Ashley Greene Bikini Pictures

Ashley Greene

Ashley Greene has made a name for herself by being the 2nd hottest chick (behind Robert Pattinson) in the Twilight movie series.

However, now Ashley is making a move to be considered a true sex symbol the only way a weak-minded female like herself knows how, by posing for pictures nearly naked.

Girls like Ashley Greene are indicative of what is wrong with Western society. Instead of learning useful skills like plowing, machine repair, or anal to increase their sexiness they resort to the base act of exposing their bodies to the world.

Yes these pictures of Ashley Greene in a bikini are nothing but another sad attempt by a desperate wannabe Hollywood whore. If you are reading this Ashley please put on a burqa and pick up a plow, at the very least the exercise will help plump that pancake ass of yours. Allahu Akbar!


Ashley Greene Ashley Greene Ashley Greene Ashley Greene


    How dare she? This whore should be stoned for her lecherous ways. Does she not know that a woman is to be covered at all times? The only reason a woman’s eyes are to be uncovered is so she can always marvel and respect the glory of her husband and so her dumbass don’t walk into a pole. Ashley Greene, it is no wonder you aren’t married! You have no respect for men, especially your father. He must be a weak man to let you walk around like that! If you were my daughter I would cut the word “WHORE” on your stomach so you would always keep yourself covered. Praise be to Allah! Allahu Akbar!!!

    • simisola

      look u are a muslim or what religon u are. dont call her a whore just coz she wore a bikini….. and she is not a muslim ok i understand u perfectly but dont critisize her,,, if she dressed like pamala anderson ,i would be on ur side ,she is going swimming , no need 2 call her a whore that is rong completely, she is not a muslim and by the way she has a boyfreind ,u dont know anything about her and u call he a whore just coz u see her in a bikini !!! y would u say that!! :/
      And u have no right 2 call her a whore !

  • Dar al-Harb

    In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful, Assalaamu `alaykum waRahmatullahi Wabarakatoh. I am sooooo tired of seeing these prostitutes allowing themselves to be eye raped by unlimited men! Even pious Muslim men like myself can not help but day dream about the intercourse with these sluts and this can only unleash a host of attractions towards them and their succulent vaginas! And as we know, day dreaming of all evil and immoral acts is haram! This is precisely why the Sharia has prescribed it proper for the womans to cover themselves! As such womans who fail to cover properly, much less go in public without a mahram (male relative escort), should be punished! Lest the honor of their family be stained by their immorality! And truly, Allah knows best! Allahu Akbar!

  • TTT

    FUCK HIM!!!!!

  • cosmicslop

    She is very sexy.

  • TheExternalInternal

    my future wife :)

  • M

    She is looking pretty moist in a few of those pictures.

  • M

    Look at her grip on that pool rail in pic#4. Sorry to say that might be ‘man hands’ !!


    so fucking hot

  • wo-men911

    I’ll bet after this website is updated with all these sexy women; at the end of the day you’ve exhausted both hands!

  • buttheadbieber

    Pic of bieber in purple looks as he wished he had two holes to pick him up like a 6pk.

    • Shana

      Ashley Green is beautiful, women in America and any other countries are FREE to wear anything they want just because these towel HEADS think she is a whore why are they looking, OH and if Ala is like My God He wouldnt be to pleased with these men or boys

      • Panik

        Hello sweetheart, it‘s me again, you know who this is, the guy you see in drames every night, I have seen a very seductive Sorbet Boutique satin and lace basque, in red & black in a catalogue I shop from, I want to see you in it if possible, can I buy it for you?, you will look spectacular in it