Ashley Tisdale’s Desperate Cry For Attention

Ashley Tisdale

Disney star Ashley Tisdale took to her Twitter account to post the above slutty picture, in what can only be taken as a desperate cry for attention. Clearly Ashley Tisdale’s career in Hollywood has stalled, and she is looking to drum up some attention (the only way infidel women know how) by prostituting her body.

Unfortunately for Ashley she looks just like the thousands of other bleached blonde whores that infest Hollywood, looking to sell themselves for fame and fortune. If Ashley Tisdale really wants to stand out, then instead of taking slutty pics in short dresses, she should photograph her self in a burka serving figs to a virile Muslim man. Now that would certainly turn some heads!

  • annii

    lol we all know she LOVES the attention and she is always calling the papzz… because she has no work, and she is a disney girl forever!

  • Anubis

    Ashley’s desperate attempt for more notoriety hasn’t been fairing well. As you can see only one comment before me on this holy site about this slutty photo exposing most of her tits. When she gets more starved for attention, she will need to step it up and post much more provocative pictures on her “Twit” account. Possibly pulling her dress down enough to expose some hard erect nips, and/or pulling her dress up to expose her wet shaved snatch. A photo of her fingering it and her anus too would do it for sure.

    Upon see it Hollywood Disney executives will then take more notice of Ashley (first by self gratifying themselves), then maybe put her in more slutty music videos like they do for the talentless lesboqueer Selena Homez.

  • Strang

    You mean that’s not Courtney Stodden?

  • blah

    i would pay US 100mil. just to fuck her =)