Dakota Fanning Sex Tape Video

Former child star Dakota Fanning appears to have had the sex tape video above leaked to the Internet.

Growing up in heathen Hollywood, Dakota Fanning has no doubt been on the business end of a dick more than a few times. That is probably why she seems bored, and doesn’t even bother removing her sunglasses for the first half of this sex tape.

Of course as the sinful sex session progresses, and Dakota Fanning begins taking it balls deep in her anal cavity she starts to come to life. The lesson here of course is that when banging an infidel celebrity like Dakota Fanning it is best to go right to deep-dicking her fart box, as anything less extreme is simply too mundane for a seasoned celebrity whore.

  • Jayson


    • Murderous

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        • Father Flanigan

          It is a real shame that such a nice girl would go and ruin her career by doing a pornographic movie.

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  • Alissa C DiCarlo

    While this was a soft porn site, it wastolerable and entertaining. Now that it is becoming hardcore, it is interfering with my own site and with my career. I hope all you Muslims and non-Muslims will visit my site still from time to time, Club Allyssa Hall.


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    • ObserversDickIsaFatwa

      Alissa…..that is a great suggestion….

  • mr mafia man


  • First in the But

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  • Chrissy the Lesbian

    Hmmmm. Dakota’s really getting drilled in that last scene…

  • ObserversDickIsaFatwa

    My quarrel is with the narrative……..if I’m going to deep-dick a celebrity……I’m the one who wants the pleasure…..not the celeb….

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  • cam the man

    I don’t know about you guys, but I think this shit is totally FAKE! It’s obvious, I mean look at the face! The expression stays the same. :() duh!

    • Team America

      Cam the Gayman

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  • jaremie

    Dat shit is fake dawg I ain’t whachin dat again
    It’s hot tho

  • Obvialist

    How could you people possibly believe that anything on this website is true, you would have to be stupid to believe any of it.

  • Obvialist

    You would have to be stupid to believe that anything on this website is true.

    • Murderous

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  • killmuslims123

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  • killmuslims123

    this is nice but why in muslim sites

  • ??????

    You all do relize that this video is fake right, because if you don’t you’re all complete dumb ass’, you can tell the face s photo shopped, or just edited in the video. The main give away is the fact that the color of the skin is slightly different and her head bounces at the wrong trimming revealing a pixel error each time there’s movement.

  • warnert

    This is fake