Celebrity Sex Tape Scandal Video Exposed

celebrity sex tapes

Through great personal danger Celeb Jihad agents were able to acquire the celebrity sex tape video below. This scandalous video may be the final piece needed to bring Zionist controlled Hollywood to its knees!

For years we have worked tirelessly to expose the actresses in heathen Hollywood as the degenerate gutter skanks they are. Now we appear to have irrefutable video evidence of the depths of their depravity.

As you can see, the video below appears to feature footage of some of Hollywood’s biggest names like Mila Kunis, Natalie Portman, Alyssa Milano, Sandra Bullock, Salma Hayek, Jennifer Lopez, and Britney Spears all performing sex acts to the melodious sounds of Bryan Adams.

Finally the infidel masses will realize that their celebrity idols are nothing but wanton whores, and they will have no choice but to surrender their lives and lands to us morally superior Muslims. Allahu Akbar!

  • Endy Johnson


    • Cracker White

      Republicans are nothing but low-iq caucasians. They are against sex, porn, marijuana, abortion etc Basically they are against pretty much anything that is progressive…against modernization

      Classic trait of a naive feeble minded person

      Romney is proving it every day..he just keeps digging his grave deeper and deeper with each foolishness of his

      Which is why, even while being a caucasion he will lose to a negro.

      Obama will win..not because of his capability..but because of his opponent’s incapabilty ( I will vote for obama as well :) )

      • Word of wisdom

        I commend you for your many good actions, kuffar, because we really like your “modernization” :
        – please vote for Barry “Hussein” Soetoro, our muslim brother at work in the White House, he knows it is good to “modernize” your society.
        – please smoke drugs while watching porn all day long and abort your babies (we’ll see that Barry promises you welfare money for it), because that’s how we like you murkins !

        Good. Very good.

        • Cracker White

          Yeah..you guys would much rather have a president who thinks “Syria is Iran’s route to the sea”
          Who is literally against the american population (47 percent ) who he thinks are ‘freeloaders’

          Abortion is NECESSARY. Period.
          Unless you want USA be turned into Iran with at least 10 children in 1 household. (You would love that..wouldn’t you ) Because of people like you..the world is facing a population crisis. We are above 6 billion damn it!

          Smoke drugs? You stupid muslims might think marijuana is a “drug” but the ones who are a little informed can tell you it cannot be categorized into a Class A drug. It is beneficial for one’s health and the economy of US as well

          Its no wonder that civilization has not yet reached your nation…it probably never will. Go play with stones dumb muslim..after all it is 347 BC in you nation

          • Cracker White

            Also if it weren’t for the porn..that is essentially ‘sex’ you would not have been born in the first place.

            You owe your bloody existence to sex..and you dare demean it? Just how stupid are you?

          • Me

            There are only two major political parties in the USA, yet countless different combinations of ideological viewpoints. For you to place people who vote Republican or Democrat into some kind of monolithic category demonstrates how fucking dumb you are. How old are you? How educated are you? You seem very emotional and not very rational. Very few people are liberal or conservative on all fronts. So in voting for either candidate most people have to sacrifice issues that are close to their heart for issues that are even closer to their heart.

            In the narrowest possible description, Republicans tend to be those in favor of a limited government that plays a small role in the individual’s or business’ private sphere. Democrats tend to be those in favor of an expansive government that plays a large role in securing the social welfare and equality. This is about as far as one can go with the stereotypes of either party because the vast majority of voters do not agree with everything either party stands for.

            “Republicans are nothing but low-iq caucasians”

            There are a lot of dumb white hicks who vote Republican. But there are also a lot of intelligent middle-class and rich whites, Asians, and hispancis who do as well. Similarly, there are a lot of poor ghetto blacks and hispancis, along with naive white college kids, who vote Democrat (a simple Google or Youtube search will show you that), just as there are a lot of upper class intelligent ones who do too. Again, stop simplifying a complex matter like politics.

            So in your outlook porn, weed, and abortions are symbols of modernity? Lmfao. Wow. You just keep showing how stupid you are. Most peoples’ idea of modernity is industrialization and mechanization, high finance, digital communications, high yield agriculture, efficient energy, global trade, international organizations, etc. You are really sounding dumb. People have been having sex, doing drugs, and getting abortions for millenia. They are hardly symbols of progress or modernization.

            Abortion is necessary? Why? Ever heard of birth control? You know condoms, the pill, or just plain pulling out? Successful nations like Japan have very strict abortion laws, while fast rising economies like Brazil, Indonesia, Malaysia, Chile have it banned. Legal abortion =/= first world status. Illegal abortion =/= third world status.

            “you guys would much rather have a president who thinks “Syria is Iran’s route to the sea”

            As oppose to a president who thinks there are 57 states? Come on, everyone makes flubs. It’s just that when you are in front of the camera 24/7 like a president or presidential candidate every word is captured and scrutinized. Quit taking shit so seriously. You really sound like an irrational ideologue. Please get educated.

            Muslim nations are going through a transitional phase into secular modernity and are having trouble adapting their religion to the change. Christians and Confucians went through the same thing in Europe and East Asia. There are a lot of intelligent Muslims.

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            cracker ass-hat

            It is clear you use many drugs and suck the black “man-dong” at the glory hole.

            You will be easy to kill when Islam takes over.

          • Cracker White

            1) I wont read that long winded bull shit

            2) Put your name next time if you expect a reply

            3) Republicans have low IQ . Period

            4) Abortions are necessary

            I suggest you take an IQ test yourself , and post the results here you nitwit. Retarded americans like you are the biggest reason behing the downfall of US

      • Grand Dragon Pete


        The Klan hates you for being a google lover and a supporter of all things homo.

        Also…..when Brother Romney is elected the dress wearing liberals will all be executed.

        You’re fucked mofo


        • BlackStars

          yeah, that GossipTapes com celebrity site is fantastic

      • Raoch

        Shut up google loven dumbass Obama will ruin America more then he already has Mitt at least is straight up when he talks unlike the fucken sand google unemerican obama

        • Cracker White


          If it were upto me..I would not vote for obama.If americans had a better option..they would not vote for obama.

          But since we only have 2 options and both of them are incompetent..the one who is less incompetent will get the public’s vote.

          Obama here is clearly the better of the two.

          PS- Your mother is a google lover (Just ask her)

          • Rational

            Cracker White
            I agree with you but your name is weird lol. Obama all the way!

          • Umar the Green


            THE BEST TV SHOW EVER!!!

        • Democrat

          “Unemerican”? How fucking stupid and illiterate are you?! It’s UNAMERICAN not unemerican. Two: its ROACH not raoch, and three: and if you thought that Romney was straight forward you’re sadly mistaken, dumb shit. Romney kept digging his grave deeper and deeper whither no chance of being elected. He also had no chance because he kept contradicting everything he said. He fucking thought we still lived in the fucking Stone Age. At least Obama made a joke about Romney’s ignorance saying that there are big ships in the ocean that carry air planes, and other big ships that go under water, they’re called submarines. So shut your fucking idiotic, racist, egotistical, far-left conservative republican mouth up! Fucking idiot. Christ. Oh, and did you not see what your last republican representative that got the president seat did? $11,000,000,000,000, give or take a couple billion dollars. Stop talking about shit you have no insite about. Good fucking night you dumb, bible thumping, dip shit.

          • Democrat

            Oh and the 11 trillion dollars is in debt.

  • Qwerty

    Some really good editing

    • Endy Johnson

      Editing? This is the real thing! It’s obvious.

  • aghmed

    Alyssa Mylano’s thickly bearded lady parts made my trouser cobra spit venom violently and one of my servants has been permanently blinded.

  • Connor

    Amy lee mmmmmmmmmmmm………..

  • Imam Kahlid al-Ashari

    I sat through every disgusting frame of this film.


    This evidence (as if more were really needed) will come in handy at their trial in Sharia Court. A fatwa followed by a severe stoning is assured for each harlot.

    Celeb Jihad has done a wonderful service to the cause of Holy Islam!


    • The west is the Best

      Gayman Kahlid

      Yeah right a known fag muslim watching women having sex if it was Bieber and other guys you and the rest of the homo’s at Abdildos glory holes would be watching it on circle jerk night.

      • Abdullah The Butcher

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        • The west is the Best

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      • Grand Dragon Pete


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        • The west is the Best

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  • Abdullah The Butcher

    Alyssa Milano has the bush of an 8 year old Musliminina.
    I would have liked to had bought her 30 years ago…back when she was at her fertility peak.

    But her days are far gone and no Muslim would waste good money on an old worn out whore like she is now.

    Also, if this video doesn’t convince the Iranians to unleash their atom bomb on the u.s. of a. nothing will. america is just too slutty to not be bombed.


    • Umar the Brown

      You speak the truth, Brother Abdullah. I look forward to personally whipping that filthy Jew-whore Natalie Portman with a whip made out of that shitty Star Wars movie she did. Those movies are a blight unto Allah’s (SAW) creation and could only have come from a Jew with a mind warped by syphilis, that evil Lucas homoqueer.

      • Nazim Khan

        Brother Umar

        With all due respect to you and brother Khalid..I believe that you might be using the expression SAW incorrectly.

        SAW is used after Prophet muhammad’s name.The expression you are looking for is Allah(SWT)

        Happy Eid ul Adha

        • Imam Kahlid al-Ashari

          Of course. I am just so filled with righteous indignation and depleted electrolytes after viewing this video!

          • Nazim Khan

            Yes of course. I understand that. These western whores are nothing but djinns in female form as we already know.

        • Umar the Brown

          I decline the chance to answer at this time.

          • Nazim Khan

            Classic brother umar…always funny :)

          • Umar the Brown

            I am consulting many volumes of Hadith, brother. It is a time consuming task, what with the planning for…other…things. Still, I welcome your encouragement, brother. May Allah Bless You.

            عيد مبارك وسعيد.

    • The west is the Best

      Abdildo the shit eater

      More lies you homo muslims don’t watch women having sex your idea of a goood sex film is men fisting each others asses as far as 8 y/o go if it was a 8 y/o male you dickheads would be raping the poor lad.

      • Abdullah The Butcher

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        • The west is the Best

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          • The west is the Best

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          • The west is the Best

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    • Grand Dragon Pete

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      • Abdullah The Butcher

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  • ObserversDickisaFatwa

    Great Work…..discovering this Hollywood instruction manual….

  • Alissa C DiCarlo

    It’s bullshit. I have to work hard to get film like that. These chicks just get their heads photoshopped.

  • Alissa C DiCarlo

    I find that some drugs make me have multiple orgasms while Im getting fucked but other keep me from having any orgasm at all. I still want it bad but I cant cum, and that’s really frustrating.

    • Rock Hard Cock

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  • Imam Kahlid al-Ashari

    I pray to Allah (SAW) each night that you will die horribly and be cast into the eternal fire.

  • dna

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  • Black Knight

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          This guy must be really lucky..Where does he live??

          • John Grande

            New York.

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          • John Grande

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  • Cass

    I personally think that you people have no right to be calling those woman whores because someone just got an unfortunate tape and put it on the internet, and besides everyone has sex at sometime in their life, and my favourite, people who watch this shit is just as bad the people who published it in the first place.

    • Abdul Rasul

      Cass in your ass

      You are harlot and if you travel to Palestine, I am quite sure you’d be stoned on site.

    • Endy Johnson

      All women are degenerate whores.

  • Umar the Brown

    This situation is a win-win for us Muslims: the whores whose filthy faces are computer generated onto these whores’ bodies will all burn in Hell just like the whores who are actually participating in these hideous and defiling acts. May they all die of, as the negroes call it, “The Slims.”

    Also, Bryan Adams should be ashamed of himself. He has really let himself go.

  • Tecumseh

    Epic song epic video

  • CelebWanker

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  • Chris

    Islam wasn’t even thought about before the first WTC bombing in 1993. Now we obsess over it every freakin day.

  • Osama

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    Allan’s Akbar

  • Imam Obama

    I’d rather be screwing America and butt raping Ambassador Christopher Stevens

    Allahu Akbar

  • Alissa C DiCarlo

    Men think that women who are very sexual are dirty or deviant. Well sorry to break this to you, but we’re just fine.

    • Kale`kona Kainalu Sexton

      i can agree women are fine i don’t believe ya’ll are dirty sexual or deviant

      • Kale`kona Kainalu Sexton

        I says that only b/c I wish I had a vag and tittays like you.

  • FAN

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    • Canty Phillips

      Douche none of these videos is fake.

  • youRMomSTITS

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  • Jamal

    She’s on the HIV ban list I think. Wait that’s Kasey Jordan. I mix those two up.

  • Aton

    I mix up Aubrey Addams and Alissa C DiCarlo cause they come from New Jersey. Kasey Jordan, Amber Peach and Barbie Cummings all come from another state, Georgia I think.

  • Imam Obama

    My middle name is the same as Saddam’s last name, and.the ONLY difference between my last name and Bin Laden’s first name is just ONE LETTER.

    Yet the stupid gullible Americans still elected me thinking I’ll bring them hope and change. RFLMAO.

    Are they better off than they were 4 years ago? HELLS NO!

  • loltroll

    God aweful editing.. you can tell this is soooo fuckin fake.

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      No mofo. Whats fake is the name of your daddy on your birth certificate. It should read…”gang at bar”

      Do not insult this site with your faggy presence.

  • What the Phuzk

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    You do know that almost all… most probably all.. are edited… most of the skin tones dont match and the head, neck and hair doesnt combine well… and the facial expressions dont either…

  • ahmad

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  • Victor humas

    any one of you that believes this tape is real needs to go to university and get a fucking education its obviously fake… get a grip learn to spot fakes and figure out that your being misslead by unholy men that dont even follow the qurans teaching get a grip READ YOUR quran and decide for you self instead of following these UNHOLY FALSE prophets. besides even if you people ever decide to take action you’ll be cut down so swiftly by western nations that have bigger and better weapons then you. crawl down the hole you came from fithy sand googles before we decide to wipe your armpit of a holy land off the earth

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  • Wale

    Am not voting against these girls, this is a free world and one is allowed to express oneself, I will only blame the so called Muslim elders who hide under d banner of chastity but violate small school girls of 12, 13 nd 14, they deprive girls nd women their rights, they secretly and openly have sex with women outside if their own marriage while they have their wives covered at home, and molest others, there shld a change in d Islamic world, am not against Islam cos I av Islamic background but women’s right must be respected and made known to them, they are not slaves.

  • Matt

    This is so fake!!

  • Jesus

    Baruch Obama and others in our atheist government are against men complimenting womens breasts and cleavage, thats called being anti-religious and judgemental, making them criminals because of trivial,inoffensive compliments that are disrespected as are the men who give them are not appreciated but are harassed themselves for the compliments given. Thus the sexual socalled harassment law is used to hassle men who said or did nothing wrong, but to find fault and pester them.

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