Casey Anthony In Talks To Star In Reality Show

Casey Anthony reality show

Just a few hours after being found “not guilty” of the murder of her 2-year-old daughter Caylee, Casey Anthony has reportedly signed with an agent and is in talks with various production companies to film a reality television show centered around her post-trial life.

Casey Anthony’s agent Marty Finklestein claims to have already received, “numerous extremely lucrative offers” to have Casey star in her own reality show. On top of the reality TV show Casey Anthony is reportedly going to be doing club appearances as soon as she is released from custody. Her club appearance tour tentatively titled “No Kids Allowed”, will kick off in Vegas at “Starlet Lounge” and will earn Casey an appearance fee in the “mid 5-figures”.

When asked if he was worried about a public backlash from Casey Anthony profiting from the tragedy of her’s daughter’s death, Casey’s agent Marty Finklestein replied,

“Who cares! If the American public did not become obsessed with Casey Anthony, then the prosecution would not of been pressured into going for the death penalty with a premeditated murder charge they had no hope of convicting on. Instead they would of charged Casey with negligent homicide and got an easy conviction.

So really it was the American people’s fascination that caused Casey Anthony to be set free. Now that same fascination is going to make both her and I filthy rich! What a country!”

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    Now that casey has triumphed over the corrupt legal system of the great satan (usa) she can practically have her pick of Sheiks from which to choose a harem to join.

    Us Muslims know a fine concubine when we see one, and since casey is free and single, with no children to drag her down, she will a great catch and a top concubine.

    She has also expressed an interest in converting to Islam, which only makes her more desirable.

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      They praise a mother lion for killing her cubs because it is “all part of the natural order”, but when an attractive woman like Casey Anthony rids her self of the burden of a bastard child they persecute her! Truly America is a sick society.

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        • Westside willy

          In the joint skinners and child murderes go straight to protective custody because even the hardest sickest dudes in there would tear them apart. So does that make them better people that these wanna be goofs on this site that say casey did the right thing. I saw one suspected pedophile get shived on his first day in the prison chapel. As for war there is no need, you stay in your protective costody and we will stay in general population and we both mind our own buisiness. War is a bitch and nobody ever wins!

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          • Homer J

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          • Billy the squid

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    • notyalc

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  • The Reaper of Souls

    What a fucked up justice system she is as guilty as Richard Simmons is gay. Poor little Caylee is dead and to add insult to injury the courts failed her horribly. Rest in peace little Caylee.

    My belief is that Casey and th families guilt will eat them alive, and Karma will exact retribution via eternal suffering. Remember this the devil repays evil with evil so burn in hell Anthony family

    • You act like “little Caylee” is innocent in all this. She was a bastard born in sin! Last time I checked even by your weak Christian standards she was destined to spend eternity rotting in hell.

      Casey Anthony simply repented and righted a past wrong. She should be praised for such a noble act. I only wish the “teen moms” I see on MTV would follow her example.

  • What kills me is that Casey Anthony signed with an independent agent in Marty Finklestein when you know anyone at William Morris or CAA would of given their first born to rep her.

  • theheadchimp

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  • Prophet Mohammed

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    • Westside willy

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  • IHateCelebs

    EXCLUSIVE: The title of Casey Anthony’s first porno film is: “Stuffed In Casey’s Trunk”