Ariana Grande Topless Pic Leaked

Ariana Grande topless

Ariana Grande’s Twitter account was reportedly hacked and an alleged topless photo of the teen Nickelodeon star in the shower was leaked.

Scientists at Celeb Jihad labs in Tehran took turns thoroughly examining this photo in the bathroom, and came to the unanimous conclusion that this is an authentic picture of Ariana Grande topless in the shower.

The scientists will be publishing a report with “The Center For Celebrity Nudity” in Damascus, citing their findings that the woman in the photo looks just like Ariana Grande, and is pinching her nipples just like a horny slut like Ariana would do.

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    • M. Zuckerberg

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      • The Guy with the EyE

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        • Arcachnar

          12? Ariana is eighteen.

          • Arcachnar

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          • The West Is The Best


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          • The West Is The Best

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      • ObserversDickisaFatwa

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      • HurrrkaDurrrka

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      • sirsir

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    • Amanda

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        • Amanda


        • Bob

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      • Kahlid

        None of the pictures on this site are fake.

        They are all certified as 100% real by Imam Faisal in Tehran, Iran who is an expert in celebrity photo analysis.

        Anyone who questions their authenticity are hell bound pedo-queer feces-eaters.

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        • Bob

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  • The Guy with the EyE


  • bin-jamin

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  • The Real Prophet

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  • Einsam

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    • Arcachnar

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        • Arcachnar

          @Pete Hahaha. The Brotherhood can’t do a thing, only burning crosses, wearing those costumes or terrorize minorities in the South. Just a bunch of middle aged Nazi wannabees, but too powerless and clueless to come even close to the actual Nazis of WWW in Germany.

          All guilty? Are you THAT ignorant? No. They are not. The most countries have condemned the attacks on 9/11 et al.

          There is ONLY a GROUP who interpret the Qur’an as THE right to kill and maim non-believers.

          Getting the Oil? No. You really don’t get it, are not you? The US government don’t do this because of moral and politically reasons.

          Show some respect to other religions, even if you don’t understand them.

          • Grand Dragon Pete

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          • Arcachnar

            @Pete Hahaha. Wow. You’re delusional again. The Brotherhood is nothing compared to the Nazis in the WWII. When will you EVER realize that? Probably not. The KKK is just a bunch of wannabees with no true power than burning crosses, terrorize the locals in the South and parade in costumes. Yes. The KKK is labeled as a terrorist group.

            Are you really THAT dumb and ignorant? IF you had any common sense and an useful brain then you would have known that (like I said before) ONLY a GROUP has done the bloodsheds in Allah’s name and interpret the Qur’an as the right to kill and maim non-believers or other things. NOT ALL the Muslims.

            Go and read the Qur’an for a chance, perhaps you will realize that the Islam is a peaceful religion.

            Taking oil? Not likely.

        • Grand Dragon Pete’s Mom

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  • Arapaho Native

    Jews are evil minded deviants that are obsessed with themselves and take everything personal. There’s a reason why Hitler got the idea of genocide. Israel is a bad ally of the US, taking hundreds of billions of dollars from the US and not giving anything back, then lie straight to our faces about their nuclear weapons. Pathetic.

    • The West Is The Best


      Native Americans are just plain evil and they are smelly bastards.

      • Arapaho Native

        The west is obviously not the best
        Hello, illiterate idiot. Nice example of why white people are ignorant and idiotic. Now, go back to your pathetic life, the adults are arguing.

        • The west is the Best


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          • Arapaho Native

            The west is retarded

            I see that you’re still rambling about stupid, stereotypical insults that make you look mentally weak and stupidly ignorant. I have some advice for you, get off the internet and stop boring everybody, who clearly have nothing interesting to say and you sound like you have a late homosexual tendencies. I don’t drink, but it’s sounds like you’re the one drunk, but your stupidity could be mistaken for inebriation, but we’ll never know, because you’re a idiotic liar. Have fun with your pathetic life.

          • RichAndHumored

            You know what is funny? THIS guy must be a oakie from the “West”. Let’s not forget the West is WHERE the native tribes reside (Cali/OR) so this honky lives in a ghetto small town, where I have seen a lot of the lower class tribes. Still have love for them.
            But, those small tribes — only in hick towns, the ones with 6 story Casinos and higher?? Where the real winners are and far from Hicksville towns; Because listen to yourself bitter white boy, I make 20k a month – that’s just per capita – so you can ramble on all you want — but it speaks for itself if you know your own country’s geography. We laugh at you all the time. How funny, we see white hillbilly’s methed out as fuck sit on one machine for 7hrs straight and feed our machines all day and night. White people really are the worst and most sad.. not only are they so stupid, they are dwindling in numbers by the day and losing more than just their teeth and dignity in time. What a joke you guys really are. — The rich laughing native

          • doughrackz

            dude, you must be a honky, straight up. “RichAndHumored” is right. I am in cali (the best of west, taintlick) and the native americans are rich as fuck!! they make bank. one of my best friends is tribal and he racks in so much money per year. off of white morons just like what richandhumored says, you white morons feed the machines and your meth headed asses all day long. good thing i am a smart white and do not discriminate against anyone besides my fellow. only b/c i know so many ignorant morons. white man was a fucked up piece of shit to attempt to steal land back in the day. NATIVE AMERICAN is their identity for a fucking reason, they WERE NATIVES OF THIS COUNTRY. the country belongs to them and it shows when they make bank off of their Casinos and own their OWN sovereign land. they are well warranted to have it all, too. i respect them so much. i am an unofficial member to the tribe that takes care of me. i respect, love and appreciate the native americans. i respect THEIR LAND. bye haters, no comments can rebuttal or take away the truth.

    • Moishe Goldberg

      Dumbass Indian,

      Why can’t you just learn your place in this world and act accordingly? You buffalo fucking teepee dwellers are at the bottom of the human pyramid. No Indian — past or present — has contributed anything of note to human civilization. You primitive retards were 3,000 years behind Jews before we introduced you to modern civilization. You are inferior. You are worthless. You mean nothing to planet earth. If all of you disappeared tomorrow no one would notice. That is how little of an impact you have made towards the advancement of mankind. Just admit this fact, deal with it, and shut the fuck up. Quit being so bitter, insecure, and resentful of us. I know it pains you to acknowledge our superiority but it’s the only rational thing to do. So do it.

      Jews disproportionately dominate the world. Our small ethnic group has made more contributions in just the last 150 years than the entire collective of you pathetic Amerindians have in your whole history. You people are simply not on our level. You are so far below us — below everyone — that I can’t believe I am even wasting my time setting you straight. No one respect your kind. No one even thinks about you. That is how irrelevant you people are. Just be happy that you have access to all of the modern amenities which Jews bestowed upon you. Without them you would not live much different than animals. So how about a little thanks for taking you out of the stone age.

      America benefits from Jews. Jews were/are behind most of America’s innovations, corporations, scientific discoveries, academic research, art, and entertainment. America ought to reimburse Israel simply for all Jews have done in helping America become a world power. Jews made America. Funding Israel (and USA also funds Palestine and pretty much every other country too) is the least America should do to show gratitude for all of the profits it has reaped from Jewish ingenuity.

      • Arapaho Native

        Ha ha, now that’s funny. Well, for one, Native Americans no longer living in tee pees, idiot, it seems your rather poorly made brain is stuck in the 14th century. Jews are below the shot under my feet, you useless sub-human. America gets no benefits from disgusting creatures called Jews. The US government gives hundreds of billions to Israel and Israel gives nothing, NOTHING back, and did you forget the huge amount of support the Jews received from several countries, most notably from the US and Britain, and without the help from others, isreal would never have been formed. Jews are not responsible for any significant inventions and the overall percentage of the total inventions that benefit the modern world is 0.4%. Please, go right ahead and look up these statistics. And American was already the leading country after world war 2, so that’s blows your idiot assumption away, you dumb shit. So the moral here is that Isracreated from the pity of superior countries and the stubborn stupidity that you call bravery. Now, fuck off, Jew boy, I’ve heard better words coming out of a 4th grader.

        • The Lonely Stoner

          sorry, dude, but I agree with arapaho. Indians don’t live in teepees anymore and Jews do not contribute much to the modern world. and all the things you juss said sounds made up. Peace out, man.

          • Arapaho Native

            Israel is a evil state, and evil states, like evil people, do not last forever….and Israel is no exception.

          • President Obama

            Yes. And that is precisely why I will raise the taxes on you Rich Jewish Scumbags after I’m Reelected.

          • jack

            israelis teach their army ju-jitsu

        • Moishe Goldberg

          The only reason Indians don’t live in teepees anymore is because we showed you retards that there was such a thing as a house with electricity and indoor plumbing. 14th century? Try early 20th century!!! That’s how late you inferior morons were living in tents made out of animal hide. Without Jews diffusing our innovations toward you primitive savages you would still be part of an archaic culture

          Jews are not responsible for any significant inventions? Are you fucking stupid? Wait, what am I talking about, of course you are, you’re an Amerindian. While average Jewish IQ is 115 — the highest in the world — average Native American IQ is 83 — even lower than blacks! You are officially the dumbest race on earth. Congratulations! Do you know how worthless you are?

          Jews invented the internet! You know, that little device you’re on right now! Jews have poured billions into the American economy… perhaps trillions. America’s banking and entertainment industry were both founded by Jews. Jews are only 2% of the American population yet account for 40% of all American billionaires and 25% of its Ivy League university professors and students. Jews are overrepresented in Nobel Prize winners, Fields Medal winners, and Pulitzer Prize winners too.

          Why can’t you just put your misplaced pride aside and admit the Jews are superior to your pathetic race?

          • Arapaho Native

            Another failed attempt to convince people that Jews are superior. But now it’s getting depressing. It wasn’t early 20th century, dumb ass, on the reservations there were already houses by that time and Jews had nothing to do with that, idiot. The internet was commissioned by the US Goverment and Jews had nearly nothing to do with the invention. The average IQ for a filthy Jew is actually 107, but I see you went for the maximum IQ for these creatures, which just shows your desperation and panic. The truth is that Jews are a inferior race that makes enemies everywhere and are as impressive as a life form as a cock roach. As for the rest of your made up percentages, there’s all off 40%. Meaning all you percentages are nearly half as much as you say. Sorry, but I research things before I talk, now, I believe you have homework to do. Because I know you’re a teenager, your information is everywhere on the Internet. Good luck making up statistics, you loser Jew.

          • Anti Jew guy

            Give em hell injun! You tell that pig what’s what
            Sincerely, everyone with a brain.

          • The Lonely Stone

            seriously dude, stop. You’re juss embarrassing yourself now. Man I know those things are mess up and by messed up I mean made up. Dude cmon

          • Moishe Goldberg

            Jews invented the internet protocol you dumbass. Go research Vint Cerf and Bob Kahn.

            Jewish IQ is indeed 115. It is the highest in the world. Next comes the Germans, Japanese, Dutch, Poles, Koreans, Swedes, Italians, Chinese etc. You Injuns are FAR down the list.

            Oh wow, you mean to tell me Injuns weren’t living in teepees in the 20th century? How advanced! Ahahaha. Well you were sure as hell living in them in the 19th century. So you’re not exactly helping your case by pushing the date back a mere few decades. Point is you are primitive morons who have only been able to experience modernity because Jews showed it to you.

            If you love doing research why don’t you go research the number of prominent Jewish millionaires, billionaires, scientists, artists, inventors, entertainers, businessmen and academics. Now go research the puny number of prominent Native Americans in those fields. Compare the two. Do tell me which list is longer. Never-mind, we all know the answer. Even you know the answer.

            Jews are self-made, productive people who have made great contributions to the advancement of humanity. Injuns are backward subhumans who never made it past the stone age. Even today the only reason why you survive is due to government handouts, charities, quota benefits, and other forms of white guilt.

            It is well apparent that you are just a bitter insecure loser who hates on Jews because our sheer existence reminds you of your own inferiority. You hate to see us succeed so much because your own people fail so much. But that’s just the way the world is. We evolved to be superior. You evolved to be inferior. Deal with it.

          • Arapaho Native

            Ah, more pathetic ramblings from the primitive mind that is Jew boy. I still proved your pathetic being incorrect, indians did not live in tee pees in the 20th century and the internet was already created by americans before the protocol was made, so the internet was not made by jews and I once again prove you wrong. And it appears you don’t know the definition of ”nearly”, but then again I don’t expect much intelligence from a sad creature such as yourself. Tell me, does more wealth mean superior intellect? Well, by that logic, I guess the smartest race are Mexicans, because the worlds richest man is Carlos Slim Helu, who is mexican. But of course mexicans are not the superior race when it comes to intellect, so once again I have torn apart your ignorant statements again. Just admit that you are just another delusional idiot trying to make up for your pitiful existence. I actually feel pity for you. Now your boring, made up reply would be?

          • Anti jew dude

            I would expect Arcachnar would get in on this argument but maybe he has better things to do then to defend his country from zionist pigs. BURN IN HELL JEWS!!

          • Habib the conquer

            All muslim brothers attack the filthy jew that is Goldberg! We must strangle them like the old days! To the jihad armory!

          • Arcachnar

            @Goldberg Are we making up things again about your pitiful race? Your race haven’t contributed that much to the world. Other civilizations (Mesopotamia, Egypt, China, Greece, Italy, England, Aztecs, Maya culture) have done greater contributions to the civilized world than the Jews.

            The only reason that Israel exist is that the British government felt sorry for you lot and GAVE a piece of land. NOT because of you ‘helped’. You only getting money and such, because you emotional blackmail other countries to get what you want.

            Everyone is losing their patience. Including Turkey who was one of the allies. Not any more. Not only you bully the Palestinian people and treating them as second rate citizend, but you will bring the world peace in danger with your childish arrogance as well.

          • Arcachnar

            Edit: Seriously, the Jews have NOT contributed the actual inventions that were significant for the civilized world. The computer (that you used to steal….I mean help to make the internet) was thought out by the Moors and the Greeks. A German was one of the first who made a primitive computer. No. He wasn’t a Jew, because he worked for the Nazi government later on. Others who worked on it to make it better weren’t Jews as well. Only one.

            While you nagging to Arapho about electricity and indoor plumbing, you should know that was not even invented by the Jews as well.

            Not only you did NOT invented the arts, entertainment business and banks, but money, cars, compass, ships, tanks, clock, bridges, light houses, radio, television, mining, rockets, fire work, flame throwers, hand guns, artillery, submarines, poetry, writing, paper, etc. Not even the calendar.

            Like I said, the most were invented by the people of Mesopotamia, China, Aztecs, Maya, Egyptians, Greeks, British, Germans et al. You know this.

        • Grand Dragon Pete

          Idiot injun

          You mofos don’t live in tepees anymore because our government gives you mofos land and money to build houses and gloryholes. Your shitty casinos are going down hill fast and you fags don’t know what to do but suck cock for money.

          You ugly red homos have what you have because of the white man…….and we can giveth and taketh away…..and I vote for the lattter. You injuns will get down on your knees (as usual) and beg us aryans for assistance….and we’ll give it to you……after banging the shit out of every woman in your tribes.

          Also, Geronimo was a big queer who got pouded in the brown-eye often.

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          • Arapaho Native

            Ha, please, you loser. Indians don’t have crappy casinos, dumb shit. They makes so much money that they give at least ten grand to each tribe member after they become a adult. If anything, they casinos are going uphill due to the increased value of each annual income, but I wouldn’t expect a loser redneck to know that. And Native Americans have a reputations for not being homosexual, but your european ancestors have a history of homosexuality. So get your facts straight, idiot, before you attempt another homoerotic insult, which just proves your insecurities and fear of homos, possibly because you’re a closet case redneck who wishes he was Aryan, but really is just white trash.

            Fuck off, loser.

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          • Abdullah The Butcher


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  • Moishe Goldberg

    Israel Is the best and strongest country in the modern world. Arapaho is just stating a bunch of dum lies. Can’t tell me different, I know the truth and so doe you. That Jews are the best civilization.

    • Why I hate Jews

      1. The curly hair
      Nobody appreciates curly hair or “Jew Fro” as it has come to be known. For example, what other race has curly hair and had a few bad years and clashes with authority. Hmmm, let me think. Wait, I remember! The googles! The point is, that curly hair can be frightening. But it’s not just curly, it’s greasy and twisting and dark. It’s like those freaking Tribbles off Star Trek emerged from the heads of Jews originally as lice and mutated into super-breeding fluffy-cuddly softballs. No wonder that the Jew does all they can to egg the Google on against the white man.

      2. Noses
      Not so much a nose as it is an enormous cliff that hangs on the face of everyone who worships on Saturday. Accidental or not, it is a force to be reckoned with and must be stopped…or at least surgically altered on a worldwide basis to agree with my image of how people should look.

      3. Greed
      What I am about to say is a
      deep, dark, commonly known truth. Never show or bring money close to a jew. Money corrupts the jews mind. It is like a weed. They are hooked and will commit crimes to get it. No morals. Just freaking look up the top richest men in the world, they’ll be either Jews or friends of Jews. You ever seen a poor Jewish farmer or factory worker? No? But you have seen plenty Jewish bankers and politicians and directors, haven’t you! Just do what the Byzantine Empire did and don’t let them into business or politics… or religion… freaking Talmud calling for the murder of all Gentiles! Look it up, morons! They’re the spawn of Satan! As they have destroyed Palestinian homes, thinking the land is theirs, how much land do you wanna get moron!? it’s Their land! it’s just the brutal history of jews repeated.

      4. Circumcisions
      A medical procedure used as an excuse for Rabbis to mutilate and violate innocent little Jewish babies. Perhaps the conscience lies in the foreskin? That would explain why they whip it off! The mind of a circumcised Jew is as follows “Kill, kill, kill! Steal, steal, steal! Fornicate! Slack-off! Pillage! Pervert! Death, death, death! Sarah Silverman! Woot!

      5. Woody Allen
      Enough said

      6. Their gay language
      הז רמאמ ארונ
      Hmm, what the fuck is that anyway? I know I saw that on that Roswell saucer.

      7. Hannukah (however the fuck it’s spelled)
      Just celebrate Chrismas or Festivus like everybody else. Or Kwanzaa. Yeah, celebrate Kwaanza. Assholes. Googles realized they had no culture of their own, so they invented some, but it still sucks ass. What, offended at the N word? Then Why Are You On This Website When You Know We’Ll Use It, You Fucking Jewish Google Faggot Retard!

      8. Sasquatch
      For centuries this hairy abomination has been terrorizing residents of the pacific northwest. Forcing his religious doctrine on others and then eating them.

      9. Star of David
      The Star of David was developed by Jewish scientists to be used by Jewish ninjas, or “Ninjews”.

      10. Synagogues
      Ever hear of the synagogue of God? Jesus? Vishnu? No, but you have heard of the Synagogue of Satan! I’ve made my point, Jews have devil horns and worship Satan!

      • Moses defeats Mohammed

        Jewish people do not worship the Devil. I am not sure why the Bible would call a synagogue a place of the Devil though. Which makes no sense, I have heard of a Church of Satan though and Satanism. Jews don’t have the horns of a goat on their heads. You are sadly mistaken. Another lie you are telling everyone here is that Jews are ninjas? What? Laughing my ass off at how stupid you sound. Jews don’t provoke black people to anger against white people, that’s a another lie my brother in the Lord. Femeanists are the spawn of Belial not the Jews. You’re obviously a very ignorant person who is uneducated and really doesn’t know what you are talking about.

      • TROLLKILLER101


  • Thebosskid

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