Chris Brown Naked Pic Leaked

Chris Brown naked

A naked picture of R&B singer Chris Brown has leaked to the Internet. Chris Brown is probably best known as the man who tried to straighten out Rihanna, but failed when she survived and reported him to the police.

Embarrassed by getting bested by a woman, Chris Brown obviously leaked this naked photo of himself to show off his manhood. Of course by Muslim standards Chris Brown’s penis is on the small side, but in the heathen West he is considered quite large. No doubt this showing of virility will win him back his fans who abandoned him after he failed to beat Rihanna properly, and now blame him for her current slutty behavior. Allahu Akbar!

  • open the scroll

    How did this woman beater get out of his cage ?

  • nia

    Uggghhhh!!!!!!! Wht a Body like tht i wulda thought tht yu were Packin Fuck!!!!!!!!!!! :( Thts A Shame Honey I’ve Seen Bigger!!!

    • theheadchimp

      Take your foul filthy cheap talk and be gone……….you keep making the google detector go off……

    • quamishA

      Nd. Niggaz hatin cuh dey ain’t workn wif sumthin like c breezy is sheeit dhatts dhaa ryte size. Fah me wen yhu (Chris brown ) available so we can get idd n

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        cum slurper

        Congratulations mofo!
        You are the most googley asshole to have ever posted here. Your googleease is beyond comprehension.
        Unless you have an illigitimate brother….you will no doubt win, “biggest dumbass google who can’t communicate worth a fuck of 2011.”

        • kim

          eat a dick

  • Kevin

    Damn i don’t care how small people make it seem, Chris you can get it any day/anytime. You are one of the sexiest artist out there…



    • unknown

      i dnt care how small or how big c breezy dick is he can always take me down

  • CherBelovedx3

    Chris Hun Cher Badd No Matter What ( Ina Good Way :P ) Ima Fan Who Wont Betray Soo Here Says I Love You, Always Will , Always Had, & Nevaa Will Stop. <3

  • Mohammed Fayhed

    Chris Brown, is young – all young people make mistakes. He just happens to be more famous than the unknown ( and i’m sure, repeat offenders ) woman beaters. All you haters – get over it! He’s hung, and he’s not going anywhere.

  • JennaJaii


  • datsher

    i love u chris from the bottom of mii heart y would u do dis i kno they say young ppl make mastakes but this was a big one a u packin a lil somethang i kno u’ve been though alot but u can start wit some one new an fresh an next think before u do dis again.

    p.s. ill always love

    • datsher

      i ment next tyme

  • Micah

    WTF!!! are people seriously complain about this?!?! tbh im OVER THE MOON! cant even ‘think’ about this photo without gettin hard… man if he were mine i dont think we’d ever leave the bedroom ;) haha

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      micah the cock bandit

      You will be among the first stoned when Sharia is imposed.

    • Queen


  • theheadchimp

    If we talking dick size of different species like Chris Brown the gorilla, then horses and blue whales make his dick look like his IQ. For you negros that don’t understand English that means small. Or in coon talk……hes dik be smalz an sheet lik a gurilla dik.
    Plus that Rihanna is so fucking ugly, him putting a few lumps and bruises on her face actually improved her appearance. Both look like they escaped from Gorillas in the mist……….

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      chris brown looks like the illegitimate offspring between Zira (from planet of the apes) and Dr. Evil.

    • kim

      bitch suck a dick and die

  • dicklover

    i am so in love with this im 16 yr m i love hung ppl but ive seen bigger but i would still fuck

  • DootDoot

    good golly. . .that aint small… yall muslims can keep your elaphantitus penises to yall selves. . .this is Perfect for meee!! (=

  • miss thing

    i can floss with that….

    pencil dick…

    he can reach my intestines up my ass with that hose….but i need girth, miss thing.


    mr. miss thing – nyc

    • kim

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  • zillaman

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  • zillaman

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    • kim

      you funny i like what you have to say im pretty sure when he saw the pic his mouth started watering and ass started leaking.

  • zillaman

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  • anonymous

    abdullah ur so pathetic u nd ur friend the chimp head… i think he has a chimp head!!!
    i bet u 2 have the smallest dicks on earth….
    ur not enjoyin tis pic, then GO TO HELL ;)
    and p.s: if ur jealous of him u can tell me dont be shy ;)
    and for the record is more beautiful than ur ugly shit mother!!!
    chris is a hung, well he does mistakes but hes living his life…
    if i was a singer as famous as him, i would shown my dick a long time ago… ;)

    • theheadchimp

      Segregation now, segregation forever!

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      anonymous asshole

      Only a cock sucking homoqueer, who has years of “deep-throating” experience would make a comment as gay as the one you just posted.

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      • kim

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        • Abdullah The Butcher

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  • Shea

    He is not super small…its just a little on the skinny side. Everyone that has a penis or who has ever seen one should know that that is not a hard d***. He is probably at about 6 inches soft and it is probably 7 1/2 – 8 inches hard. So quit hating on his shit. He actually has a pretty normal one. The ones commenting talking about its little is probably working with one smaller than his! Just keeping it real!

    • kim

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  • zillaman

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  • Paramountgirl

    first off you guys dont need to be commenting on his penis size and if you knew about dicks you would know that they get bigger when they are hard his penis is not standing up so hes obviously not hard all the way if your going to say some one is little wait till they get hard and standing at attention before you make judgements

    • osama bin kenobi

      shutup whore

  • eric

    ummm who cares if he beat a bytch. hes a great guy and sexy hot.

  • eric workman

    who cares if he beat a girl hes smoking sexy hot.

  • lilprincess

    damn boy thats some big cock you have i will love to be riding on that shit… O.O wow best cock i have ever seen i wish you would of been horny

  • gus

    i will suck you dick all day long

  • Muslims=JustinBieberDicksucker

    Only Muslims are a bunch of faggots. Damn what a filthy disgusting race of gays.

  • nismo451

    wonder if rihanna took that in the pooper.