Christina Ricci Topless Pic

Christina Ricci topless

Former child star Christina Ricci shows off her prison tats in the topless picture above.

Solemn and taciturn as the character Wednesday from “The Addams Family”, Christina Ricci showed much promise as a child bride. Unfortunately this promise was not realized as her clan foolishly never sold Christina at market.

Now look at Christina Ricci! She is an old washed-up whore with tattooed titties. One can not help but feel sorry for Christina for missing out on the greatest joys of childhood, being a breeding vessel for a Muslim man.

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  • Phillip McCracken

    is it just me, or does anyone else feel the urge to hit up an IHOP for some pancakes while looking at this picture?

    • Kyle

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    They’re real.
    you can see the scar running horizontally down from the nipple from the reduction she had.

  • Welder

    Its a fake totally the body’s a pornstar.

    • Alissa C DiCarlo

      Its my body haha. Jk, but I did do a couple porn flicks. One was with Kasey Jordan. The other was with Aubrey Adams. We all come from New Jersey. Kasey’s next flick where she lets four guys cumulative inside her tight ass made her famous. Now everyone’s heard of Kasey, but she’s HIV positive now, which makes me so so sad :-(

      • Nathan

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  • You’re All Dumbasses

    It’s not a fake, the pic is of her after breast reduction, go look it up, this website just stole it from another and act like it’s theres. Yes, almost ALL of the photos are fake on here, but for once this one is real

  • Achmed

    She clearly has scars from breast enhancement or reduction.

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    The love of my life is Aubrey Addams. I knew her before she was in porn. We’re both from Jersey. We grew up 10 miles apart on I-78. She went to Summit High School. Im from Martinsville.

    • Nathan

      please just tell me you are a porn star or not

  • Alissa C DiCarlo

    I am. My stage name is Allyssa Hall. I was born in Saugus, CA April 27 1988. Then moved to Martinsville, NJ then back out to Cali to Los Angeles.

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