Avril Lavigne Jiggles Her Boobs

Avril Lavigne boob jiggle

Canadian “punk” rocker Avril Lavigne jiggles her boobs in the GIF above.

Clearly Avril Lavigne hopes that by bouncing her sinful mammaries she’ll gain even more publicity for the release of her new highly anticipated (among time traveling 13-year-old girls from the year 2003) self-titled album.

Once again Avril Lavigne has shown what a badass free spirit she is by sticking it to the man in this boob jiggling video. If only Avril were chugging a Mountain Dew while fondling her breasts then the squares and suits would really be freaked out, and she’d fully capitalize on the teen angst market.

  • ObserversDickIsAFatwa

    Another desperate attempt by a has-been spinster trying to attract the interest of a less than wealthy Muslim man who may be looking for a fourth wife….

  • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

    Blondes are as dumb as the ‘girls’ of the Three Stooges gang. And this says it all.

    • Seal Team Six

      Hashim the Homo,

      Boy, do I want to catch your gloryhole queen ass and pound some C4 into it with the edge of my SEAL folding shovel. And if I do it before Independence day, I can save money on fireworks.

  • Hashim the Destroyer of Evil

    I love blonde men, they’re so sexy.

    I think I might have to find some delicious, hot, blonde, muscular guy to pound my ass.

    Women like Avril Lavigna are disgusting with their gross vaginas. The only women I like are ones with penises, after all, how can they fuck my ass if they don’t have a penis?

  • one inch pecker

    I would defnatly do her.

  • aghmed

    she desperately desires snake in the valley time with Aghmed

  • Mr E

    That little traitorous Canuck beeyotch – I distinctly saw her spelling out “Hello Durka” in Morse code with her boobies! Don’t deny it – you Jihadi chaps have secretly recruited her as an agent. She’s gone full Miley!

  • Anwar The Greatest

    Rape is ALWAYS the woman’s fault!
    I found this post on the internet and thought it was brilliant.

    LOGIC: Rape is ALWAYS the woman’s fault!!

    I dropped this knowledge on the old IC but yall wasn’t hearin me. So I’ll say it once again. When a man rapes a woman, she is the one at fault. If you disagree then refute my point with logic. Not freepostin. I’ll be pleasantly surprised if you can.

    Here is my argument. Sex is sex. A penis penetrating a vagina. Consensual hetero sex is the ideal situation. But sometimes something goes wrong and this same act becomes rape. Let’s analyze what exactly goes wrong.

    The male is doing the exact same thing in either case. He wants to have sex with the woman and inserts his manhood accordingly. The only thing which is altered is the woman’s attitude. At the point where she objects to the sex it becomes rape. It is her actions which draw the line between consensual sex and rape. Logically, shouldn’t she be the one who is prosecuted? She directly caused a beautiful act to become something considered to be criminal.

    And don’t dare say its the same as a man raping a man because homosexual sex is not the same. Its not like the victim of male on male rape was goin around fuckin hella men then one particular time decided he wasn’t cool with it, as is the case with women.

    ALLAHU ACKBAR!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anwar is Gay

      Anwar the Gayest,

      Without bothering to read your boring treatise on man-to-man sex and what you would like to do to Homo Hashim, I think we can conclude the obvious; that you are one big knob gobbler.

      • Anwar The Greatest

        Team Mangina

        We all know this is you. Only a pole smoking jizz licker like you would suggest I am gay when it is you who is the drag queen.

        If you were not an inbred gay mofo you would know this post was about raping women like a real man, not taking males bungholes in bathroom stalls as you do.

        • Team America

          Anwar the Gayest

          That wasn’t me, homo. I wouldn’t hide behind an alias while pointing out the fact that you’re so pathetic you have to rape young boys wearing dresses to gain some kind of sexual gratification. Raping a women doesn’t make you a “real man” it makes you a pathetic loser who can’t get laid. Most women come to me for sex and those who don’t can be talked into it. Getting a women to want to have sex with you is what makes a real man. I’m sure you are happy being a pathetic loser who has to force himself onto a women to get laid, I guess that’s why you prefer goats, camels and young boys, they don’t put up as much of a fight.

          America! We the people!

          • Kyke KIller

            Team of Queers,
            Haha sure it wasnt you. You just happen to reply to Anwar with the same name “Anwar the Gay” used. I dont agree with Anwar since I never result to rape. The women in my home treat me like a sultan.

          • Team America

            Skype ass sucker

            Referring to Him as Anwar the Gayest is pretty obvious so that doesn’t prove it was me. Now, why would I hide behind an alias to make that post. Obviously I’m not the only one laughing at him for being a pathetic loser who can’t get laid so he resorts to raping defenceless animals. I’m sure the goats at your place treat you like a sultan but whether they consent or you force yourself onto them like Anwar does, your both still just fucking goats.

            America! We the people!

          • Anwar The Greatest


            The only consensual sex you have had is with barn yard animals and homoqueer trannies on Hollywood boulevard.

            You missed the whole point of the post and frankly so did brother Kyke Killer. It is honorable for woman! Did you know that one in four women have rape fantasy? Your American statistics backs this up. The wonderful thing about this is that is exactly how many women will be raped in the US of A!

            They wanted it. Those prick teases only pretend to resist.

          • Team America

            Anwar the gayest

            No, I understood your point. You have fantasies about being raped. It probably goes back to your days as a dancing boy when you would put on a dress and dance for a room full of Muslim men before they all took turns sodomizing you.

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          • Team America

            I want to be raped. Would one of you Muslims rape me? Achmed? mam Abas? Anyone? I always wash my back door so you’re clear for a landing.

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          • Team America

            Team faggot faker

            Why post this shit to me? If you want to do a poor job impersonating me, fine I couldn’t care less but don’t post it as a reply to me, faggot retard.

    • TAYLOR


  • Abdullah The Sheik of Tikrit

    Her boobs will jiggle like a saddlebag full of jello, when she gets “tit shot” with the RPG.

  • IWantToEatAvrilsAss

    CelebJihad needs to post more of Avril!