Carrie Underwood Bikini Pics Prove She Is Unfit Wife

Carrie Underwood

Well we called it. Mike Fisher’s new wife Carrie Underwood is nothing but a cheap tramp, and she is unfit to be a wife.

These latest pictures of Carrie Underwood in a bikini prove once and for all that she a no good floozy who brings nothing but shame to her husband by going around flaunting her nearly naked body.

I feel sympathy for Mike Fisher. My cousin Amir was in a similiar situation with his 3rd wife. Amir had suspicions about her purity, but he went ahead and purchased her from her father anyway. Well unfortunately Amir’s suspicions were confirmed when he caught her showering sans Burka and completely nude like a total whore. Amir did the right thing though, he burned her face with battery acid and returned her to her clan.

Now it is time for Mike Fisher to make that same hard choice. He has obviously been duped into marriage by the slut Carrie Underwood. I suggest Mike Fisher performs a light stoning followed by a public shaming were he drags Carrie Underwood by her hair through the town to return her to her father.

Here are the new Carrie Underwood bikini pictures, so the world can see what kind of tremendous slut poor Mike Fisher is dealing with.


Carrie Underwood Carrie Underwood Carrie Underwood Carrie Underwood

  • Robin

    Talk about a dumb whore. You are one. I hope Amir’s face gets burned off too.

  • DRH

    Please…this is such
    nonsense and
    so inapporiate towards Carrie….
    She is darling with
    superior standards.
    Mike is a very
    blessed husband..

    Leave this couple
    alone so they can
    have some privacy..

  • sarah

    shame on you. how rude and disrespectful. please check a calendar and maybe you will realize that it is 2010 and people don’t talk the way you do you stupid person.

    • Jayde

      Oh jeez can nobody take a joke anymore. It’s all entertainment please.Really ,lighten up.

  • Dahlia

    There are WAY too many dumbasses in the world.
    Every single post on this site has a million comments about how ridiculous these stories are.
    Really, people?
    This is a satirical site.
    Please go look up the word satire and then come back with a sense of humour.
    Oh, Americans.

    • ohmyguinness

      Well sweety,
      I’m an American and the satire is not lost on all of us. This actually makes me embarrased to be human. People are idiots.

    • stefma

      It’s meant to be funny. It’s not…you must be easily amused. So who is the dumbass? All I see is women being put down. Fucking sell out.

  • Kathy

    You are an idiot!! What gives you the right to call someone that! You dont even know her, just because you think she shouldnt be wearing a bikini!! This is America pal grow up!!

    • dar al-harb

      you sound like amercan whore too.

      • stefma

        You’re jealous cus you want to wear a bikini too!!!

  • HumbleGrizz

    You are one silly misogynist – you are joking, Yes?
    Or, you are a demon faggot

    • stefma

      I vote demon faggot.

  • Kris

    Hey Durka Durka, you’re the biggest fucking douche bag to ever walk this fucking earth.


    You’re the biggest fuck on 2 feet. You have no life but to sit on your fucking fat ass and talk shit about people who HAVE successful lives, like the philantrophic, talented, and religious Carrie Underwood.

    You’re a bastard, and I hope you have a life in vein because that’s more than what a fuck like you deserves.

    Go burn in hell.

    • stefma

      Calm down killer.

  • joan bojec

    carrie underwood is beautiful she and mike make a beautiful couple they where meant for each other

  • mohammed was a child molester

    Hey raghead, go kill yourself and get your virgins you worthless waste of sperm. Get your mouth off that camel’s dick, take that towel off your head and hang yourself with it, camel jockey

    • Chris

      AMEN !!

    • fuckyou

      Did you know that Jesus “baptised” his disciples with his special sauce? Bet they don’t teach you that in the bible, Peter and company truely were “touched” by the hand of god lol

    • Dar al-Harb

      You dare to insult the Prophet (PBUH)! Aisha was 6 when the Prophet (PBUH) married her! Allah wanted this to happen! She still had her dolls to play with!, so whATt is problem! I issue fatwa on you for your death! DEATH TO THE GREAT SATAN AMERICA! ALLAHU AKBAR!

      • stefma

        Seriously?? I’m still trying to figure out if you are making a joke.

  • yomoma

    why are all these comments so harsh its obviously a joke try and have a little fun

  • Jessica

    who ever published this article needs to shut their flipping traps! I do not know who they think that they are talking to but Carrie underwood is not a slut! she is on her honeymoon enjoying laying out, relaxing and swimming and all of that! Carrie Underwood is the greatest singer! She is a beuatilful woman! Carrie is an amazing woman! Mike is lucky to have her! Carrie Rocks!

  • egwiuhi

    What are you talking about!!???? Carrie is nothing like that!!!!!

  • David

    People still haven’t figured out this site is satire/sarcasm/FAKE…LOL oi

    Do we seriously need any more proof that the intelligence of people is on a rapid steady decline?

    • stefma


  • Katelyn Abrahamson

    Why don’t you just shut the hell up!! Carrie underwood will be a great wife and she is not no
    slut or whore. And all she is doin is laying out, relaxing and enjoying her honeymoon with her husband and there is nothing wrong with that at all.

  • kim

    What r u talking about? I get that there is freedom of speech in this country but sometimes I think idiots should not be allowed to talk. What about those pics shows anything wrong with Carrie? Is it the fact that she’s wearing a bikini & has a skinny body or the fact that she is supposed to be on her honeymoon enjoying some private time with her new husband and should be able to be in the nude if she wants without us knowing or caring?

  • Fat Housewife

    Do muslims really disapprove of their wives showering? If so, then I’d love to give those jerks just what they ask for and see how they like it! Men! They always need reminders to shower and never see why others have a problem when they don’t. Someone should give them a taste of their own medicine

    • stefma

      He is joking but it’s going a little far when all he can come up with is why each woman is a “harlot” I guess that is all he can come up with.

    • stefma

      I actually thought that story was funny.

  • Judy

    This site should not be allowed on the internet. This is the worst article I have ever read.
    Carrie, and Mike are both very religious, wonderful people. They are so very caring and giving of themselves and their time.
    Whomever this jerk is that wrote this is so stupid!!!
    This is America, and all of the girls that have the body Carrie has wear bikini’s. There is nothing wrong with a bikini. She is beautiful and the greatest artist, in every way to come along in years. This needs to be banned!!!!!!

  • melissa





    • stefma

      Ignorant fucking snatch.

  • Jess

    Jealous much

  • stefma

    If you all want celebrity news but that is actually funny, I recomment Dlisted…this guy is hilarious. Whoever is running this sight must be in or fresh out of high school. It is so obvious that you can’t get a woman of your own so you want to dog on everyone elses…
    @Melissa, you are an idiot..My husband happens to be a beautiful brown man. I wish I could bitch slap you over the internet.

  • stefma

    I apologize….this shit is actually funny after all.

  • JAMES850


  • BigBwana

    Religious??? Carrie Underwood is the biggest sperm dumpster in the world. And a hypocrite to boot. She sings Jesus take the wheel and then follows it uo with a wholesome whore anthem about fucking some guy and she doesn’t know his name.

    • disgusted 1

      DUMBASS MOFO…get a job, get a life, you obviosly need some education. Carrie has more class in her shit than you have in your whole worthless body…jealous much?? its not like there aren’t enough real sluts to get your attention…

  • ruthless

    As far as bitch slapping goes, anyone who thinks this shit is funny needs bitch slapped! To whomever created this AND/OR bigbwana, obviously you’re a fag! I don’t know of ANY straight man who would have a problem with Carrie Underwood in a bikini! I’m a straight woman and i see nothing wrong with it! You must have a personal issue with beautiful women! Did one of them make fun of your little toothpick dick or something? LOL Now THAT’S what i consider to be funny!

    • BigBwana

      Did I say a FUCKING word about her in a bikini you dumb fucking moronic CUNT? Just a stupid bitch mouthing off. Your man needs to yank your choke chain.
      I called her a hypocrite and I mentioned two of her song to support what I said. I didn’t say anything about her bikini.
      You obviously need to be grudge fucked in the ass. You might mellow out.

      • howard ware

        Bitch you are a real pussy talking all that shit to a woman from an internet site I know your not a real muslim or man and the the truth is if I ever find out who you are I will personally beat the fucking shit out of you. You must be a fag, but even gay men have more respect for women then you , you punjabi butt pirate.

  • Madison

    Everyone wears a bikini, whether they are swimming or tanning. What’s the difference if she wears one. Your such a dumb fuck. Burn in hell.

  • Sean Caramore

    Whoever this is that is saying this has absoulty no right in their affual minds to , but everyone is free to state their own oppinion. Carrie is and has always been so thankful for where she is and what she has today. She is a very clean proper respectful down to earth person and to be onest your ovbiously not. I am sure that make is happy then ever because anyone would be happy to be her husband. Instead of you sitting on your ass bitching you should fine something better to do then talk shit about someone you don’t know so I being her biggest fan would appriciate if you kept your mouth shut!
    – someone who actually knows how she acts and is

  • Tommy

    If any of you people actually saw who she really was behind a dumb picture that ISNT even revealing you’d know that every single time she performs she looks up to god and starts to cry because she is so thankful for the life she has. You people really need to take the jealousy you have towards other people and just appreciate that their good people and not the “sluts” you choose to call them. That’s also from an “American” asshole. Get your facts straight nigga

  • Brad

    I don’t know what Contry or religion you people @ CELEBJIHAD are from, but here in the USA and the religon I believe, what Carie or any other female wares dosnt make them an unfit wife! Personaly I am proud when my wife wares a bikini.

  • Brad

    I you think its so bad for her to be waring such clothing, then why do you publish the pics??? Looks like yall are hipocrites.

  • tabby

    this sounds so stupid. Shes an “unfit wife” because she wore a bikini like million other wife’s across the country. get a life

  • tabby

    this sounds so stupid. Shes an “unfit wife” because she wore a bikini like million other wife’s across the country. get a life