Carrie Underwood’s Butt Offends In Leather Pants

Carrie Underwood ass

In the video above Carrie Underwood proves that Taylor Swift is not the only country music star who can prostitute her body for fame and fortune.

Carrie Underwood’s round ass in skin tight leather pants is a blatant affront to Islam. A woman’s behind is a shameful thing and should be hidden from view at all times, not accentuated with the skin of dead animals (unless of course it is the pelt of a goat, and her husband requests it).

Yes Carrie Underwood has brought great shame upon herself but more importantly to her clan, by showing off her ass like this. A severe beating by her male relatives should do the job sorting her out. Allahu Akbar!

  • NotGay

    Prolly thinkin about all the pussy shes eaten…gross

  • venom90

    this guy is as nutty as a fruit-loop.

  • Raymond Simoneau

    Again, red-neck religious party….

  • Raymond Simoneau

    Again, red-neck religious party….

  • carrielover

    Hes right carrie shouldnt be slutting around in these outfits. She should cover up unless its for her husband. Shes just being a whore

    • J

      Die… You pile of shit. Go blow yourself ip with one of your IED’s.

  • Me

    Only a queer would be offended by her ass. She should wear less. You Muslims just don’t like her because her ass doesn’t look like a goat

  • Fuck Muslims

    Why so many Muslims there fucking canser