Ariana Grande Performs Muslim Mating Dance

Ariana Grande dance

Desperate to breed with a Muslim man, Nickelodeon star Ariana Grande has learned the Muslim mating dance known as “The Dance of the Silly Arms”.

This erotic flailing of the arms with mouth agape is one of the most sensual dance moves a woman can perform, and it understandably gets us virile Muslim men quite hot and bothered.

If Ariana Grande continues to perfect our holy Muslim mating rituals, she will soon certainly fulfill her dream of being pounded hard by many powerful Muslim men.

  • Word of wisdom

    Still, it is urgent for her to get properly cut, if she wants to become a good muslim bride. We expect her to publicly expose her cut clitoris in a dedicated, sealed jar (she can get one in any nearby mosque), with a proper halal certificate from a male relative and an imam.

    Anything less, and she’ll remain on the “stoning list” of many, many pious men who will rightfully keep considering her a promiscuous jezebel.

    • Name

      “her cut clitoris” ??

      Remember the days when your comments had some class? This is sick even by american standards….and yes we all know that you are a white american.

      Get help…SMH

      • Word of wisdom

        Nameless son of too many fathers,
        We usually call the clitoris “the sin bit”, but i guess it is too obscure for the dumb murkin public. Once again, as a dumb people that you are, you are “shocked” by the words, but not by the infamy we want to correct. You are shocked by the word “clitoris”, but yet, you allow your daughters and wives to have one. Where is the infamy ? Where is the scandal ?
        Stupid murkins.
        I can show you a large collection of fatwah and hadith concerning the female excision. It is not a choice, it is a legal obligation. Marvel at the science of islam :

        And for your information, I am certainly not a white american, for sure.

        • Name

          Whether or not Islam practices it is not the issue..the issue is that you dedicated so much effort into detailing such a heinous act.

          It shows that you are deranged.

          Have you ever seen Abdullah describe such a practice so gratuitously?

          That there…is the difference…get it?

          • Ariq Hassan

            Listen, you cunt. Women are nothing but creatures placed here on Earth by Allah (SWT) for our use and enjoyment.

        • ryan

          u poor bastard u have no idea of anything. call me n I’ll eather kick your ass or show u how to talk to ppl u fuckin child melester

          • Habib Hadad

            Ryan the rimmer

            Moron what is a melester?

    • Corey

      I can see why gay men release gerbels up their ass. Its so awesome but I’m really worried. How do I get the dead animal out of me now. It wont come out. Can anyone help me. I’m serious now. I need help. Getting nervous here.

    • muslim hater

      you fucking piece of shit muslims are fucking NOTHING americans and the rest of the good world rules DIE MOTHERFUCKERS PENIS CANCER FACE

  • Dr. Frankenfurter

    She would make a FINE addition to my Collection of Bitchs in the Basment…I Broke Megan Fox this morning

    • Mr Bean Laden

      You work it girl…. I need this buzz…

  • ObserversDickIsAFatwa

    While her dance moves show promise……….she is about 15 years late in her marriage attempt……she will have to settle for my retarded cousin’s third retarded goat…..

  • steven1093

    what makes you think celeberties are only interested in muslim guys

    • Word of wisdom

      All women do.

      • steven1093

        no they don’t

        • Lisa O’Connell

          Muslim men have the biggest cocks, the greatest virility and the scratchiest beards.

          They are the best!!!

          • steven1093

            really cus i’m not muslim and i have a big cock

          • Habib Hadad

            Sucks cock steven

            Your cock is big compared to a chipmonks dick.

  • Zeppelin

    I’m more turned that she’s in a bikini not that she’s is dance. Plus you dumb shits don’t have any mating dance and your probley turned on by the fact that you could see her face. OMA!

    • Zeppelin

      This is Also from that show victorius agian it’s from along time ago and you need to keep up with times.

      • The Observer

        I’ve observed that people who admit to watching kids shows are closet pedos and definitely big time homoqueers.

        Your posts further solidify support for that theory.

        • Zeppelin

          First of all I have a little sister and she loves that show so im kind of forced to know things about it. So you can go fuck yourself with a medal rod.

          • Twat

            Most commenters on this site do fuck themselves in the ass with inanimate objects, but a metal rod is rather harsh. Would you accept an injection molded soft plastic dildo?

          • Habib Hadad

            Smelly twat

            Keep your used Dildos to yourself

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    I look forward to the day when I can remove this red haired skanks clit with a few well placed stones.

    Perhaps then she can make a good stable wench or kitchen slave.

    • Word of wisdom

      That’s the spirit, brother Abdullah. But beware : the holy texts and the words of our prophet (mhsh) are very precise : the sinbit must be “cut”. It means you’ll have to prefer stones with sharp edges so that the impact can be validated as a cutting blow.
      I know it is a superfluous council with a eminently faithful jihadist like you, but please be very cautious while choosing your projectiles, else the excision will be considered imperfect.

    • Anubis

      I believe brother Durka has got that video mixed up with another. This one appears to be part of a gay rights parade, with queer Kuffars making all kinds of perverted homoerotic body gestures. Case in point, check out that queer behind her, gayer than a three dollar bill.

      Fudge packing trolls on this holy site like gay Pete, USA fag ruler, Toilet shit head John and many others jack off to this type of degenerate debauchery daily. These disgusting infidel queers makes us devout Muslims want to puke.

      • Achmed Beer

        Brother Noobis,

        How do you know about 3 dollar bills if you’re a Muslim?

        With much gay love and cock,


        • Anubis

          Beer queer –

          Take your Kuffar gay love and cock and shove it up your sinful homo ass. Unlike you heathen infidels that post idiotic gay comments upon our holy Islamic site, we Muslims that are living in varied countries around the world, are quite educated and are aware of international currency along with 3 dollar bill queers such as you.

  • big dick

    nice body

  • John Grande

    Fuck you all! None of you are fucking Muslims you’re all just a bunch of Douchebags. No God is real get it right fuckers!

    • Fuckyourlife


      • Christ’s Prophet

        There is too a God. He has spoken to me many times. I’ve witnessed his divine abilities. Do not speak ill of him.

        Christian, Muslims, and Jews must unite as one against the immoral Godless beings who seek to defame God’s holy name. We all worship the same God and we must defend him. But do not stoop to hatred. We can live together in peace and love. Convert atheists to the truth, do not push them away with close-mindedness.

        I pray you are shown the light.

        • John Grande

          I’m sorry if I have offended you. I respect all Religions sometimes my temper gets the best of me. I know I need to believe go to Church and worship but something happened to me back in Iraq and it kept me from believing in God.

          • John Grande

            What happened was I got so turned on by massive Muslim man meat and went AWOL at a gloryhole for over a week.

            It really opened up my world.

            And my anus.

          • Habib Hadad

            Grande rimmer

            Tell the people that what happened was you were gang butt fucked by a group of drunk army rangers.

        • Bob’s Big Boy

          The god of Islam is NOT the same god of Islam. those who contend that they are one and the same have a sophomoric understanding of both Holy Scripture and the heathen cult of Islam.

          • Bob’s Big Boy

            “…s not the same god Of Judaism and Christianity.”

            My apologies for the error.

    • Zeppelin

      Thank you

      • John Grande

        Thank YOU guys.

        So, who is coming over later to pump cream filling into my chocolate factory?

        • Bubblè


        • Zeppelin

          Why don’t you go fuck a goat

          • Twat

            Most commenters on this site do routinely fuck goats, but it is not afterall their first choice when it comes to a sexual outlet. I trust you understand.

    • John Grande


    • Habib Hadad

      Grande ass licker

      The only thing real is the fact that your a Queer.

  • Celia

    Love her!

  • Bubblè

    what the hell she is dancing on a childrens show showing off any thing so stop saying shit like She is dancing for a muslim man you guys are just so desperate for something made in America you will turn a simple minded source of child entertainment into a ritual where you jack yourself off (I mean use your 3 fingers to rub YOUR slit cliturus whatever the hell you people call your dream girls PUSSY.

    • John Grande

      You like giving guys anal?

      Sounds like you do.

      Come on over later and we can play hide the salami in the army barracks.

      • Bubblè

        you would like that but I’m not gay LIKE YOU ps USA ALL THE WAY pss fûçk ÿøü bîtćh hõørę

  • John Grande

    I am a gay Hooker who is confused and wants and looks forward to fûçk a man who is hornÿ

  • Joe Shmoe


  • bob the educated

    first of all being from the west i rescend any pretences of nothing good intellectually coming out of the middle east, algebra, adapted philosophies and the concept of zero as well as our number system all come from this faith. that being said i do not agree witth people exasporating on one far gone concept of islam such as clitorectomy, shia muslims, sorry of your picked guy disagrees with the other branch of islam but it happend around 1400 years ago. on a further note don’t make uneducated responses to things you think you know what you are talking about.

    • Singh

      If you were so educated you would know that the numeral system and the concept of zero comes from Hindu Indians. Adapted philosophies? WTF? You mean knowledge stolen during the violent conquest of lands and passed off as their own?

      The Muslim Arabs were a primitive nomadic tribal people. It was only after conquering the more enlightened Byzantines (Eastern Roman Empire), Sassanids (Persians), and Rajputs (Indians) did they experience real civilization. Afterwards they forced these conquered peoples to convert to Islam or die. Then they made the people work them and make strides in science and math. If you were to do your research you would realize that most of the advancements during the ‘Islamic Golden Age’ did not come from Muslim Arabs, but from ethnic Persians, Greeks, Indians, and Berbers.

  • Dave

    I love her red hair.


    I think I have MERSA :-(

    • Imam Khalid

      We can only hope you do.

      In fact, in MRSA is the worst thing your harlot ass is infected with, you should be grateful.

      It is more than you deserve.

  • american

    i hnpe tht call was for me :)

  • Devil

    I feel comfortable here.

  • whowantstoknow

    Wow. I just love the fact that these creepy Jihadist pedophiles are not ashamed of even having this site plaque the web just like their homosexual ass’s plaque Earth. Not to be cynical, they ARE people… just worthless to humanity. This is just sick, my daughter cant even look up her favorite Nickelodeon star without muslims and your extreme need to make yourselves feel wanted ruining her perception of life. No-one gives a fuck about you! No women want to marry you, let alone even be within audible range of you. When oil dries your all going to be useless to humanity to the final percentage and then we’ll just get rid of the problem. Can you even comprehend the amount of muslim women that have gone to western men and never looked back? no, you cant. its almost sad, if it wasnt so hilarious. your civilization is like a sparrow standing up to a falcon, only to fail Every Time! it made my day reading about how you really think you have giant dicks, i had a 7 inch dick when i was 10! it can be scientifically proven that muslims are’nt concieved by humans, but by goats that have been insemenated by you zoofiliac’s. Epiphany!!! thats why they dont need their women!

    • Imam Khalid


  • miley fucks goats

    u mean muslim hating dance

  • Abdul the Sheep Herder

    With her mouth open like that, it looks like she has a terminal case of cock-sucker’s cramp.

  • chris p.

    At first I thought this site was kind of funny but you guys are taking this muslim thing too far. I know a guy from israel and he doesn’t act like this.

    • derp herp


  • Abdul Kiar

    Does this girl not have parents ? And Victoria Justice as well ?

    These fuckin hosebags are too much.

    This girl is not even of legal age to fuck in America,yet she acts like
    a total slut.

    This girl makes me sick.

    I wish there was more Musliminas in America.

  • Deeznuts

    She is doing the hula dance u muslim goat fuckers

  • Austin Blackwood

    Well durka… once again you have proven you are a fake ass Muslim who wants attintion. So go fuck your self and put a pic of that on here and maybe one thing on this site will not be fake… no now that I think of it you would probably say some thing like: “here is a ‘true Muslim man’ fucking himself for Allah!!”
    Yeah u wish u where Muslim, but your not. Man that’s to bad huh?

  • Bob

    You guys are hoes