Chris Brown’s Shocking Halloween Costume: ‘A Salt’ and ‘Battery’ (PICS)

In a wacky attempt to make light of his domestic violence issues with Rihanna, Chris Brown and a friend have chosen the outrageously tasteless Halloween costumes of “A Salt” and “Battery.” This is no doubt a play on the term “assault and battery,” and is meant to poke fun at the brutal beating he allegedly gave Rihanna earlier this year. Leave it to the always optimistic Brown to take a negative situation and make the best out of it.

Brown, pictured above as “Battery,” came up with the idea while antiquing with his friend and longtime male companion, Rinaldo, who is pictured above as “A Salt.” At first, Brown was apprehensive about the costumes, until the always catty Rinaldo assured him that “if Rihanna can take a beating, she can surely take a joke.”

Added Rinaldo, “Ewww, I’m such a bitch.”

Happy Halloween, fellas!


    why the fuck u making up bullshit

    • gag

      Yeah, u ignorent.

  • Dead Ed™

    What a coincidence (sort of). Some little fuckin’ emo cunt threw salt in my face yestrday, and I said, “of course, you know, this is assault.” And I pulled his fucking eyebrow ring.

  • Emil

    SHUT UP!!! DONT MAKE FUN OF EMO PEEPS!!!! U should b put in jail! HA!

  • Dead Ed™

    Lady Gaga sings…
    “And baby when its love, if it’s not rough, it isn’t fun”
    Try telling Rhianna that!