Christina Hendricks Wears Low Cut Burka

Christina Hendricks

Many people do not realize this, but Mad Men star Christina Hendricks has a face. Shocking I know! Of course no one ever bothers looking at it, that is why Christina is allowed to wear low cut burkas that do not cover the head like the one above.

Besides it would be awkward for a burka to go over head yet still leave a hole for Christina Hendricks’ righteous boobage, which every good Muslim knows would be a terrible sin and personal insult to Allah to ever cover.

Yes the only sensible thing for Christina Hendricks to do is to continue wearing low cut burkas like the one above. Us Muslims approve of this fashion most enthusiastically and if she continues this practice we will most likely spare her when Islam conquers America. Allahu Akbar!

  • Mr. E

    Cower away, atheists, for here indeed is the definitive proof of the existence of Allah. Also, He’s male, heterosexual, and likes redheads with gynormus cans.

  • jewmothafuka

    she’s got a shamale. i saw her sucking her own cock!

  • sympatico

    She would make a fine addition to any sultans harem!

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    This big hootered infidel is exactly whet us Muslims are looking for.
    With those tits, she could feed several offspring of different wives, while they were out working the fields and tending goats. She is a walking milk factory.

    Also…when she wears the burka…those tits would cause it to flare out like an umbrella….and us Muslims could use her as a portable shade tree when we are checking up on the outside work of our women or plotting attacks on the infidels.

  • j00rtehsux

    you muslim little pricks need to stfu and gtfo mah interwebz, fucking backwards ass n00bz

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      Stop trying to be a ghetto wigger you little twerp.
      Just because you try to act stupid like a google….doesn’t make you a google.
      it just makes you a pathetic asshole.

  • ahhgmed

    Forgive me allah for flogging my holy serpent!

  • KoldShadow

    She’s got the most epic rack in Hollywood history, I reckon. They were a lot smaller in that Playboy pic she did but as incredible as it seems, they’re all natural and have grown nonstop since then. I doubt the majority of the male population is well-enough endowed to fuck those cannons properly. :-P

  • AwShucks

    “when Islam conquers America”

    • Prick

      You Really are a fucking knobhead Fuck off Muslim fuckwit cant you pricks just live in a world where there are other religions, you guys totally piss me off with your ‘one religion’ bullcrap

      • theheadchimp

        I agree you are a prick, now what else is new?

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        loves sucking prick

        I’d say you’re used to getting pissed on at the glory hole.

      • Heathen, Infidel, and non-follower of cults

        “you guys totally piss me off with your ‘one religion’ bullcrap”

        Oh, unlike christianity…No matter, There is no god..On topic, I would gladly punch Christ in the nuts for that woman!