Ashley Tisdale Epic Sideboob Pic

Ashley Tisdale sideboob

Former Disney star Ashley Tisdale shows an epic amount of sideboob in the photo above.

Ashley Tisdale’s career continues its downward spiral as she is constantly overshadowed by the new generation of sluts coming out of Nickelodeon like Victoria Justice, Ariana Grande, and Jennette McCurdy.

In response Ashley has upped her slut game by posing for ever more provocative pictures, with the sideboob pic above being the latest. However, this picture is certainly too little too late for Ashley Tisdale as she has all but lost the spotlight. I’m afraid only a hardcore ass gaping photo can save her career now.

  • Bashiri al-Saud

    Maybe its an alright pic her tits are a lil small for us Muslims. My daughter liked her in that musical but she was second fiddle to that wetback. Durka is right only an ass invading jew produced porno will save whats left of her pathetic so called career. She played a prostitute on a biker show on tv, so maybe she is headed in the right direction

    • Anubis

      Wise words brother Bashiri. Indeed, flaunting of her seductive bare legs, ass cheeks and a side view of her left small titty just doesn’t have much of an impact any longer in our decadent society. She will soon learn that she really needs to up the ante to compete with Hollywood sluts who already spread eagle displaying their disgustingly shaven stink holes, buttocks and milk jugs.

      If this former Disney skank would forsake her heathen depravity, turn to Islam and don the burka, the blessing of Islam may reward her. All these depraved western sluts are secretly lusting for Muslim man tools to bless them with our powerful seed, but many are too degenerate to be considered with such reward.

      Rest assured my Islamic brethren, that brother Durka Durka will continue to give us further developments on Ashley and other slutty harlots in the upcoming new year.

      • Biebs

        I most certainly would do her. Yo, Ashley! Yo!

      • Ahmadi

        She’s not as appealing as my middle daughter, but I bet her pussy is much tighter.

        • ObserversDickIsAFatwa

          Brother Ahmadi…..turns out….you are incorrect….

      • Imam Khalid

        Forgive me, my Brothers in Islam, but I was utterly shocked by this post!

        Shocked that anyone still remembered this flash in the pan trollop. No matter how hard she endeavored, the snooze button on her 15 minutes refused to respond.

        She’s peddling her flesh on her own now that she has ‘aged out’ of the disgustingly legal system of Jewish exploitation of children in the Great Satan.

        Tisdale has sadly learned well the tricks of the Satanic Jews in Hollywood and is vainly trying to defibrillate her already flat lined career.

        Another otherwise serviceable and potential Musmlinah destroyed. What a pity.

  • aziki

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  • Zohair – The Good One

    Somebody inform this infidel that her Burka is torn….and her mammary glands are showing !

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    This infidel looks as if she might be able to roast a goat or dig a well and she does seem to favour sand.

    I am willing to trry her out as a labor slave at my vacation tent in Yemen and perhaps later move her to Oasis maintenance back in Tikrit.

    However, if she tries to make a lesboqueer move on the Harem concubines…its the stones, followed by eternity in hell.


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  • The Game

    Ashley runs a production company, Blondie Girl Productions. She doesn’t need to be in the spotlight to be making more money then most of you will ever dream of.

    • Abdul Rasul

      The gay

      Ashley is a young harlot who can only dream about the money we Muslims make off you stupid Americans. In my country she would be stoned and you would take an RPG up the ass.

      • Captain Caucasian


        Of course you guys make money off us Americans, everybody needs to go to a 7-11 or take a cab once in a while.

      • The Game

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  • Alissa DiCarlo

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    • Assad

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  • Alissa DiCarlo

    Less than 4 hours to go in 2012!!! Wooooohoooo!!!!!!

  • Umar the Brown

    “Epic” cannot be accurately used to describe those pitiful tiny ta-tas.

  • ivanhoe powell

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    • Tariq Aziz

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  • Emile

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  • Khalil ebne Jafar

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  • Infidel from USA

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