Avatar Summary In 5 Frames


There has been a lot of talk recently about the new James Cameron movie “Avatar”. Some people think it is a revolutionary work of art, others think it is complete crap.

Instead of possibly wasting your time and money actually going to see this questionable film we have provided an image that summarizes the movie beautifully in 5 frames. This way you can judge for yourself if Avatar is worth going to the theater to see.

Here is “Avatar” in 5 frames.


  • major

    this movie is about wigger infiltration.

    • Walt Disney

      I hate wiggers…..guidos and mormons too.

  • Ednonymous

    avatar is kitteh litter crap.

    • Geoff

      $20 this idiot hasn’t even seen it

  • Joe

    I liked it better when it was called “Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee”.

    • rebelgirl

      Yeah, but more people will watch this movie.

    • rebelgirl

      Yeah, but more people will watch this movie than read ‘wounded knee’. The guy doesn’t get new legs because he can’t AFFORD them. Class story? Manifest destiny loses? What if, not Geronimo, but POWHATTAN fought back and won? (That’s pocahontas’ dad, btw)

  • Geoff

    Some people? Oh you mean the 84% who gave it a Fresh at RottenTomatoes or the 94% of the Top Critics who gave it a Fresh or the 91% of the RottenTomatoes community that gave it a fresh or the 85% at BoxOfficeMojo that gave it an A or the 65,000 who have made it #21 all time at IMDB or the millions who have catipulted it to 600 million worldwide or the Golden Globes who have nominated it for best picture with the Academy soon to follow.

    Some? Try the majority of people who have seen this BRILLIANT film.

  • Dead Ed™

    “So Brittany what did you think of Avatar?”
    “It was to die fo-“

  • Dead Ed™

    I went and saw the movie “Avatar” when it opened, it’s pretty unrealistic if you ask me.
    I mean, white people losing a race war?

    It’s about a mysterious planet where everybody has turned blue from drinking too much WKD.
    It should’ve been called “ChAvatar”.

  • Dead Ed™

    When I went to go see Avatar, and as it gets to the freakishly disturbing scene, a little girl at the back screamed out “Smurf Porn!”
    Little bitch beat me to the punch line.

    I have a confession to make. I wanked when the human and the blue thing from Avatar kissed….. I also wanked when they “mated”….. and when the lady next to me sneezed..

  • Dead Ed™

    It’s about a paralysed soldier who gets flown to an alien planet, where his DNA is grafted with that of one of the alien inhabitants, followed by some sort of mind-meld, thereby allowing him to infiltrate their species so his people can come along, take them out.
    You’d think with that much technology, they could have made him walk again…

  • Dead Ed™

    It wasn’t particularly good, and cost $300 million to make. That money could have been used to feed all the starving African orphans.
    All I can say is $300 million on a film about blue people that don’t exist over starving Africans was money well spent.

  • Dead Ed™

    Bottom line:
    DON’T see this movie. It’s anti-military, anti-capitalism (even though James Cameron made the movie through the free enterprise of capitalism), anti-corporation (AND James Cameron partnered with McDonald’s to promote the movie).
    The main character is too much like Che Guevara.
    Save your money. Or see Sherlock Holmes. It’s a little long (2 1/2 hours), but great acting, great backdrops. 2 Reagans. (2, because it was long and boring).
    I think a sequel is coming for Sherlock Holmes. That would be great. Robert Downey, Jr. is good.

  • a whitey

    i also made my hand pleasure my self during the movie but i do that pretty much everywhere and all the time as I’m CORKY THE RETARD!

  • Truthiness

    @ Geoff

    You realize that the majority of this country are moron, right?

  • KKK

    Celeb Jihad Brothers Unite! It is our time to stop this atrocity! White people must rise again! Let’s go! POWER!!!!!!!

    • Dead Ed™

      You don’t like the blue people either?

      • jakalope

        That’s a shocker!!! I wonder what happens when one of them gets really bad sunburn …

  • Satan

    I loved it. Anything to promote Pantheism, anti-Americanism, and an anti-corporate mindset.

  • jakalope

    The story was pretty interesting, and I think I have seen it somewhere before… Oh yeah, take the

    Native Ameican history, throw in a romance, use newest technology to sweeten the viewing

    experience and disguise the natives so they would look new. Good thing they didn’t name the

    Space Shuttle the Santa Maria. Move action from past to the future…

    Oh yes, and give it alternative ending, and there you go, you have a brand new movie AVATAR.

    Oh wait, sounds just like the story from Pathfinder less the technology and spine injury . Good job


  • Dumbo

    Ah Manifest Destiny …….. in living color!

  • Dead Ed™

    Conservatives may not live in huts or caves like Al Gore suggests, and use one piece of toilet paper like Sheryl Crow suggests (someone should make a remake of one of her songs.
    “All I want to do
    Is hug some trees
    It feels so natural
    To use one sheet of TP”)
    to live up to liberal hype about the environment, but Conservatives sure as hell don’t preach it to for YOU to live that way. Rich liberals sure as hell don’t live that way. But yet, they preach it and ram movies down our throats that costs millions to make, and idiots like people who like THIS movie, fall for their SCAMS all the time, hypnotized by the cartoonish CGIs. Like braindead-Obamabot-zombies… “Yes we can… Yes we can”… “O-ba-ma.. O-ba-ma”… “Si se puede… Si se puede”…
    I have a catchy slogan I learned from Governor Sarah Palin. How ’bout, “Drill, Baby. Drill”
    You’re an idiot if you don’t catch on, because oil is the life’s blood of the United States. If you want to drive a Smart Car, that’s fine if you live in the city. But for farmers who stock up for a couple of months with their SUVs to grow and provide goods for people who don’t realize how it gets to their stores in the city, a Smart Car would be a “Dumb” Car. And how is a semi truck gonna deliver goods ANYWHERE in a hybrid powered truck? You have have alernatives. in the city to move about. You have public transportation buses and trains. people who make it posible for people in the city to feed their families don’t have that option.
    Your liberal celebreties make it sound like they care about the environment, yet they fly around in GolfStream jets and drive around in SUV limousines and live in lavish housings,
    emitting more carbon dioxide than the average American does in 10 years. They want YOU to care about the environment, but are hypocrite cunts and won’t live the way they want YOU and I to live.

    And no, not all Conservatives listen to country music, are white, and read the bible. I’m a Satanic Hispanic, I listen to Death Metal (Deicide, Morbid Angel, Death, Obituary, etc.), and Black Metal (Burzum, Immortal, Emperor, DarkThrone, etc.). Which shows just how IGNORANT and a BIGOT you are with stereotyping Conservatives.

    The only thing I have in common with Christian Conservatives is Christians believe that Satan exist and Satanists believe Jesus exist. You can’t have one without the other.

    Also we believe in the 2nd Ammendment.
    This is what anti-gun liberals don’t understand:
    Criminals don’t buy their assault weapons. Criminals don’t buy guns legally to begin with. The idea of having you not being able to acquire them at all is pretty desirable to a criminal. As a matter of fact, they’d like you not to have a handgun, or a shotgun, or any gun of any kind. The idea of what is right in this country has been fundamentally manipulated by the left, which seems to be the ENTIRE Democratic Party at this point.

    • Steve

      It is Gulfstream, asshat.

      • Dead Ed™

        Simple mistake.

        I had a golf game stuck in my head that I keep kicking myself over.

        3rd and 4th hole were birdies off the drive and I missed the putt twice.


        • Joe H

          Maybe you should have prayed to Jesus for the one putt not two. Satanic Hispanic. Now thats funny. Santa Maria!!

    • Joe H

      I have to say Ed, you are spot on with the Obama thing.

    • Ed’s Dead

      Liberals preach at people to live a certain way when your lifestyle affects others.

      Conservatives meanwhile just preach at you to live your lifestyle a certain way when it doesn’t affect them.

      If your lifestyle has repercussions on the wider society or the planet, then Conservatives don’t think anyone has the right to preach about it. But if you want to marry, fuck, socialise with, worship other deities, not worship other deities, or any other individual activity with no impact on anyone other than yourself then won’t somebody please think of the children, and time for government interference.

      A great cartoon I saw sums it up. Anti-healthcare protester complaining that he doesn’t want government interference in his health care choices. Then points at a woman going into a family planning clinic and declares “I want the government to interfere with HER health care choices”.

      Seems Conservatives have just as big hypocrites as Liberals.

  • Dead Ed™

    Daybreakers is a great allegory for our current socioeconomic situation:

    The plot breaks down like this: a virus has spread turning the majority of the human race into vampires. This leaves the rest to be hunted down so they can be farmed for their blood (which the vampires feed upon for sustenance). The vampires quickly realize if that if they keep up at the pace they are going – they are going to run out of humans to farm and subsequently – blood. So the vampires are struggling to find a synthetic blood alternative before they run out…

    The allegory breaks down like this: The non-vampire humans that are being farmed for their blood are the working class Americans of today. The blood is the money these people earn. The vampires are the “welfare state” that is alive, well, & growing daily. Every day Americans are being bled dry, financially, to sustain someone who cannot sustain for themselves.

    The “welfare state” that exists today cannot be allowed to continue. The concept that a person can earn money for doing absolutely nothing (and in some rare cases earn MORE from doing nothing) is totally absurd and needs to be stopped in order for our country to grow.

    And let me be clear – there is a fine & definite line between charity and being forced to give. Simply because person A exists in this world does not make person B responsible for their well-being. You should give out of the kindness of your heart not because you have a gun held to your head.

  • Pavlina

    This made me LOL, really I LOL IRL :)

  • AVAR

    Highest grossing film of all time?
    Mega win!!

  • cutie teen

    ppls ppls, sorry to inerupt ur beeutiful chat but were gettin way off topic. ya have a pt but avatat was made before Haiti was in turmoil an movie may ‘ve been long but it was bomb, all the computerizing and animation was bomb ! i loved it
    confession, confession , when i went to see it some weirdos started swaying and giggling sayin ewaya ya know avatar god and saying let’s connect and during the mating scenes i saw some guys all in it gosh how gross