Darth Vader Fingers Princess Leia’s Mouth

Darth Vader

A few months ago we uncovered a lost scene from the movie “Star Wars” in which Princess Leia fetches Luke a beer. Now we have once again uncovered a lost scene from the original “Star Wars” movie, that like the first lost scene, does much to redeem the film in the eyes of Allah.

As every proper Muslim knows, the problem with Star Wars was that Princess Leia had a nasty case of sass mouth. One can only take so much female back talk in a movie before he bitch-slaps his TV into oblivion just to shut her up.

However, in the lost deleted scene shown below the problem of Princess Leia incessantly flapping her man-pleaser was solved by Darth Vader when he fingers her slutty little mouth. Truly a great and important scene that should of been kept in the original picture!

Darth Vader

  • Mooslum women love me

    Star Wars is gay, who cares?

  • theheadchimp

    Does that look gay to you asshole?

    • Mooslum women love me

      No, but Star Wars is definitely gay. I mean, all sci-fi is for the gays.

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    Had Darth Vader known about Sharia Law….Leia would have been stoned for her obnoxious backtalk.

    • Saladin

      That’s OK my friend. At least he did what any good muslim father would, and taught his whore daughter, what a woman’s mouth is meant for.

  • SalamTheSandalMaker

    something tells me that “Mooslum women love me” is actually “gayboy” in disguise.

    • Mooslum women love me

      Boy, Salam, you’re really on top of you game today…

    • Saladin

      These faggots and their disguises. I have already initiated “stone gayboy fatwa” protocol.

      • Jesus

        @RequiemVortex It has probably ducosinted numerous variables such as time spent in given location and number of given strip/clubs to Churches. There are clearly more Churches than strip/clubs and most people will have spent more time in Church than in a strip club, regardless of whether they are a Christian or not. It was per person, not comparing to totals. They had a large enough sample size. You can check the study; all their data was pretty solid.

  • osama bin kenobi

    may the force put a bullet in all your heads

  • Saladin

    This is what happens if a whore is allowed to grow up in the absence of her father’s influence. If she were my daughter, I would have put my glorious penis in her whore mouth to teach her the place of women in any righteous just muslim society.

    • saladin sucks

      why? so ur daughter can pick her teeth with ur tiny peen?

      • Saladin

        Shut up you faggot dick head. My daughter loves to brush her teeth with my penis every morning.

        • proud infidel

          and what’s the anem of your daughter, John or michael?

      • Ishmat

        before was a joke so don’t worry! But no, I’ve never heard the mom’s oiaertpon or the college thing before. In fact, I had a nice lady actually buy me a beer and dinner (even sexier, she gave me her leftovers, which were substantial), after I spent a little time and money on her. And she was HOT! Had a kid, and a bad burn scar on her back, but the rest of her was a 10. Heidi Montag pre last oiaertpons, approx. Seriously.