Ashley Tisdale Thong Bikini Pic

Ashley Tisdale bikini thong

Former Disney star and current butterface Ashley Tisdale shows off her ass in the thong bikini pic above.

If ever there was an infidel woman that would benefit from the niqab (veil) it would be Ashley Tisdale, as she has the face of a smarmy Jew, but the tight body of ditch digging Muslim woman.

However, even if Ashley Tisdale wore the niqab us Muslim men would still not lay with her as she was a former Disney child star, so she can not help but constantly prostitute her shameful body for attention.

  • Big Pete

    This Ashley has already committed her mind and body to The Klan. This should come as no surprise. Ashleys blonde hair and blue eyes make her a clear member of the aryan race, which forces men and women to hate nigs, spics, jews, homos, and every last dirty muslim on earth.

    No doubt that Ash drowned many a darkie and/or muslim in the ocean while on vacation.

    Ash is doing great work and making us aryans proud!


    • The Real Huge Cock Habib

      I’m sure you will be happy to know Ashley sucked off a black and a jew in order to jumpstart her career. They both came in her mouth. At the same time.

      • Big Pete

        Homo Habib

        I can’t believe you would speak of your daughter, Ashley, that way. I have no doubt that she loves the nasty black garden snake and the tiny jew pecker, but I didn’t know you had to suck off one of each to become a jihadist. I suppose I should have known after figuring out the propensity of muslims have for different flavors of cock, I just didn’t think you would bring your slutty female relatives in to cock sucking as well.

    • Tyrone shoelaces

      Little dick pete.
      Shut up yous redneck tabbaco chewin homo. First yous not in da kkk-y being homo dem crossdressers would kill you .two.Dat bitch not kkk-y style she is not fat remember da at least 250Lbs.Rule and she has teeth she does not has a big floopy pussy lips stinkin pussy dats all hairy or a big smelly pimple and hair covered sweaty ass and a face dat looks like it went 12 rounds wit Ali cause we no you rednecks beat yous women except yous little pete yous beat your boyfriends and not just his meat.

      • Big Pete

        Dammit. I’m going to have to hire a dumb google to translate that garbage. Finding a coon that can read will be difficult.

        Rest assured he or she will be hanged when their duty is done.


  • Big Pete I Fucked Your Mom Last Night

    You are a self-sentered ARSE-hole who really has no fucking dick and is a laidy.

    • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

      Dumb Tiny Pete,

      “Self-centered”, you moron; it comes from “center”. Something is going wrong with this holy site because it is working like a magnet for all kind of kafir garbage.

      I advise brother Durka Durka to organize a meeting of wise pious Muslims in order to address this problem before if turns irreversibly contaminated by all this infidel manure.

      Allahu Akbar

    • Big Pete

      Dumb mofo

      Wow. I’m “self-
      sentered,” have no dick AND am a “laidy?”

      Powerful stuff. Powerful stuff.

  • NotGay

    I’ve seen better

    • Word of wisdom

      I’m sure it was on a 50yo male trucker and full of hair ?

  • Tyrone shoelaces

    Bitch looks like she needs ta wash dat stinkin ass.Pete we all nos yous homo but go up ta dis bitch and sniffs her ass let us no if it’s stinkin.

  • Larry (open season on muslims in 2013)

    Big Pete and Tyronne. Lets concentrate on the real enemies. Remember they wear rags on their heads and think Allah is great. As soon as they muslim world is destroyed, then you can turn on each other. And who knows if that is indeed Ashley Tisdale.

    • Word of wisdom

      “And who knows if that is indeed Ashley Tisdale”

      Of course it is her : can’t you see her “death to all gentiles” tatoo on the left side of her back?

  • ObserversDickisaFatwa

    Beautiful ass for a cartoon girl….

  • The Real Huge Cock Habib

    i want to get all up in there and tongue that hole


    how do u that girl in the photo is Ashley Tisdale??? this ppl who run this idiot, fucking piece of shit website, dont have other things 2 do then do. GET AND LIFE

    • Kahlid

      Just as you have a life, Hong the Homoqueer, commenting on each and every post on this most Holy website.

      I long for the day when Islam rules all nations. We will track you down and crush your slant eyed zipperhead with an asteroid we call to Earth with supplications to Allah.

  • kale211


  • shadow

    wish there was more…