Beyonce Nipple Slip


In these rare photos we see the one known as “Beyonce” emerging from the sea and beaching herself on the sand.

Scientists report that Beyonce laid on the sand for hours before her gills dried out, and she was forced to make her way back to her watery home were she will continue to cause shipwrecks by leading unsuspecting sailors onto the rocks.

However, before the Beyonce left she rolled over and 1 of her 16 nipples was revealed from underneath her multicolored shell. It was a stunning moment for those observing her because seeing a Beyonce nipple is an incredibly rare event.

See for yourself the Beyonce’s nipple slip below.


Beyonce Beyonce


    It’s pretty sad when Beyonce has slipped so far that she has to try to out-do her new diva challenger Justine Beiber. It has been reported to me that when Beyonce saw the pics of Justine Beiber frolicking on the beach topless, flirting with dolphins and sea lions, she became enraged! Beyonce’s husband, Kool Mo Dee wannabe Jay-Z, said to her “Yo B, that little, flat chested white bitch ain’t got nothin on my ho’s cellulite azz!” Beyonce then covered herself with Crisco and headed to the nearest beach after calling the Paparazzi. It’s so sad when an old Diva has to flash her shit so she can still feel competitive.

  • Chalae’

    Beyonce is my favorite singer of all times. Hay accidents happen . Its not like she tryed to flash her self she is only human like everyone else. I am 14 Its happen to me in the swimming pool a couple of times too. So its ok B ur still a diva to me. Let them haters hate !!!!!!! when i get older i want to be just like her and maybe i will meet her some day too!!!!!!

    • TheJihadisDead

      You got pics of that?

  • chalae’

    Get real why would she even try to do that she got a husband!!!!! ~duh~!!!

  • datboy

    bout time ive bee waitin 2 c dem nipples! yes!! jay-z a lucky man!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Pretty sure its happened to every woman atleast once. Its a part of a nipple. Get over it.

  • Ndapox

    Because beyonce is a famous person now people wanna make it into a big thing! Seriously get lives already!!!!!!!!!

  • 1josephjohn

    I wanna suck on Beyonce’s tittie sooooooooooooo bad!