Christina Hendricks Topless Photo

Christina Hendricks topless

“Mad Men” star and busty redhead Christina Hendricks appears to have finally unleashed her long lusted after titties to the world in the photo above.

Truly Christina Hendricks’ enormous knockers are a sight to behold. Obviously Allah in his infinite wisdom has blessed Christina with these large chesticles so that she may nurse many a strong Muslim baby for the Jihad against the Zionist invaders.

Christina Hendricks must not put off her destiny any longer! Her titties need to be drained by Muslim babies before they erupt or the milk turns sour, so that they can grow strong and defeat the Western crusaders. Allahu Akbar!

  • bitchfuck

    its fake shitsack

    • theheadchimp

      Do those tits look fake to you dipshit? Those lil puppies would make a holstein cow cry with envy….

      • lurker

        You seriously think that the photo itself is real?

        I LOL’d.

        • theheadchimp

          Yup it looks like a real photo to me. They look like real tits too, well maybe real plastic.

          • Oh headchimp

            You really are that stupid. How sad.

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            oh asshole

            Shut up you stupid mofo.
            No one can deny the factuality of the pic.
            Those tits may look like they were cropped from a holstein but they are still tits.
            You just don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about.

            eat shit and die mofo

          • Oh headchimp

            Oh hi there Headchimp 2.0.

          • theheadchimp

            Ass oh
            You are a retard, you wouldn’t recognize a tit if you had one.

          • Oh headchimp

            What’s that, Abdullah? I didn’t quite get that.

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            oh leaky asshole

            You dumbass mofo.
            The Headchimp and I are two different Jihadists.
            You sound like that perverted happy infidel…..another worthless loser.

          • Oh headchimp

            Of course you are, bro.

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    I’d like to convert this shameless infidel whore to Islam and turn her into a human bomb.
    With those tits it would be possible to cram in 50 pounds of tnt into each boob and another 100 pounds in her ass.

    She would make quite a weapon.

  • Conyeah East

    Abdoola, I’m happy for you and I gonna let you finish but everbody know that Beyonce make a better bomb than that pale ho. And you could get 150 maybe 200 pounds in Beyonce ass. Jus sayin.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      coon east

      That is true but everyone knows beyonce is far too slutty to ever convert to Islam. We have to make do with the ass size of the bitches that are able to convert.

      • sami

        sallam .. brothers and sisters this guy who calls him self abdullah and speaks about converting is not even a muslim and has nothing to do with islam . thank you . .sallam

      • Quinton will

        And how is b to slutty when she hasn’t slept with that many people.

  • Conyeah East

    Anybody seen my Mickey’s Wide Mouf?

  • theheadchimp

    If you talking asses to place a bomb, try Kim Kardashian. You could stuff a MOAB bomb in that mudsharks ass and have room left over for a dozen M-80s.

  • TheKing

    Chimp are you a muslim…? I cant tell

    • theheadchimp

      King are you a nitwit…? I can tell

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      theking of dumbass

      How can you breathe with your head in your ass?

  • Magnimus

    Where the fuck do you eejits get that she would look at any of you goatfuckers twice or that she is at all for your cause. And it’s obviously photoshop. And I thought Allah forbids you from looking at porn, assholes.

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      Assessing a woman’s ability to become a human bomb has nothing to do with pornography.
      You stupid, asshole, westerners are the dumbest douchebags on the planet. No wonder Allah hates you mofos.

  • itsme

    i dont care if its fake, IT IS FUCKING HOT!!!

  • Mohammed Al-Islam Fakir

    Praise Mohammed, the prophet of perverts and psychotics, for allowing me to view this fake photograph of Christina’s mammoth bumpers. It has made me so sexually pumped up that I will go to Times Square, kidnap a woman, rape her, kill her and rape her some more. I am so proud to be a muslim AND a google.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      fake muslim

      You messed up wigger. Nobody…not even a real google…is proud to be a google.
      Them mofos hate to shave because they can’t stand to look at their black mugs.

    • your’e all effin sand turds

      .Black women are too smart to fuck a google.

      • Die Juden sind unser √úngluck

        Black women, like black men, have no brains.

  • The American who takes no one seriously

    Damn, those are some big tits

  • whatever

    wow you lot our thick. LOL not looking at porn assesing her as a human bomb wow you are fucked up. COMMENTS MADE ME CREASE DEF FAKE

  • Youclowns

    Typical fucking ayrabs. Nearest you’ll get to a tit is when youre sleeping on your boyfriends arsecheeks,you sad, bent fucks

  • beaflora

    That is Bea Flora, google her and your eyes will be opened!!

  • Handyman

    It’s not a bad “photoshop” job, but I can keep hope that she…those lovely breasts will become available someday for everyone to enjoy.

  • Wisdom


  • Arcachnar

    Wow. Those suckers are HUGE. You could milk for huge families or bust someone’s head in.

  • yaser


  • Quinton will

    I don’t think you guys are real Muslims because they don’t joke about there faith like this and if you are your nothing like the ones I know.because they are good people and how can you talk about blacks like that when your people are treated worse in this country.Stop the hate.

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      I’d like to stop your yapping by slamming an axe between your beady eyeballs.

  • skinhead

    Fuck y’all stupid fucks!!
    Allah akbar

  • your’e all effin sand turds

    Beyonce will convert to anything,shes fukkin that dumbass crack dealer Gayz,isnt she?shes a cock whore AND a money whore,tell her youll give her a quarter to convert to Islam,shell sign on the dotted line.

  • your’e all effin sand turds

    Quintin is a freakin genius,isnt he?

  • chingchong53

    definetly fan just look at how her skin color doesn’t match up with her face color

  • bw

    She’s not even Muslim you moron, she’s an AMERICAN