Christina Milian Tries To Reignite Career With Sexy Pics

Christina Milian

Christina Milian took to a Los Angeles park in a blue spandex workout suit to reignite her career.

Christina Milian is ready to challenge for the title of hottest racially ambiguous actress in Hollywood again. Christina is serving notice to the likes of Vanessa Hudgens and Halle Berry that she is coming for their racially ambiguous hot girl roles.

This renewed interest in being hot and jump starting her career comes on the heels of her recent divorce from some fat rapper named ” The Dream”. The couple got divorced over the small misunderstanding of The Dream cheating on Christina while she was pregnant with their first child.

Luckily, Christina dropping her husband (and hopefully that child) has freed her up to focus on showing off her amazingly tight and thick body. Enjoy the rebirth of Christina Milian in these sexy workout pics.


Christina Milian Christina Milian Christina Milian Christina Milian
Christina Milian Christina Milian Christina Milian

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