Debby Ryan Naked Cell Phone Pic Leaked

Debby Ryan naked

The naked picture above was allegedly taken from the cell phone of Disney star Debby Ryan.

The girl in the photo above certainly looks like Debby Ryan, and the fact that she is naked and spreading open her butt cheeks is right in line with what we know about Debby’s moral character (or lack thereof).

Yes the evidence is pointing to this being an authentic leaked naked Debby Ryan cell phone picture. If Debby would like to dispute this claim I suggest she takes a nude photo in the exact same pose, so that we can compare them to see if there are any differences.

  • Beastly man

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  • Debby Expert

    Compare it to this picture. This is definitely REAL and definitely Debby.

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      • Imam Khalid of Basra

        She is just another Disney whore turned out by the parasitic Jew pimps who run the place. No more, no less.

        • Imam Abbas

          Brother Khalid

          Its always these Disney-employees that are taking all these pictures of themselves to reveal what whores, sluts, and/or trollops look like.

          All Disney seems to be today (as opposed to wholesome entertainment for children as in the past) is little more than a slut-factory.


        • fact checker

          That’s really funny that you call her Jew… Disney has been openly anti Jew for years. When trolling, get it right.

          • Imam Khalid of Basra

            Disney is run and staffed by Jews. Walt Disney has been dead for years, Fag Checker.

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      • vagins

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    • Jman05

      The real and incredibly beautiful Debby

    • Debby ryan is Fit

      If you are an expert plz look at the other one and tell if that’s s fake or not cos it looks pretty real to me

    • j

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  • Tolga Tunç

    She’s not Debby !!

  • fakerthanfake

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  • Jay

    The eyebrows are different

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  • Word of wisdom

    It could be a fake, as Disney whores photos usually display a minimum of 3 or 4 dicks slapped on their face, cocaine clouds, vomit, fisting etc. as taught by their jewish puppeteers.

  • v

    Debbys eyes are brown. This skanks are blue.

  • Jman05

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  • Fred

    Not the same girl, the nose is totally different

  • Debby So Hot xxx

    This doesn’t look a thing like Debby.


    she looks like a horse

  • j

    not her nose and lips different, cebby ryans eyes r brown too…ur just a douche lying to get people to click…

  • lual

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  • Josh Quigley

    Fake Picture Why Would Debby Wanna Ruin Her Career..

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  • Brendan wilson

    You got the eyes wrong there brown not green

  • Brendan wilson

    You got the eyes wrong there brown not green

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    You got the eyes they wrong there brown not green

  • ttb82

    its not her. the eyes are different and the nose isn’t even remotely the same shape

  • ttb82

    its not her. the eyes are different and the nose isn’t even remotely the same shape

  • ttb82

    this is a better picture to compare with the one above

  • ttb82

    this is a better picture to compare with the one above

  • Jack Bouchard

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