Booty Off: Jennifer Lopez vs Kim Kardashian

Jennifer Lopez Kim Kardashian

This Heavyweight title bout is scheduled for 5 rounds.

In the blue corner, weighing in at 672lbs. With a record of 37 black guys 16 Puerto Ricans and 1 Mexican. Hailing from “the block” New York! Jennifer Lopez’s butt!

And in the red corner, weighing in at 704lbs. With a record of 41 black guys and 4 Mexicans. She looks like she hails from somewhere in the Middle East! Kim Kardashian’s butt!

*Ding *Ding *Ding

Round 1:

Jennifer Lopez Kim Kardashian booty

Jennifer Lopez starts strong with a solid display of booty. Kardashian’s butt looks lumpy and deflated. If she doesn’t pull herself together soon this could be a short night for Kim.

Winner: Jennifer Lopez’s booty

Round 2:

Jennifer Lopez Kim Kardashian booty

Wow both women come out wearing strikingly similar outfits. J-Lo’s backside is looking strong once again. While the Kardashian booty looks too large with no clear indication of where the top of her butt begins and her lower back ends.

Winner: Jennifer Lopez’s booty

Round 3:

Jennifer Lopez Kim Kardashian booty

The ladies break out the panties for this round. Now I’ve seen everything! I have to question J-Lo’s wardrobe choice here. The pink frills hide the shape of her lush behind. Kim seems to have taken my comments from the last round to heart as she displays crack to clearly show were her booty actually begins.

Winner: Kim Kardashian’s booty

Round 4:

Jennifer Lopez Kim Kardashian booty

Look out folk’s we got a good old fashioned white vs black race war on our hands here. Jennifer’s butt seems to have shrunk this round. I don’t know if this is a defense mechanism because she is around black guys, like a turtle retreating into its shell, but that will definitely cost her. Kim’s booty seems to have finally found its grove and is standing tall.

Winner: Kim Kardashian’s booty

Round 5:

Jennifer Lopez Kim Kardashian booty

Jennifer puts on a gorgeous display of booty! She really brought the thunder! Kim’s butt looks dazed but it keeps plugging away (like Ray J in her sex tape). A valiant effort to be sure from it tonight.

Winner: Jennifer Lopez’s booty

And the winner and Heavyweight Celebrity Booty Champion of the world! Jennifer Lopez’s butt!

  • Dead Ed

    Those pink frills hide nothing. I have the gift of clarity. & imagination. I’m addicted to vaginal skin.

    I still hate her fuckin’ guts, tho’.

    I wanna strip, rape & fuckin’ strangle her. Then fuck her with a knife. Then slit her throat & fuck the wound. Then finish severing her head so I can have sex with her severed head until I cum blood. Then, fill her empty cranium with maggots & have sex with the maggots in her skull.


    • rachel

      you clearly don’t really think that and are just trying to get a rise out of people. so middle school.

    • Peter

      YEAH ME TOO! 8D

    • Ivot

      Cannibal Corpse song titles are not welcome here, slimeball! I wonder if lopez has ever listened to Cannibal, and if she hasn’t she needs to.

    • Max Howig

      You’re cool

  • Dead Ed

    “Don’t be fooled by the cocks that I’ve sucked. I’m still Jenny from the block. Used to suck a little. Now I suck a lot. I’m still, I’m still Jenny from the block. No matter where I go, I know where I came from. (South-Side Bronx!)”

  • Andre

    Get a life, loser.

    • Dead Ed

      Who you talkin’ to? Durka Durka? You fuckin’ faggot. Who “lost”? What’s to “lose”? What did YOU win?

    • Dead Ed

      If you are reffering to my comments on this website, how do you explain YOU? What the FUCK are YOU doing on this website?

      Comment section says, “Speak Your Mind”. I’m sure I did my part. Celeb Jihad would be proud. Your a waste your mother shoulda swallowed.

      • Dead Ed

        Oops. Let me spell it right & rephrase: ***You’re a load your mother should’ve swallowed!!!***

  • a whitey

    i didn’t even read the article. i just looked at the picture and threw up in my mouth

    • JN

      Wow! Your feelings of inadequacy are that strong?

  • Pedro More


    • Dead Ed

      Ditto. I think I like KK more, too. I don’t care that J-Lo is a ‘Rican. I usually dig blondes anyway (g/f), but 4 a raven black hair chick, KK is FINE! (Hope she don’t c this… <3 u Danielle. U’re the only blonde, er, woman 4 me!) :D

  • Andre

    wow, you really talk like those rapist and serial killers who can’t have a real girlfriend in all their life.
    I wonder if I’ll see you on TV after some murder, lol

    • Dead Ed

      Get a life, loser! :p

  • Steve

    Beyonce puts them both to shame.

  • En-dee

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  • damn the haters boodaladies

    Round one and two was clear but why the fuck would any one come pear oranges with apples. First off both are tasty, sweet in the middle and do not tell me that all men want to bite into both of them. Further more one you just want to peel into and take all day to lick all the juice out of and for the other your want to polish to a shine with that third arm before you bite into it so hard that your gums bleed. Damn the only thing better is to have both at the same time laterz.

  • pablo


  • Jennifer Lopez is intelligent, sexy and very talented. Love her songs and her movies.

  • Jene Pascuzzi

    I have compilation of pictures of Jennifer Lopez and they are so great in my screen saver. I can’t stop loving her

  • To me Jennifer Lopez is the best performer ever. She still looks so gorgeous and hot. She is famous because she is a Latino and there are only few of them this generation.

  • RazeCrazeEve

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