Ashley Greene Naked Pictures Leaked

Ashley Greene

Ashley Greene’s naked pictures have leaked on the Internet. In case you aren’t a prepubescent girl Ashley Greene is one of the stars from the movie “Twilight”. Why these young starlets keep taking nude photos of themselves is beyond me. I can only assume that they are trying to impress me.

I must say of all the leaked naked pictures I’ve seen Ashley Greene’s are some of the best. It looks like she used a real camera instead of a cell phone, and she made sure to take a nice shot of the vag. Every young actress should put this much care into their nude pictures.

***Update*** Ashley Greene’s lawyers have “asked” us to remove her pictures. But never fear. We have found topless pics of that other girl from “Twilight”, and she is much hotter than Ashley.


Ashley Greene Ashley Greene Ashley Greene
Ashley Greene Ashley Greene Ashley Greene

  • audrey

    oh ashley :(

    atleast she looks hot!

  • Dead Ed

    Now THOSE are nice pics. Let’s hope her hired “thugs” don’t come twisting your arm to take them down, eh, Durka Durka… :)

    • Oh they will. But first they’ll milk the exposure. Then her lawyers will complain. It’s the circle of life. So enjoy them while they last.

      • Nik

        This is teh interwebs. There is no such thing as “while they last”. :)

  • Johanna Cullen

    Várias atrizes e artistas já passaram por isso e por coisa pior. Não se sabe a origem nem a veracidade das imagens, o que se sabe é que publicar esse tipo de material tem única e exclusivamente a intenção de prejudicar não só a atriz como a pessoa Ashley Greene. Isso é baixo, invade a privacidade da pessoa e a expõe de modo cruel diante da sociedade que sem dúvida vai usar de toda hipocrisia para julgar e condenar a moça.Ashley Greene, que sempre foi a pessoa mais doce de todo elenco com os fãs, sempre se mostrou preocupada com causas nobres, organizou e participou de campanhas beneficentes e como todo ser humano, tem direito de errar, sobretudo quando jovem.

    • Vini

      Ah vai peida, nossa q comentario ridiculo o teu
      Ela eh safadona sim XD
      ngm fik tirando foto de si pelado e guardando por ai
      e se nao for safada
      burra dela
      q dexo q isso acontecesse

  • a whitey

    sheesh. not bad. not bad at all

  • wow

    Fuck you, durka durka. I’m gonna rape your face.

  • Alejandra

    What was she thinking???
    ugh!! And i liked her too…….i hope they don’t fire her from Twilight!!

  • hanna

    i can’t believe…
    ashley, you are better than it

  • Johnny

    I really want to see anna Kendrick nude.

  • Giselle

    OMG! I mean…those are private stuff! you really shouldn’t have post them! I mean..what kind of freak does that? You reaaally need to find yourself a girl-boy friend man! I’m totally agree with the brazilian girl; what you are doing, showing her pictures, it’s really low and shows what kind of crap you are. It doesn’t matter if she had thaken those, or if she had uploaded them to the internet…
    I really hope you get a phone call from her lawyers!
    ojala te pudras..sos una basura por tipos como vos el mundo esta como esta…pero bueno what can i ask from a kid born in the usa?

    • Smrt

      Yeah I need to get me a ‘girl-boy friend man’ myself…

    • Englezul

      HAHAHA! I find it ridiculously amusing. Stupidity must be taxed. ;). He won’t get a call from her lawyers so you can stop hoping.

    • Haha

      Go easy on her. It’s her first time on internets. Well at least since it’s been on computers anyways.

    • Yabster

      But YOU were on here looking for them, Troll.

  • Desu

    What a dumbass.

  • jadakiss

    props :D

  • zeoreia

    awful body, man. no waist, ugly tits.

  • Nate

    I would tap the shit out of that.

  • ida

    I don’t think she wants everyone to see this picture!!!!
    please delete!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Stan

      I don’t know if she want, But everyone want to see this picture! So please Ashley do it again and again, with more details please and an advice use some toy it’s could be fun!!!

  • englishgirl

    ok someone tell me how are these photos being “leaked”. they are probably using something unsecure like MSN to send these images to others

  • tommy

    you will be sued!!! :O

  • Twinkle85

    Sorry these pics are moochos fake….

  • nep

    Atleast she says no to Bush… :D

  • humpitdead

    1. breasts enhancements cause they look nasty as hell
    2. leave some fur on your pie.. will look better
    3. no way in hell would I ever want to see you naked again/ and or when you actually get a better body.

  • Crystal

    take them down you disrespectful assholes

  • JJ Foley

    Awesome stuff! Keep up the good work!

  • Big daddy

    Very Nice, How much?

  • Ismael

    OMFG! Thank you for that pictures

  • Jason

    She is hotttt hotttt hotttttt! man I hope somemore surface.

  • Tipalm


    Stupid doesn’t deserve respect. It’s a privilege not a right.

  • Jane

    Až zjistím kdo tyhle fotky zveřejnil rozbijumu hubu.. přísahám!! :)

  • Elvis of Dallas (dot) Com

    @Crystal – how do u think the pictures were leaked? She wants the publicity. I’ve never “lost” private pictures and that includes private pictures of the babes kind enough to pose for me. It just doesn’t happen.

  • Alex

    The reason her arms are up in all pics,
    Because her tits dont look good when theyre down.

    Also, wtf is with the boy hips
    Yuckgirl yucks

  • ashley-lover

    this is sad
    i love her

  • not12

    hmm I used to think only the girls that liked twilight were morons.

    Now the ones in it are too. Careful Kristen Stewart, don’t get the dumb!

  • Rafael

    tem que mostrar mesmo!

    o que é bonito tem que ser visto!
    seria egoismo guardar tudo pra ela

    • wow

      I had one of those too, but the wheels feel off.

  • Dead Ed

    Dude, WTF? That ain’t right. This guy’s gay.

  • meow

    FCUCK FUCK FUCK I NEVER GOT TO SEE THEM =/ fuck man im gunna kill myself!

  • danilo

    oh yeah

  • eldiin

    Regardless if it was right or wrong, as long as humans exist, they will always find a way to exploit anything and everything to make money or to lead people to their website/place of business. Celebs, whether they are desperate or not, will continue to “leak” photos out of themselves… people like Miley Cyrus, for example. Celebrities will even PAY paparazzi photographers to take pictures of them “unsuspecting.” One of the biggest and easiest things to do to a Celebs is social engineering (the act of manipulating people into performing actions or divulging confidential information). While at first it may be innocent to take home pictures of movies of your loved one… as soon as you post them for the whole world to see, you just entered the realm of Social Engineering and now are a fraud. Fraud is an intentional deception made for personal gain or to damage another individual. Paris Hilton anyone? Though I think the way it came out turned it into more of a publicity stunt, then what it was meant to do… exploit her. Most common type of fraud is with money. Do the people who do this care about what other people think or feel? No. We do not have the right to invade other people’s privacy regardless of stature, unless done within and for law enforcement purposes. Just because one becomes famous, does not mean they lose all privileges of having a private life. Just because people engage in acts of stupidity still does not mean we have a right to exploit that. The law is here for a reason, even if our rights are dwindling piece by piece day by day.

  • Ronan Ferraz


  • Prodomus


  • meow

    im so pissed I wanna see this pics ugh!

    • IamLegend

      U didn’t miss much…ashleys figure is 33-34-38 kinda like the pyramids

  • duca


  • sweetabayg

    has some sex scandals of the rich & famous

  • Rafael

    Fuck you Ashley
    Seus viados otarios
    I’m from Brazil

  • Edmort

    muito bom

  • Lucas

    kk, unless i laught

  • Andre Biase

    I like to see more pictures, cause I’m curious..