Chris Brown Threatens Rihanna with an “Axe”

Look out, Rihanna! Chris Brown is gonna “axe” you! He’s gonna “axe” us all!

In a rambling video obtained exclusively by CelebJihad, singer Chris Brown threatens to “axe” Rihanna as well as his own mother, his minister, and his fans. The axing threat comes after a rambling tirade in which Brown refuses to apologize for his alleged beating of Rihanna earlier this year.


  • Dead Ed

    I get threats like that at work, too. They’d be like, “hey, Ed. Let me axe you sumptin’.”
    I think they’re pretty much empty threats. But still, I do look over my shoulder a lot. Maybe I should stop wearing my t-shirts that say, “MUCK FcCAIN” or “OBAMA SUCKS” or “HILLARY SUCKS… but not as good as Monica” or “RAP SUCKS” or “MEXICO SUCKS… that’s why you’re here.”
    1 thing’s 4 sure. All my t-shirts suck. That’s just to name a few.

  • a whitey
    • fattbottom

      Holy Shit, awesome!

  • carrah

    i think chris brown is fucked up i dont give a damn how much he apoligies i hate his ass

  • Dead Ed

    CB is working on a celebrity recipe 4 the Food Network. It’s a combination of chick & beer batter.

  • Dead Ed

    Rumor is she went back to him, because if she didn’t, he threatened 2 beat her. :/