Blake Lively Epic Cleavage Pics

Blake Lively

Fed up with men looking her in the eyes, Blake Lively decided to cut a giant hole in the middle of her dress to show off her luscious boobies.

I for one applaud Blake Lively taking the intuitive like this. If she is going to be a whore and refuse to wear a burqa the least she can do is draw a man’s eyes away from her face as a sign of respect.

Blake Lively showing her cleavage is a way of her to say “though I know I am a filthy degenerate whore please advert your strong masculine gazes from my face for I fear they will overwhelm my inferior feminine constitution.”

All women should have the self awareness of Blake Lively to blatantly flaunt their best sex trait. If no exceptional traits exist and they refuse to wear the burqa then they should have the dignity to hurl themselves off a cliff for the betterment of humanity.

Take heed of Blake Lively’s example ladies in these pics of her epic cleavage.


Blake Lively Blake Lively Blake Lively Blake Lively
Blake Lively Blake Lively Blake Lively Blake Lively

  • Fat Housewife

    Off a cliff, huh? Where would I find one of these burkas, again? Besides thrift stores, that is

  • whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat

    this website is a joke, right?


    so you’re making fun of me, saying i have boobies, then i should jump off a cliff cuz you’ve been talking to jerry cantrell’s management about dignity – – – -your wife and child are dead

    celebjihad is getting sued, charged with harassment and collusion to murder and cover up with velvet hammer, we will wait until we kill your family, asshole

    now fuck off before we come after you now

    – fuck your whore wives

    we’re taking snapshots of your website and this shit you’re writing, you’re banned from entertainment and we’re going to find out where your offices and homes are – – – you’re getting a visit to make sure you shut the fuck up forever – – – we’re going to break your fucking fingers and jaws

    that’s a promise

    • Salam the Sandalmaker

      another dirty kuffar spouting off

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      What a drunken sodomite you must be!
      You have some nerve coming here and making vile threats and casting your Satan inspired insults.
      You should know the penalty for such an offense involves many stones being hurled at your corrupt head.
      I hope when that day comes, I am among the stone throwers.
      Jihad is here—-prepare infidels for the new Islamic Republic of America

  • Moumar Qaddafi

    Those you call boobies are gnat welts. Most likely. Found the same on my camels breasts. Troublesome little buggers.

  • this site is a joke

    you are all one sick joke.. if you think your religion is the One, how come you like doing these sinful things? insulting and mocking other people, and killing innocent lives.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      You are the joke….and a bad one at that.

      Do not question things you know nothing about.
      You only need to know one thing. If you are Muslim you are safe….if you are kuffar you will die.
      It’s simple as that.

      Submit to Allah or die