Beyonce’s Booty In A Thong GIF

Beyonce booty

Pop star Beyonce shows her enormous Sub-Saharan booty in a thong in this GIF from her new “Partition” music video.

After advertising her large powerful hindquarters like this Beyonce is sure to fetch top dinar at a Damascus slave market. The only thing left is for an enterprising merchant to capture the beast, and ensure she gets all her shots before putting her on the auction block.

I would certainly be an interested party in the purchase of this Beyonce creature, and I have many dried figs saved up to offer in exchange. I must admit I have often fantasized about plowing Beyonce’s big black ass… of course by that I mean attaching a plow to her rump and having her till the land by luring her forward with a stick with a watermelon on the end of it.

  • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

    Brother Durka Durka,

    Your fantasies about plowing the ass of the cajun slut Beyoncé Knowles are fully reasonable.

    By the way, only powerful Muslims like ourselves, gifted by Allah with gargantuan peckers, can satisfy the anal sexual urges of this whore.

    • Imam Abbas

      Brother Hashim

      Even The Prophet (PBUH) could only agree with your views! This she-coon is a beast-and-a-half, and only the strong, pious Muslim will survive!

      Allahu Akbar!

      • Whitefella

        Jerkoff Jerkoff,

        I hope these many dried up old fags that you have saved up to exchange for Beyonce’s blackbutt include all your friends, especially Hashish, Supreme Clacker Fart, Shitter of Bricks, InMan Upass and Coloured, Kock Kisser, etc, and that this will mean they won’t be around to annoy any of the valiant, noble, hetero, he-men Christian Soldiers that grace this site ever again. And you can throw the Injun in for good measure too.

        • Hashim the destroyer of Evil


          What are you talking about boy? What do you have against women asses? You listen too much to your pal Team Anal Frenzy. His butt hole is not the way to go for any normal male.

        • Imam Abbas

          “this will mean they won’t be around to annoy any of the valiant, noble, hetero, he-men Christian Soldiers that grace this site…”
          Boy, its long past the time you stop huffing glue! Its obviously rotted your brain.
          There are NO “noble, hetero, etc.” Christian anythings on this site.

        • Native Pride Mohawk Nation

          White Felcher

          Christian soldiers are homos with a homo god. Beach googles like you call me dirt worshipper. You know the difference between dirt and Jesus? Dirt is REAL. Sure there was historical evidence he exists. ZERO evidence he ever rose from the dead aside from the church which is real simple. They lie the rest of them swear to it.

          Quit involving me in your homo erotic fantasies you dirty ABC, I’m not queer unlike you. But thanks for proving you’re a creepy old bastard with a hard on for a native dude you never met.

          I bet you’ve never had sex with a woman. A shackle dragger, I’m not surprised

    • Team America

      Hashim the homo Jew

      Too bad your two inch pecker isn’t enough to satisfy Abdullah’s loose ass and you’re force to double fist that homo. I wonder how much I’d get for selling to two fags as dog meat?

      America! We the people!

      • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

        Team Anal Frenzy,

        It’s odd – or maybe not… – that you prefer to talk about your gay delusions, than about the exquisite ass of this wanton cajun whore.

        • Team America

          Hashim the homo Jew

          I already jerk off over the Nina Agdal photo so I’m satisfied for now and completely free to point out the fact that you and your many Muslim butt buddies are fags. Not that I have to point it out considering its obvious.

          America! We the people!

          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            Yeah, right… By the way I’ve here the ass photo of the jenny Nina you’re talking about.

          • Beastly man


            Taking pictures of your hairy disgusting ass and calling it a female ass does not make it a female ass!

          • The Reaper

            No it looks more like the dogs ass you fucked last night in a three way with Team Tranny.

    • Native Pride Mohawk Nation

      Hashim The Destroyer

      Finally somebody refers to the fact that this google bitch is not even 100% black. She’s so mixed you could call her Heinz 57. She’s more mixed than Rosario Dawson. Rosario is bi racial black and brown. Beyonce is tri racial.

      Creole are disgusting people. I think as far as having anal with her, she’s a Christian so of course she thinks that’s Jesus’s hole. There are still some Christians that think only missionary is ok.

    • Michelle Western

      You’re a vile cunt.

  • The Guy with the Eye

    FIRSTIES!!!!!!!!! to call her a GOOGLE!!!!!!!!!!

    • Supreme Leader

      You nincum poop chute! Allah says that is one fine ass.

  • Some guy

    Watch this closely – She is apparently showing everything – YET not showing ANYTHING.

    You are being manipulated. Think about this – Say you like chocolate. Someone shows you a chocolate and lets you smell it, and takes it away the moment you try to eat it.

    Now you’ll want it MUCH MORE than before, won’t you?

    This tactic is being used every single fucking day to keep you men “hungry for more”. This is how women are able to manipulate you so easily into doing anything for them. Use your brain, think about it and realize it already.

    • Very astute. Thankfully you are in to men and they don’t play games they just shove their dicks right in your face right?

      • Supreme Cleric Farzan Of Iran

        Wise Brother Durka,

        This Some Guy homoqueer wouldn’t know a real women if she sat on his face and farted on his tongue.

        A real women wears a burqa while scrubbing the shit stains out of a toilet, can skin a mule AFTER spending an entire day picking figs, and enjoys being forcefully penetrated in the anus by her Muslim master.

        These gay wimps will never understand the finer points of being a pious Muslim.

        Allahu Akbar

      • Imam Abbas

        Brother Durka

        Thank you for sharing your wisdom and observational skills. You’re an inspiration to all of us, and the Sharia Council approves.

        Allahu Akbar!

  • Abdullah The Sheik of Tikrit

    this she-apes ass is so large that it could block entry into the Golan Heights or plug the Suez Canal.

  • Troll

    Beyoncé looks more like she got tangled up in her leash, as opposed to wearing a thong!
    Someone should call the local animal control officer, so she can be caged until her owner is located and fined for violating the leash-laws.

  • Native Pride Mohawk Nation

    Keep the working the low jokes coming that is golden!

  • the Unholy

    I don’t want to fuck Beyonce so much as be girlfriends with her. We can swap secrets about boys, share makeup tips, and try on new dresses together.

    Maybe if we become good enough girl friends we can have a three some with that Mandingo sex god Jay Z! Nothing turns me on more than a black man with facial features like that of Camel Joe.

    It really gives me a stiffy in my leather pants.