Charlize Theron Naked Pictures

Charlize Theron

Because of the degenerate culture in the West all kuffar women have skeletons in the their closet, and usually those skeletons are naked. Hollywood movie star Charlize Theron is no exception.

As you can see in the photos below, when Charlize Theron was younger she posed for naked pictures, not once but six times. Sure she will rot in hell for all eternity for shamelessly flaunting her nude body, but I can not help but feel she should be prosecuted for crimes against Islam in this world as well.

The nude female form is an abomination in the eyes of Allah, and must be kept covered at all times. Charlize Theron brazenly taking naked pictures was obviously an attack on Allah and Islam. We here at Celeb Jihad demand that Charlize be turned over to the moral authorities in Tehran for her crimes. These naked pictures of her will be exhibits 1-6, and will surely bring about a swift and severe punishment. Allahu Akbar!


Charlize Theron Charlize Theron Charlize Theron
Charlize Theron Charlize Theron Charlize Theron

  • theheadchimp

    Now this is what an AFRICAN is supposed to look like! Not one of those monkey ass, tree swinging fake Africans like Rihanna or Oprah.

    • Confederate Brother

      AMEN!! Charlize Theron was born in South Africa, emigrated to the United States and became a citizen, which means SHE IS AN AFRICAN-AMERICAN!!!
      But if you mention that fact to the likes of Je$$e Jack$on, Al $Harpton, or Frizzell Gray (oh, excuse me, Kwiesi Mfume), they’ll get their panties in a wad, screaming about how “She can’t be an African American, she’s not black!!!”.

      • Keeaumoku

        NO! That would make her Africaan-American!!!

      • SGlen12

        I am also from South Africa (and white) and living in the USA as a US citizen. I have filled out a lot of surveys and put an “X” in the box for “African-American” just because I can and because it’s funny as hell!! Je$$ie Jack$son and friends can just deal with the fact that I’m more African-American than they are!

        • Russ


    • ManAgainstRacism

      You are an odious, pea brained individual.

      • Abdullah The Butcher


        Assholes like you are the reason we have a google problem.
        The taxpayer pays for everything those muthafuckers do.
        We pay for their food, housing and drugs and when they get into trouble we build prisons to put them in.
        Googles are a walking fungus and dumbass do-gooders, who gladly support the welfare state, are the reason googles do nothing but eat, drink and fuck….and pop out thousands of sub IQ google pups yearly for the taxpayer to fund.

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        • david

          Brother you are telling it like it is. I hope I live long enough to see the googles capture and eat all the fools who have been feeding them. Stop welfare and before 90 days is up half of them will be dead from trying to steal food from us and the other half would line up and act like well behaved monkeys.

          • Jihad Slayer

            You are a complete and utter waste of haemoglobin

        • Robert

          I agree

        • BRH

          Look up the western definition of google. It sounds like U are part of the family, oh, sand google ;-)

        • Ishiturfood

          While I admit your comment’s first line made me laugh out loud due to my unfortunate sense of humor – and while I felt your comment overall amusing for this same reason – I feel it’s my moral obligation to inform you that if there is a fungus walking the earth, you are surely a spore. You, an assumed Arab, should be somewhat less than quick to shit on ANY ethnic group, considering your people know nothing but war, brainwashing your children with a ridiculous fairy tale about paradise and virgins, abusing your females as if they’re property, and strap bombs to yourselves, blowing up innocent people, accomplishing nothing of merit except your own extermination. Why don’t you go fuck an AK and do something useful for the world.

        • Jihad Slayer

          All you brainwashed, god fearing, mindless, dickless believers should all gather together and throw yourself off a mountain side. Stop arguing, start living

        • Jihad Slayer

          “If anyone is peas brained”…. this is a fine reflection of your intellect. Do yourself a favour…come to me and i`ll dismember you

          • Abdullah The Butcher

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        • rob v

          I agreee totally my brothers I hav a plan but won’t b long term just notoriety for a while! We r a dying race and the future generations of the uk r breeding like fukin rats but with wat race errrrrrrr we know the answer don’t we!!!! Action needs to be taken now as I hav infultrated many like somalian gangs in uk and drug gangs around our country that r just exploiting this place that was great but now is divided by non arian brothers !!! I wil leave my email adress so get all our brothers cousins and my boys to chat !!!! Time runnin down!! Don’t broadcast to much yet as ears listenin but we hav a plan trust. Glory awaits 1 way or anotha!!!

      • ayzman

        Abdullah, you need to travel and see the world, cuz your outburst here makes me feel sorry for all mankind, shit your are stupid to listen to. I feel sorry for your poor mom, she must be disapointed. God you suck. Eat shit and die. BTW Im from europe, if your from US, Then keep quite, your neighbours must think your an idiot, Im guessing the rest of the world does to after your shit comment.

        • Bigmag47

          @ayzman apperently your wrong according to the thumbs up, thumbs down scale. It sounds to me like a whole lot of people are sick and tired of going out of there way to appease “black society” How long do we have to watch blacks killing blacks and blaming whitee for all thier problems. Why is it blacks think the “poor” thing is a “black” thing. I myself am sick and tired of listening to blacks cry about being treated unfairly. Shit, there`s a black man as president right now! So take a look around mother fucker and go climb a tree!

    • Fuck You Cracka

      Fuck you cave man!

      • Abdullah The Butcher

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        • Jihad Slayer

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    • Not a Chance

      WOW! It must be wonderful being such a hateful racist. I bet you sing a little happy tune every day in that hillbilly trailer you live in with your mom/sister. You need to be really, really careful. You think you’re anonymous, but anyone can be found…..

    • me

      Rihanna is a beautiful tax paying American. oprah, not worthy of having her name capitalized should have her fat forcibly removed to extend the life of petroleum for another 100 thousand years.

    • Mylin

      What a nice racist comment…….dumbass!!

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    I’ve got news for Charlize.
    That burka she’s trying to wear is defective.
    She had best get a new one, and cover up that hideous body, before she is condemned in Sharia Court.


    • GreatSatan

      To commemorate Womens Day I shall throathump my muslim neighbor through the opening in her burka with my engorged Crusaders sword-praise be to allah

    • Humbug

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    • Free world

      Mndless islam bullshit, save it! Its a free planet not an islam planet, who gives a fuck!

    • dan

      abdullah, I agree, Charlize is a 7/10 at best, but she’s hotter than your towel-head wife, who Ive fucked plenty of times. . Ive wiped up more creampies with her burka than you can imagine.

    • john

      allah isnt real, he’s fake, pakis, muslims to me, immigrants, should be shot. i call em false believers, and dune coons.

    • The anti-Islam

      How the hell would she even be punished? She’s American, and your some bullshit Iraqi. What would her punishment even be? Be condemned to have to eternaly make sex tapes of her gorgeous body? It would only be a punishment for you, mother fucking asshole, go suck her pussy.

    • Jihad Slayer

      Oh no. Not Sharia court. OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Akbar Goldstein

    This is an abomination!!! She needs to immediately cover herself like all womans are supposed to be. This is what happends when you let the womans have freedom; they behave like they have no moral decency. The almighty Allah was wise when he put the mans as the ruler of all womans. In my village she would immediately be stoned for such a crime. Praise be to Allah!!

    • ogobs

      allah my ass. caveman thinking of muslims

    • always interested

      You know what, I can agree and accept that everyone has a difference of opinion on many subjects. However, you are clearly showing your male ego by trumpeting the insignificance of women. That may be your culture and that is also acceptable to a point. If you find nudity unacceptable, then you would find rape and abuse also unacceptable. So what you are saying is that you would be prepared to beat your wife just because she might lose her temper which would make raping her acceptable to because it gives the male ego a chance to exert itself and your latent schizophrenic tendencies make you believe that handling a women roughly will make you stronger using your dick as a phallic symbol of superiority. I wonder how you would feel if someone were to cut it off and feed it to the dogs. MMM food for thought. But just because ‘you all’ think, feel and believe that we are nothing your culture will still be an abomination in itself because of your egotistical, domineering, self important attitude – I am a man because I have a dick syndrome – therefore I have the right to beat you up. I wonder how you would feel if you were strung up by the balls one day because one of us has enough of your verbal tirades of pathetic superiority complex. Oh and by the way why are you even looking at this site if it is such a problem for you. I am sure your eyes popped out of your head before you decided that as a ‘show of faith’ you should comment on this article. I might particularly agree with it but each to his own. As long as your house is in order you shouldn’t worry about what everyone else is doing because your shit does not stink any less that anyone else.

    • Confederate Brother

      SHUT UP jew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • dan

      your a jack-ass…shes doing you a favour bro, now bust a nut and say thanks. Wrapping women in towels is the dumbest thing ive ever heard of…come to Canada, take a walk downtown in the capital, check out the hot chicks in booty shorts and tank tops and tell me it bothers you….Over here we’d say your a homosexual

    • david

      Fuck you and allah. You muslims are just more trash holding back the white people trying to civilize the world and 600 years behind fucks like you. All you pricks fucking up the world have one thing in common, you are to damn lazy to work. If you would read about history you would see the hardest working people always come out on top. Suck sand bitchs.

    • Jihad Slayer

      The almighty Allah… is this guy a comedian? YOUR GOD IS FALSE. YOU PRAY TO NO-ONE.

  • Asif

    So are new born babies going to hell for being born nude ?

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      If they are infidels and I have anything to do with it…..yes.

      eat shit and die mofo

      • Jihad Slayer

        Abdullah, do you hate your father? I think you were born a bas tar d child and spent all your childhood learning how to suck the di ck of a non-existent entity

    • Akbar Goldstein

      Ass-if assahola,
      you are typical of the western dumb-ass way of thinking. Babies do not know better, but once they are taught the way of the holy book Quran, then yes womans that do not obey deserve and will be taught a lesson. This will be public so other womans know better to obey the law. Now go fuck your dog-faced whore mother!! Praise be to Allah!!!!

      • Abdullah The Butcher


        You are a walking encyclopedia of knowledge.

        • selena suks

          Its my parent’s 24th death anniversary on 8th March.Infidels celebrate this day as the women’s day.

        • Akbar Goldstein

          Thank you Abdullah my brother. We all learn from your wisdom and guidance. With your knowledge we will drive the infidels from all our lands and give glory to the prophet Mohammad. Praise be to Allah!!!

          • ogobs

            drive the infidels to what? you cant even win you own battle and being slave by tyrant leaders, i cant wait for us to nuke ur fucking countries and took ur oil, you are all losers. dumb sharia asslah fanatics

          • Jihad Slayer

            Abdullah, do you hate your father? I think you were born a bas tar d child and spent all your childhood learning how to suck the di ck of a non-existent entity

      • Asif

        You do know that there is no were near enough of you to over take the world.

        Us English and the US put a stop to the Nazis trying to do it and they lost

        It looks like history is repeating its self

        There will never be peace on earth as long as brain washed fanatics like you are so full of hate.

      • Someone

        Wow your an idiot. She;s not muslim so your rules dont apply to her, she is not “taught” about the quran there for she does not know better : ) . BTW allah was a crack pot that made that shit up as he went along. Just because someone says he talks to god doesnt mean he did, it means he’s insane

      • Marlon Hoeser

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      • Confederate Brother

        Taught the way of the Holy Book Toilet Paper you mean, right? Because that’s all the koran is good for: WIPING MY ASS!!!!!!!

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          confederate fag

          In your case, wiping your asshole and mouth, is one and the same activity.

          • Jihad Slayer

            Do you have experience wiping your own ass and mouth with your piece of shit quran? It must fit right in

      • death to islam

        allah likes swallowing spunk and raping 8 year old girls

      • death to islam

        allah likes to swallow spunk and enjoys raping 8 year old girls

  • Shigeru

    Womans? What the fuck is that? That Sharia education is right up there with Sharia law. Fucking savages…

    • theheadchimp

      Don’t say…..the little yellow muthafucker is back.

    • Akbar Goldstein

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      • Jihad Slayer

        you are boring

  • ted

    Allah was and is a cunt , who is been fed bacon daily in hell

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      ted the head giver

      Ted you are clearly delusional; no doubt due to abuse of drugs and alcohol.

      Allah is the God of the universe and worthy of praise and respect.

      I believe the pig eating cunt you made reference to is your mother.

      Your disrespect has earned you a fatwa.

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      • Uncle Sam

        Fuck you stupid muslim fucks fuck allah if I had my way your land would be glassed by multiple UNITED STATES ICBMS

  • miley suks

    another whore

  • Tanwen

    you’re crazy,i’m married to a Muslim,this is NOT Islam!

    besides….she’s beautiful….

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      Shut the fuck up asshole.

      This is a 100% Islamic site and we only follow the teachings of the Prophet (PBUH)

      • Quinn Whipple

        It is sad how you extremists have corrupted the true meaning of the Quran, to use as a basis for your Jihads. One major error you don’t seem to realize you are making, is that Allah created the female body. Why would he create something he feels is ugly, and that he should be ashamed of? You have perverted the teaching of Allah for your own cruel, terrible means for so long, you now believe your lies about the western world being “The Great Satan”, and that is is ok to treat women worse than you treat a dog. It is sad you corrupt the teaching of Allah, for your hateful teaching. He has to be disgusted at what you have turned his teachings into.

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          queer wimp

          Shut up dumbass.

          Allah created the female to make babies and tend to the needs of men. Nothing more or less. He did not make them to be whores, politicians or scientists.

          The great satan is the wretched usa. The western allies of the usa are called the demon states.

          You are the perverted one and your insults against Islam won’t go unanswered.

          eat shit mofo and expect serious Jihad.

          • Marlon Hoeser

            Abdullah,it’s no wonder the arab world is still living in the dark age devastated with dictators and fundamentalists like u who have no respect for human rights and freedom of speech.The western world has a lot of flaws but it’s light years ahead of this freaking fundamentalist reatarded world u’ve created in ur own sick religion-stricken minds.This god u represent is no worth more respect than i give to my dog,actually i do respect my dog much better cause she’s a lovely animal and thinks more rationally than ur fucking god.

          • democracyrules

            I believe in the big bang, not god, allah or any other god. Women have the same rights as men in western civilisation for a reason. They are not animals to be covered up. Science and evolution have proved that we weren’t created. Therefore we can do and believe in whatever we like.

            If your way of life is so great then why do many muslims and people from other backgrounds move to western countries for a better way of life?

          • Kahlid


            The only ‘big bang’ you will ever understand is what you and your father do at your local gloryhole.

          • Living simply

            With all due respect if you cannot appreciate the woman form in its natural state, I simply say don’t look… No one is putting a gun to your head and forcing you to look.. And to threaten someone’s life based on your beliefs that does not believe the same as you is obtrusive. As bad as Christian fundamentalists pushing their beliefs on everyone else… If your god truly is about peace… Why is it everyone that speaks out on behalf of your religion always talking violence? It seams redundant at this point. You call for a jihad, pull a sucker punch to a completely unarmed and unexpectant victim, you run and hide in a cave someplace in the desert and wait to get your ass destroyed by a military power that at this point is unphathomable to comprehend its power of destruction. It’s rediculous… Like watching a five year old do the same dumb shit over and over again. I am sure that my OPINION has offended you and thus you are declaring a jihad on me right now… For this I feel horrible for you and only hope you can some how find peace in some other way…. How is it you even came across these pics if you are such a purist? I seriously doubt charlise emailed them to your herself to tempt you.

          • The 420er

            man, i thought all of your comments were funny as hell till i reached this one here. no need to bring your dirty ass self down to others level bc it makes you look fucking retarded. I happen to live in the United States so you can go fuck yourself. Every dog has its day and ours is coming!!

          • Jihad Slayer

            EVOLUTION CREATED HUMANS………. God fearing cunts like you were formed from pieces of dry white dog shit

          • Jihad Slayer

            Allah and Satan….. are you not crossing 2 fake ass stories together? YES….. YOU ARE!!!!!!!! The universe has always and will always remain self sufficient.

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          • Abdullah The Butcher

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            Get off this Muslim site or get your puny, american ass kicked.

    • theheadchimp

      This is not a Marriage Counseling site…..please take your problems to Dear Abby or Ann Landers.

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      Are you bragging or complaining?

      You had best be bragging asshole…because we don’t like criticism against Muslims on this site.

      • Confederate Brother

        But abdulass (butcherer of goats), muslimes are made to be critisized.

        Hey, I got a joke for you,

        Q: Why do muslime men wear robes instead of trousers?

        A: Because a goat can hear a zipper a mile away!!

        • Moohummer


          Muslims are the reason why camels spit…..

  • tika

    you all should be ashamed to spread such “abominations” on the web! how is that any better than charlize posing initially for them! and i might mention that it is men, not women who pay for such photos!

  • Lisa

    Wow. Just wow. Charlize looks amazing. The female form is beautiful in ALL its nude glory.

    I find it peculiar that Islam is so fearful of a woman’s sensuality and sexuality.

    Maybe if you guys got laid more, you’d relax yourselves. Just a suggestion.

    The Quran, Bible, Torah, and whatever else. . . are merely anthologies of myths. Which does not mean that there is no truth to anything in them; there are ancient teachings that have been handed down through generations in those books. But it does mean that you should take it with a grain of salt and apply rationality to the teachings.

    Or take it literally, and have no fun in life. Your choice.

    I’m curious, though. When you martyr yourself and go to heaven and get your 88 virgins (or whatever the number is), what happens after you’ve deflowered all of them? Are they now your 88 wives. . . do they become a harem. . . or does Allah hook you up with a fresh supply? How’s that work?

    @theheadchimp: That’s a “real African”, huh? Ok, sure. But you do know that black African’s are THE original people from whom all peoples of Earth descended, right? So chew on that. BTW, either Oprah or Rihanna could buy and enslave your entire family, if they so chose. Luckily, unlike you, they are decent people.

    That is all.

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      You stupid infidel whore.

      In the first place we Muslims fear no one but Allah.

      The reason we control our women is to keep them from becoming common prostitutes like all you western whores.
      Us Muslims do not want to raise a child thinking it is our own…when some other man sired it.
      You westerners don’t know who the hell your daddy is; Muslims do.

      As for that google oprah…lets see if she can buy her way out of Sharia Court when Islam takes over.

      I’ll tell you now….she will be stoned like the rest of the whores who do not submit to Allah.

      Eat shit and wait for Sharia….cause a loud mouth whore like you is destined for stoning.


      • waiting for sharia

        Take your fucking Sharia laws and shove them up your ass. Fuck you and islam..after reading these posts i have little hope for your people.. fucking towel heads

      • death to islam

        you know who your daddy is because your mother was prob his sister, you lot like to keep it in the family, no wonder your all deformed

    • theheadchimp

      Lisa the asshat
      You are so full of shit. Only googles sprew that bullshit about Africans being the original people. Those dumb fucking Africans can’t even feed themselves without white people taking care of them. Africans are the original ancestors of monkeys, gorillas and lemurs. Oprah and Rihanna may have money because of stupid fucks like you but I’ve got one thing those black sons of bitches will never have. When I look in the mirror I don’t see a coon staring back. No matter how much money they got they are still googles.



      • Mike

        Ur mama go die idiot pple. U suicide bombers in Nigeria and other place of ur islamic gathering.

    • always interested

      I believe that are powers beyond our control and that which we do not understand. I think also that all religions should be respected because that is what any one culture has been raised with. However, I will fully agree in that in most respects there are certain people who were not satisfied with what they had and need to gain more power over their own kind using the very nature of people and their willingness to follow, exploiting their and destroying their belief systems. There are many things in any one holy book that can teach us about ourselves and that is what is important.

      As for the ‘real african’ bit buddy – lay off. I am an african and the world population is not decided from only one race according to the bible. As for anthopologists and scientists who believe we pretty much looked like apes before then I guess your mother really did like the look of your furry face before she cut off your tail and shaved your body.

      As thousands of years passed, before border control and passports, scores of people moved across the lands. Bearing in mind that there is almost no true race today. So if so happens that there are ‘africans’ in the rest of the world. But one will never know if there are true african decent.

      Despite some very good comments from you about the current topic showing that you are a respectful person, this particular comment brings into question about your own self importance. Does that make you an indecent person?

  • zillaman

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    You spell like a typical google. Did Obammy leave your sorry ass behind? Try to post without one of your gay rants. I know its hard for your mentality but try it and you might have a thought that doesn’t show your intelligence…….

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      That’s telling the porch monkey!

      Allahu “I hate googles” Akbar

  • miley fucks niggers

    i’d hit it

  • God’s servant

    I wish you can learn to love one another. No abuse. No insults.
    Christians are not like this. Why?????????? Why are you people always hating???
    Jesus Christ, the Son of God, forever and ever – He is King.
    Believe and you shall be saved.

    And for the records, Africans are no monkeys. They are as perfect as anyone created by the loving Father – in God’s image. Stop spreading strife, and learn to accept the truth.
    God bless you (even if you don’t want to hear the bitter truth).

    • theheadchimp

      You are one dumb ass mofo. For the record why don’t you go down to the ghetto tonight and tell me all about those savages tommorrow. You are right, they aren’t monkeys…..then are below monkeys in the evolutionary curve, and just above monkey shit. You pussies are all the same, talk shit but the facts are the facts.

      • Jihad Slayer

        The facts are YOUR GODS DO NOT EXIST

  • Abdullah The Butcher


    You are correct….googles are perfect……..perfect mofos!

    Get your head out of your ass and face reality….googles are a separate species…homo blackassholis…they are subhuman and need segragated in some part of the world where no decent person ever has to see, hear, or smell one again.

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    • Jihad Slayer

      ….like a cave?

      • Abdullah The Butcher

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        your mother’s “cave”

  • zillaman

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  • Mr Confused

    So …… this is a 100% Islamic site publishing pictures that the Koran states is bad. It this right?
    Then why are you publishing content that you deam to be bad? Isn’t it a sin for you to publish this content on the 100$ Islamic site…
    Me thinking of a father saying to a son, “Never kill anyone son . Here let me show you what not to do “BANG!” – now do you see that he is dead, never do that”

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      mr dickhead

      You are more than just confused, you’re an ignorant mofo.
      Instead of explaining the ways of Islam to an inbred asshole like yourself, I’d rather just shoot you.

    • Prophet Mohammed

      Mr Confused sexually

      First off, if you’re sexually confused that you’re definitely a gay, which will get you killed when Islam takes over.

      Secondly, this site is here to promote jihad, dumbass. You stupid infidels make it so easy for us good muslim mens and boys to want to kill you. Look at all of the garbage running around the US and A, all the hatred towards us peaceful muslims, and more importanly all the homos that you infidels tolerate and even appreciate.

      We will not stand for this. Allah will not stand for this.


      • curse on the earth

        the day Muslim was born on this earth and started talking about Allah that day the earth became cursed and the curae will be lifted only when all these shit holes with half a cock are either converted or made to sleep permanently

  • WhiteGal

    You muslims talking here make me sick. If you don’t like naked women, DON’T WATCH THEM!! you hypocrit fuckers!!!!
    This site that condemns sexuality is just an excuse for you to watch naked women. If you really find this disgusting, take down these pictures, or censor them, idiots!
    If you care so much about your religion, respect it and don’t talk shit!

    • Abdullah The Butcher

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      Shut the fuck up bitch. Us Muslims don’t pay attention to infidel sluts.

    • theheadchimp

      WhiteGal or wiggerbitch
      I find you disgusting but you don’t see me coming to your house and putting a bag over your head do you? So shut up, nobody cares what a woman thinks except when we want a sandwich and then you better hop to it pronto.

  • fuckislam

    islam is a motherfucking religion and all muslims are motherfucker.

  • women of the world

    First of all, I do condemn prostitution, pornography and pageants. I believe, as a woman, that we should dress tastefully and with class.

    Because I am a feminist. I do not believe it is right that women should be exploited by society.

    Now, reading the arguments in this page I felt that I need to express my disappointment. First of all, these people who say women are nothing more than breeding and sandwich machines must first try to think, where have they came from? Do they realize that they spend nine months inside the womb of a woman who nurtured them and love them with all their life? Do they realize that if it not for these women, they wouldn’t be here in the first place? Do they realize that civilizations will never be conceive if it weren’t because of women? They must know that women are strong, they have endured hardships but they still go on living. Among these reasons, wouldn’t that warrant any respect for women.

    Women are like men also except that they are more emotional but they are as intelligent as them. They can be astronauts, politicians, scientists, artists, writers and etc. No man can take the right away from them to be what they want to be. Men are not God, they are just equal with women. Because it boils down to the fact that we are all creations of God.

    Maybe these people here are insecure? That they cannot be as powerful and rich as other women are. If this is not the case, then why would they vehemently oppose for a woman to be what she wants to be? Are they scared of her welfare? No, I don’t think so because like men, women can think but unlike men, women are more sensitive.

    Second of all, if a religion tells us to hate, then what kind of god do you have? Is it the one true god or the god that men have designed to fit their own special needs? A true religion preaches love and humanity because it springs from the need to be able to do good to others. The only message it spreads is not righteousness, not hate, not anger but kindness, love and compassion.

    Okay, insult me, call me a whore, bitch and other degrading remarks. But one thing is for sure, if you cannot argue with me in a mature and sensible way then you are really nothing. But noise.

    And if you really think you’re better than women, go help the invisible children of Uganda, or help Africa something like that. Because I am quite sure that your God is more happy that you help the world than spend your time looking at Charlize Theron’s body and bashing her.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      stupid woman

      You dumbass whore. This isn’t cosmo or ladies home journal. Us Muslims don’t give a shit for your views on any topic.
      When Islam takes over you and all your dyke friends will be put into a burka and sent out to various harems. The bull dykes will be put to hard labor.

      That is what Islam has in store for you.

      Suck on that bitch

    • theheadchimp

      women of the world
      Another long winded post from a typical liberal asshole. “go help the invisible children of Uganda, or help Africa” Don’t you have enough googles in the USA to go around that you have to help more of them survive? Women like you should be seen and not heard. There are some classy intelligent women around but its pretty obvious that one of them ain’t you.

    • Achphlegmed

      Yes, we spent 9 months as a child inside the woman, thats part of her being used as a breeder. Her next role, if she is not working the fields (because she is a strong woman) is to show us love by feeding us. This our mothers will do until we find a new woman to work the fields and be able to take our huge muslim manhood whenever we so desire whilest continue to cook and clean for us?

      I agree with what you have said, except woman becomming politicians or astronaughts, such jobs are a sin in Allahs eyes. And as for woman being intelligent, they are very intelligent, just like my donkey from my childhood. And make better loving too!

    • salah

      i couldn’t agree more but you should know one thing which is that who ever is calling you or any other woman a whore is not a true muslim cuz islam tells us to treat women like queens that is what the prophet sayd also thats what the quran said so don,t bother what any one says woman in islam were pioneers never were slaves or breeding machines like you thought about our religion women can occupy any job they want and any career they choose under one condition and it is that she wont wear any thing that can ” excite” men she is working with but those who are so called muslims dont know any thing about islam and are giving the wrong idea about us

  • Jay

    If you don’t want to see nude women don’t go the website they can be seen.
    Take your sharia law and stick it

    • Abdullah The Butcher

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      If we ever meet, I’ll introduce my Shafra to your liver.

  • Ter Uata

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    If you despise the west so much then why don’t you GO BACK TO THE DESERT WITH YOUR SHITTY ASSED CAMELS? I don’t get why you hate people of colour when you ain’t exactly purebred yourselves!! maybe thats what it is, you keep on telling yourselves that you’re great so that one day you might actually believe that bullshit!! As for me, I am white, but i see no point in pride of colour as it is only a suntan or a lack of one!! words of wisdom from people that hold a kiddy fucker sacred are not worth the paper they’re printed on so fuck you all and fuck the queeraan.

  • infidel

    yes, i guess it is very disturbing to some moslems, for she does not look, nor is shea 6 year old girl. the age your prophet found desirable

  • Mike Hunt

    to the author. Are you for real? Do you believe the bullshit that comes out of your stupid fucking evil Muslim mouth? Do you just accept what other stupid primitive decieved middle eastern camel fuckers say?
    Hell is for the devil if you must know.
    Also Allah made women beautiful so men would would fuck them and continue on the human race, because if it was about their personality the human race would have ended years ago.

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      And then we will stone them for being infidel whores…..and then we will shoot all you homoqueers with the AK-47.


  • Mark

    I see you faith and your beliefs and all. I understand where that is coming from, but I don’t see fact, I see your interpretation of what you believe is to be true, but why does your opinion weigh more than everyone elses? Just because you believe it does? There is no need for racial slurs and derogatory terms. Just because one person chooses to show, what I believe is a gorgeous body and a flawless face, does not mean that they will go to hell for it. And even if you are right, there is no need for judgment and condemnation from you, that right should be reserved for your god. According to the Bible, all sin is equal no matter how we perceive it to be. If this is true then your actions are no better than hers. And besides, how is her actions affecting you. There is no need for you to comment and condem. Just turn the other cheek, or lend a helping hand, but don’t judge. That won’t help any point you are trying to make. It only shows that you are perhaps unworthy of all those virgins that, in your religion, are promised to you.

  • rick

    I’m gonna take the lower road,screw islam,allah is a dick,if you don’t like it,don’t look.

  • pigbenis

    Funny stuff,I think it’s pretty funny that Thomsen abdullah the butcher is getting such a rise outta of people when it’s obvious by his language and speech patterns that he is not Muslim, probably some troll having fun getting the reaction he wants out of people. Lol probably American too

  • pigbenis

    Excuse me I meant vocabulary and speech patterns

    • Jihad Slayer

      I think you missed out a “.” . Thanks.

  • Bosscdj

    She is Hot enough to Shit on my Chest

  • Bad ass bear

    First i am white.& the welfare takes care of a lot of other races,including whites.I have a lot of black friends who could buy & seal your white ass.Right here is what is wrong with america.They are Ok to die beside of us in the war.But not Ok to live beside of us.In your dreams assholes.They are free to live any dam place they want…

  • True Muslim

    First of all sorry for my Bad English…
    Why must Charlize being prosecute..she naked not in a muslim country and she is not a muslim… in Islam its wrong to punish before teaching…and also its wrong to punish someone who do others thing in their own place(country or what ever)…cover women body because women is so precious…all muslim women must keep their pride and value..she is not muslim, so its up to her to choose to become long not in Muslim place…

  • True Muslim

    All men cant enter heaven acept theY do everything they can for their mother…
    whoever do bad thing to women also go straight to hell…
    there are so many women leader in Islam world…and even for Muslim scholar we know that half of our Hadith tell by a women…
    women cover their body because its so precious…working women is good…even all Muhammad pbuh wife,continue their study whole their lifetime….

  • Annetjie Nel

    Just wake up you bloody fools. Do your own sinfull executions (murders) of innocent women in your conservative religion. Charleze is not even American – she is from South Afica! We drink and wear clothing that we enjoy. We respect our men and they respect us and we respect our God thank you.
    Muslim women are slaves to men.

  • Grifon

    HYPOCRITE!!!!!!!!! So holier than though Islam, pfffft. Against Islamic laws, but I bet you’re having a great time lusting over the pictures you have not posted, as well as these here you so brazenly display. How many laws are you breaking screaming out for so-called JUSTICE? Again I say, HYPOCRITE!!!!!

    Oh By the way, no one forces you to seek out naked pictures of women on the Internet, I bet you just LOVE it don’t ya, lol.

  • salah

    first of all guys i wasn’t gonna reply till i saw so many muslims speaking about islam and they don’t know any thing about it
    actually i’m not a very good guy but i know what should and what should not be done
    first islam is the relegion of tolerance that means we accept all different kinds of ideas but we only use those who are goof for us
    for example: what would i feel if i saw a naked woman in the street? the good nature of all men kind would tell you to cover her that what our islam says
    all im asking 4 is you guys shouldnt listen to any one who says that he is a muslim cuz true muslims dont speak of bad things about the others
    we believe in mohammed as we believe in jesus and mosses
    i dont know how this page became a place 4 relegious compact as i only came her after hearing from a friend about it
    talking about women : well it would be nothing but truth when i say that without women there would be no islam today as women played a very important role islam and if they didnt do any thing but writing the prophets speech it would be enough
    and by the way did u know that if any muslim say any thing bad about jesus or any other prophet he is concidered as out of islam because we respect every and each other heavenly relegions but what your media is telling you about the arabs and the muslims is just an excuse to invade the land
    and as i said before im not an idealist muslim also im not perfect . no one is
    so i hope that i could clear my point of view to u guys
    hope i didnt make u feel bored and have a great day

  • salah

    and for abdullah you were tought islam the wrong way brother the quraan says be good twards those who have been bad to you and dont treat him the same way right???
    it also says when you talk to non muslims nd they dont respond u can only say u have your relegion and i have mine
    you are giving every one the wrong idea about you my brother
    please cut off this bad language of yours cuz if ur a muslim as you say you are so u shouldnt say such bad words to the others specially women .
    talk to them well and treat them better cuz women are no slaves as u said . women are the mothers, sisters and the one you will fall in love with
    im sorry guys for what he says and plz read will about our relegion and countries before you judge any thing

    • Josh Garrett

      Hi my name is Josh. Truthfully I, just fancied a look at Charlize Theron’s boobs.I’m Irish we have had 900 years of occupation,revolt, civil war, the troubles in the north, Roughly 500,000 dead.Charlize’s breasts are lovely. Why not just admire their beauty? I’ve just read messages of hate,sexism,racism & xenophobia. All I wanted was a look at gorgeous boobs. Why so much hate? We are all brothers. We all came here to have a peak at Charlize’s breasts. Can’t we all just get along, PEACE & be unified through the appreciation of nice boobs.

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        josh faggot

        Go to hell….us Muslims don’t give a damn about you.