?

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        Do not use such vulgar terms to describe Miley; use the proper vocabulary.
        Miley is a lesboqueer, try-sexual, whore.
        These are the terms she uses for herself and she demands that others do the same.

        Respect her wishes.
        Do not make this mistake again!

  • FaggotsAreGAY

    This is so stupid! So what!? They are friends. This is something you have no idea what its like! You have no life!!

  • leesha


  • Sabrina

    are u fuckin stupid or something miley nor demi is gay and plus shes dating liam and liam was at the date asshole

  • laura

    hahahahaha you guys realize that every time you leave angry comments, this just adds fuel to the fire? these people don’t seriouslyyyyyyyyyyyy think this stuff is true! they’re just saying it to piss you off! and it looks like it’s working out pretty well…

    • Mohammed

      I hope you are joking. This is some serious shit right here and if you don’t believe it you are in denial…

  • oi!

    They actually would have made a good couple…

  • tom

    this is bullshit news

  • rachel

    dude ur muslim!!!!!!!!!! ur not supposed to b cursing. i know so!! my dad is muslim.!!!!!!! oughtta be ashamed of urself.!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  • Dakota

    haha this was funny. I mean the comments. i’m a Demi Lovato fan and if you (the person who wrote this) knew anything you’d know that Demi is straight. Normal. not gay. gosh. Plus Miley is dating Liam whats his face. Demi and Selena were close friends and i don’t know what happend. It’s sad cause they were so close. but whateves. But another thing to add is that Demi is an AMAZING singer! she has a big vocal range and it’s amazing. Miley’s not so bad either. i guess. but Demi is GREAT! so unless you can sing better than i wouldn’t say anything. gosh. One more thing…I love NEMI! i know thats got nothing to do with anything i just thought i’d share. Nemi= nick J+Demi L


    • A

      “… you’d know that Demi is straight. Normal. not gay. gosh.”

      I dislike the fact that you implied that being gay is not “normal.” I suggest everyone on the internet could learn to be a bit more mindful before they post comments.


      • Tammi09

        Oh cool your jets the comment looks like it was written by a 13 year old girl.. She’s a kid and obviously didn’t have any hurtfull intentions behind it so just stfu I’m so sick of these people who take EVERYTHING to heart ‘omg Jill three blocks away said the word faggot I think I’m gonna cry’ I understand racism and predjudice but come on don’t look at every little thing and take it to heart

  • bem

    I love Demi shes straight GOSH

    • mia

      demi is lesbo i know cuz im a girl and i fucked that bitch hard

  • Emily

    Jeez..Retarded much?

    • mia

      nice homie

  • Bailey

    OOOOOOOOOK…First this was hysterical! I love this site, brightens my day, things like this really need to be laughed about.

    And second: You’re all fucking morons! this is a joke site, read the fucking disclaimer. Nothing in this site it true…well VERY little is true.

    And if any of the readers of the stuff about Demi, Miley, Selena, etc. were older then say 13 they’d know that Demi ain’t straight…she’s as far from straight as a circle! Miley is a whore. and Selena is as gay as a unicorn prancing across a rainbow with Ellen on its back. Miley likes to suck cock and Demi likes to eat pussy…or well Selena’s pussy at least.

    So all you little teenieboppers need to get a life and grow up like the rest of the world, get fucking sense of humor, stop fucking worrying about this shit. Learn to take a fucking joke!

  • Qwonique

    that is not bullshit she whould never happen

  • The Insider

    Hmnnnn guess what’s the next question paparazzi will ask when they see Selena? ;) Love this site. :) Even though this site is a joke site (for the most part), I agree about Demi not being the straightest girl…Miley I believe is straight and I believe Selena is straight, but that doesnt mean her and Demi didnt have their little fun. ;)

    • Tammi09

      Wtf are you talking about, stop fantasing sick thoughts and get your lazy ass off the computer

  • person

    you are talking rubbish the same guys in two of the photos there not lesbians

  • Tammi09

    No no no durka, you’ve got it all wrong this is what it looks like to have friends.. I can’t blame you for thinking that they’re lesbians because you obviously don’t have any friends nor life outside of the Internet

  • idiots

    this is a satire web site and it is funny as hell. i guess you think the onion is real too? everyone who comments and gets all pissed are complete and utter morons. please get off mommy and daddys computers and go back to school or do some homework. allah be prasied and mohamud should get to bang all of the 13-18 YO who are pissed about this web site, be it a boy or a girl.

  • flynstl05

    I think this is funny as hell! all you bitches that actually take this as legit need to get a sense of humor and a fukin life!

  • KristopherR

    All you young ladies that are leaving such vulgar-infested comments on this site are going to be told on. That’s right your mommy and/or daddy will be hearing all about the fact that you’re cursing on the interweb. Futhermore, when you get THIS upset at pics and articles written about Demi and her slutty girlfriends, it obviously means you are in a jealous rage because YOU are not dating Miley or Demi.

    Take care, all

  • F*CK UYOU!!

    LOLOLOLOLOLLLL!!!! -.-””””””’ They are NOOOOOOOOOTTT daiting!! Miley’s with Liam and Demi and Miley are BEST FRIENDS!! DELENA WAS THAT TOO U NIMROD!! + it’s “Memi” not anything demrus or milato or whatever shit u make up… +!!!!! They are not anything about the hottest going on in Hollywood!! Not even close!!!!!!!!!!! SO SHUT THE FUCK UP AND GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -love, your hater -.-

  • Human Being

    You’re all lame. This is a JOKE.

    You all need a sense of humor.

  • Niiiiillle

    Its really funny how all of this fans are saying “that doesnt prove anything, they’re friends.. go away, let them leave” and when they see their heroe with one of the Jonas Brothers they be like “awww Nelena!!” Or “Awww Niley!!!” …… Is time you guys fucking understand…. this doesnt prove Miley and Demi are NOT dating. It could be true! BTW Miley is a *****


  • perv

    this shit is hot…….damn

  • Taylor

    This whole damn website is fuckin stupid. I don’t give a shit if it’s a joke or not

  • mleh

    Okay. Shut up all stupid comments saying shit like “Miley is dating Justin” No one gives a fuck. This is for fun. I think its hilarious and I am a fan of Demi, miley, selena and taylor. Lighten up already. (Btw, Selena/Demi is sooo true) ;P

  • AHudson

    Okay, really, you think that all these jerks online who read this crap are going to believe you. Go to the doctor and get fixed, really. I am surprised you could ever think that. Just because you see two people of the same sex going out to dinner, it has nothing to do with the fact that they could be lesbians, they’re not gay! They both are boy crazy, get a life, please!

  • mike

    oh god, they are 2 girl friends that are hanging out
    they are sooooo lesbians
    get a fucking life

  • priyanka

    town bicycle. Hahaha made me spit out my drink!!

  • Jay Diggity Dee

    This is for all the people out there who think they are awesome (posting bullshit on an obvious B S post thats only making fun of someone) Look retards the person who posted this KNOWS Miley and Demi (2 restarted rich Disney whores) are not “dating” (like any of you would know if they were or not)
    you people should “leave the internet” the fact of the matter and the point im getting to is you dumb morons have no idea if Miley or Demi like to chow down on box every now and then you don’t know if their boyfriends are cover for their lesbian escapades. so stop writing bullshit and deal with the fact that YOU (like me) have nothing else better to do then to slam someone who was just TRYING to make someone else have a good laugh. STOP RUINING THE INTERNET ASSHOLE (remember thats for these retards: mike, AHudson, Taylor, F*CK UYOU!!, person, Tammi09, Emily, bem, rachel, Sabrina, leesha, FaggotsAreGAY, Someeeell) now u who are named here if you read this YOU need to get a life and stop blaming everything on everyone else LOSER

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      Jay Diggity Dee

      What makes a human shit-bag like yourself think he can come to this site and start bossing even the stupid infidels around….much less try to tell a Muslim what to do?
      I’ll tell you why you think you can do it: First, you are retarded. No doubt you are the spawn of a drunken prostitute, and a mentally unbalanced, and unknown to you, father. You have no doubt multiple developmental disorders and fucked up genetics.
      Second, you are a substance abusing fiend yourself…..even now high on drugs and alcohol. I know this because of your crazy and confused rant.

      I can offer only one piece of advice for a kuffar in your miserable condition. Either kill yourself or let a Muslim know where you are… he can kill you.


  • jey

    wow people cant take a joke…SOMEONE THROW A PIE FOR CHRIST SAKE AND GET THE FUCK OVER IT. shit! yall some dumb mofos yall know that. these chicks that yall will never ever ever meet dont give a fuck about dumb shit like this and yall are throw goddamn hissie fits over it. Gay ass mother fuckas i swear!

  • anne

    hi !:X i love you destiny hope cyrus:*:*:**::*:**:*:*:* and you demi :XX:*:**: i love you ….Give me your ids please:(:* thanks:X:X:X:X:X:X:X:X:X:X:X:X:X:X:X:XX:X:X:X:X:*:*:**:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      You are a brazen lesboqueer!
      Do not try and offer a threesome at this time……their relationship is too new for such debauchery.
      Wait a month or two and then arrange for a 3 way hookup.

      Don’t you know anything about romance dumb kuffar?

  • Someone.

    Ok lolz its kinda funny but come on, give the girls a break.

  • megan

    Demi Lavato is not a lesbien and right now shes dating Joe Jonas sho SHUT UP ur so mean xxx

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      Stop telling lies and taking up for this skanky rug muncher.

      Centuries of alcohol abuse and prostitution have produced nothing but a race of crazy American sluts who will screw anything male or female. These degenerate whores are what our social scientists call “try-sexuals”—because they will try anything.

      But then, you already know this because you too are one of these immoral try-sexual beasts.

      Also, throwing up the cross dressing transhomoqueersexual Joe Jonas as a defense of Demi’s gay activities makes all Muslims laugh.
      His idea of sex is having a carrot shoved up his ass while pretending to be a girl named “Joeanne Jonas.”
      I know this to be true because Miley spilled the beans on this homo-kuffar during an interview on the Good Morning America TV show.

      HA—Now suck on that information immoral whore!

  • megan

    shut up x

  • maresa

    demi lovoto and selena gomez are totaly gay a girl dating a girl hate it and miley why did you get a tatoo in your ear

  • maresa

    miley just made her self gay just becaus for selena datind nick jonas and miley getting mad so you just made your self more bad miley

  • maresa

    selena vr miley i vote selena

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    I believe the “deal maker” in this lesbosexual connection is the huge mouth and tongue of Demi.

    Miley took one look at her huge oral equipment and knew this was the “best of both worlds.”
    Those tremendous lips and huge mouth can create superhuman pussy sucking power and that extra large tongue is equivalent in size to the average infidel cock…..This meant that Miley got it all in one lesboqueer package.

    Now, I usually stone lesboqueers…..but since Miley has supported Muslims in the past, I will allow her this youthful exploration of “snatch city” because I know she will eventually tire from drinking beaver juice, and return to her normal slutty–“man-fucking” ways.

    Have fun Miley!
    And Demi….the next time you thrust your python like tongue into Miley’s “Tennessee Twat”……. give a thrust or two for Abdullah.

  • ella

    i liked miley and demi when they where only 13 12 and 14 your write maresa i pic selena

  • ella

    wheneverpop stars turn 16 they get tatoos they make them selfs gay man why do they do that

  • Faith

    I would not be suprised if it is true considering she is making that new movie where she makes out with two different girls and drinks and does drugs. She is just like all the other disney girls that act all sweet and innocent while on disney but then are the total opposite in the real world.

  • demi and miley are fugly whores

    fuck both of these trolls