Beyonce Wears See Through Top No Bra


Beyonce understands high fashion. How many other celebrities would have ruined this see through top by wearing a bra underneath?

Fashionistas know that nipples are the new “it” accessory. I expect to see nipples everywhere just flapping in the wind by next Spring. If girls want to hip and cool that is.

As you can see from these pics Beyonce is very with it.


Beyonce Beyonce Beyonce Beyonce

  • klg0845

    Um, this is from 6 years ago. As I’m sure you already know. But, that doesn’t really matter to you, yes? You have an agenda and this picture fits the bill. SMH. You are sad and pathetic.

    • wow

      I think the agenda was to piss off morons. I also think it worked.

  • John

    I think she just put the dress on backwards.

  • Sean Serritella

    I’d like to screw her big ass.

  • Herman Bumfudle

    wow! i thought solange’s succulent little cunt look nice. but those beautiful little tits look like they’d feel so good rubbing up against my legs. uuumm yes suck it. you are a beautiful fantasy.

  • Dead Ed

    She kinda looks like my new Muslim Girlfriend. She keeps talking about a blow-job.
    I don’t know whether to get my cock out or to warn the Chicago Transit Authorities…

  • beyonce fan

    omg! what do people care about and what they see. it’s very important who wears what and who behaves like that and this. it’s really not normal. i think that people should talk about her singing her performances and her (awards).(who wears that, who talks like that, who looks like that) shouldn’t care us, but it’s all reverse. so i want comment on this picture what she wears and how she looks. i konw that sometimes i pay attention to it, but not so much as some other people do. that’s it…

  • fbilead

    money and fame can make some ppl mad…………….

  • Qwerty

    Nice tits

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      you mean, nice tits for a shaved ape.