Beyonce Nude Super Bowl Rehearsal Video

Beyonce Super Bowl

The creature known as Beyonce was the halftime “entertainment” at the Super Bowl last night.

Beyonce and her former Destiny Child bandmates gyrated their hips and grunted over prerecorded tracks of their “greatest hits”. It was a show that offended sight, sound, and surely smell, if one was unlucky enough to be within 100 feet of the sweating she-beasts.

Surprisingly it took a lot of practice for Beyonce to put together such a terrible performance, as you can see by the video below of Beyonce rehearsing the halftime show completely nude.

If you missed Beyonce’s Super Bowl performance simply watch this video while imagining the sound of two retards f*cking next to a howling mutt to recreate the experience.

Beyonce Super Bowl

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    • Anubis

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