Beyonce’s Gigantic Ass Eats Her Bikini


No longer satisfied just swallowing Jay-Z and the occasional drifter, Beyonce’s enormous ass decided to suck down her bikini bottoms.

Scientists estimate that at the current rate of growth Beyonce’s butt could soon be the size of Texas.

“I’ve never seen anything like it” says Prof Jim Michaels of the University of Toledo. “The fact that it maintains its shape at that size is what is particularly disturbing. Usually asses that get that big tend to flair out and sag. Beyonce’s behind shows no signs of that.”

Prof Michaels lab assistant Ronald Jenkins then chimed in adding, “Mmmm hell yeah!”

  • God

    Who will be the first to say the person who wrote this is a dumb ass..not me I love this shit

  • cass

    hahaha… very mature

  • blergh

    Pooooooo it looks like it stinks

  • mtangerine


  • Elliieyasmiinbratz

    Omg !!!
    whoever is posting this shit needs to grow up.

    I know this is cliche and all but seriously.. Who the fuck has time to take pictures of people

    well known and post shitty comments like this on the internet.



    I wish her ass would swallow my dick!!! Beautiful ASS!!!!!


    damm ill break that little ass

  • defendent

    that bikini bottom is design to hug the booty like that it’s not that her booty is so big it’s swallowing it. if you watch bikini contest you’ll see what i’m talking about.

  • Ndamusanze Juvens

    Dear Beyonce, i love u so much,i like your songs,my dream is to meet you one day but i don’t know when and how?! i,m from Rwanda-KIGALI(AFRICA).Please,i wish success in your jobs. May God help you.

  • Amber Adams

    well i mean DUHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! She has a big BUTT but yhu need to stop okay oh yeah and mii teacher said to put I LOVE MR. TODD…… yhur gay okay…….lol im so stupid but yhur even crazier yhu dumb bastard……………..

  • umıt

    ı fuck your style AMBER DOG.

  • Mr.Spider

    iam from algeria and i love the ass of beyonce i want to kiss your ass bb beyonce and i want maried whit you

  • Mr.Spider

    iam from algeria and i love the ass of beyonce i want your ass bb beyonce hmmmm

  • Jade

    That shit is seriously DISGUSTING.

  • neville

    she is a sexy ass woman, and yes her ass is fat as hell

  • lewis mitchell

    beyonce has a beautiful rear end figure. however she just doesn’t top serena williams

  • tonya

    ewwwww,yall r lairs

  • devonte

    me and beyonce are diva i will woop kare ass if she mess with beyonce and lady gaga.

  • Dillon-Marie

    I am a fan of Beyonce and I think it is very rude and disrespectful for some of these comments to even be on here!! This picture shouldn’ t even be on here it’s disrespectful towards her!!

  • dferde

    CAn yoU Say StaLKer………


    i want to add beyonce to my fans on facebook and yahoo.i love you beyonce

  • geny

    qu’elle soit un peu grosse ou un peu plus mince elle est sexy sexy and very sexy. alors à bas les incapables

  • Paddy


  • sera

    beyonce pls come to indonesia because i fans u much… u so saxy, tell me how for make saxy body

  • allen miller

    MY EYES MY EYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHE IS SO HOT SHE JUST PUT A 3RD 4TH AND 5TH DEGREE BURN ON MY EYE’S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hfs1252

    hey sorry about generel123 he is my step brother and he lost his dad at war and now he hates the muslums and blames every thing on i have to clean up all his messes and all the times he fucks up to keep him out of trouble.

    • Arcachnar

      Sorry to hear about that. It is awful to lose someone you hold dear, indeed. Just tell him that he really should not direct his anger towards those who have nothing to with it. Or he is just as bad as those who kill or maim non-believers. Not ALL the Muslims are to blame for the bloodshed that have been done in Allah’s name. Only a small group.

  • Jamal Zougam