Ariana Grande Nude Photo Released

Ariana Grande nude

A photo of what appears to be teen Nickelodeon star Ariana Grande nude has just been released.

At a time when old Hollywood whores continually prostitute their bodies, it is refreshing to see someone viable for breeding like Ariana Grande offer up here nude body like this.

Though at 19-years-old Ariana Grande is in the twilight of her sexual attractiveness, she may still know the unimaginable joy of being bred hard by a virile Muslim. However, Ariana must act quickly and submit herself to Islam, or miss the opportunity to experience true ecstasy serving a Muslim man’s carnal desires.

  • Lyncher


    • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

      Now Miss Piggy is going to tell us the story that “he” went to meet Ariana in Chicago on the 24 June 2012 (by coincidence, of course, the date of the Gay Pride Parade).

      What a disgusting perverted mofo.

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        man-clam is one proud and perverted homoqueer.

        It will be a service to Islam when some fortunate Muslim finally shoots him dead
        with the AK-47.

        • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

          Brother Abdullah,

          I think we don’t need to waste ammunitions with that sickening shemale Miss Piggy. “He” will die of despair if we just sew his ass.

          And yes, you are right: he is a proud homo; only this explains why he was at the head of the parade of the 24th June, waving the disgusting LGBT rainbow flag.

          • Jenny

            She reminds me of this girl back in eigth grade that used to suck on my boobies.

      • Grand Dragon Pete

        Homo Hashim

        You muslim mofos want to butt fuck this Ariana woman because she has the body of a dancing boy……but has smaller tits and less hair on the anus.

        I’m quite concerned that you, AA, and Rectum Rasul may have some type of infatuation with me because of my bulging muscels and world record sized cock. Us aryans only go for the tits and pussy… queers go for the man/boy pussy.

        I demand you tone down your homo talk towards me. If you don’t…..I think you know what you’ll get.

        A night with a pack of gay Kenyans who have AIDS.

        Suck on that muthafucka


        • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

          Rainbow warrior,

          I’ll get what? A cock suck?

          You know that Muslims don’t accept that kind of anti-natural, perverted, sexual acts. We are straight.

          And you are going straight to hell too if you don’t change your attitude, you cum hoover.

          • Henchman

            Hashim Dune Coon
            I agree, we do know that Muslims accept that kind of anti-natural, perverted, sexual acts. You are gay.
            Hopefully the day when you’ve sucked your last cock is soon, then the Ford pickup trucks tire will flatten your tiny nuts.

          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil


            Shut the fuck up mofo. Nobody asked your opinion.
            This site has already enough of shameless trannies in disguise of the KKQueer gang.

          • Henchman

            Hashim the gobbler of Cocks
            You dumb homo, I don’t take orders from a nobody, much less a major cock-pro such as yourself.

            Stop spreading aids and die homo.

          • Henchman

            “Henchbutt”? Looks like you’re runnin’ outta ideas, homo.

          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil


            You look as dumb of the late Red Poo. Most probably you are him, after all…

            Anyway: I don’t chat with cockroaches. Drop dead.

          • Henchman

            You dumb homo, be called a redskin is highly insulting. Expect to hear from the barrel of my gun as it blows off what pityful excuse you have for a cock. You Muslims are known for baby tow dicks and garbage chute anuses.

            Get aids and die homo

    • Link

      In the queue to the gloryhole..

  • ObserversDickIsAFatwa

    This fine young man seems to be preparing to be fitted with a “liberation vest”…..we should commend his effort….

    • Anubis

      I suspect that this beaner slut is actually a shemale transvestite by having pancakes instead of boobs. Young baby jihadists would starve on those pitiful titties. Not fit for a harem, but yes an explosive chest vest would fit well on her. Sign her up.

      • zeppelin

        why is everyone so god damn raciest on this site?

        • Anubis

          Racist on here? Never noticed. Don’t be so god damn judgmental.

        • ObserversDickIsAFatwa

          It is not racy-ist if wwe can’t see the pussy or the dick…..tits are not that racy

  • Jack Bauer

    Huh. How surprising. You said “appears” again. Must be a fake I guess.

    • Tim

      Thanks Captain Obvious. YOU ARE NEEDED ELSEWHERE! Quickly, someone is making a joke somewhere and you need to explain it.

  • Abdul Rasul

    I would bet my finest musliminas the Jon Grande took those pictures and has wacked it to this as well.

    • The West is the Best

      Abdrool Assrash

      Just like the times you pound Abdullah’s ass at the muslim gloryhole.

  • Zohair – The Good One

    Ha Ha Ha ! Just as I suspected….Her breasts have shrunk !

    The Quran distinctly warns that any woman, if not covered in a burka, shall suffer from breast shrinkage.

    Infidels, I tell you, they never learn!

    • Moshe Dayan

      “Of course female Pussy is the most deplorable part of the female body, and us muslims hate it.” Zohair The Gay One – Mila Kunis Thread

      I am going to repost Gayhair’s comment for the next while until it saturates in and everyone knows that not only is Zohair a fudgepacker, but that all muslims are.

      Note the mention of “female pussy”. Logically this implies the opposite, that “male pussy” is kinda nice. This reveals that not only are muslims gay but that some of them have man-ginas. No doubt Anal Abdullah, Anal-lube-is, Homo Hashim, Imam Kocklick and Fagdul Rashole fall into this category as she-males requiring execution.

      Eat shit and die mofo

      • Zohair – The Good One

        I must say, the great lengths that Jews go in order to manipulate people……is remarkable, as evident with your response.

        Yes, us muslims hate female pussy, because us Muslims hate sex, and pussy is the root of it all. Furthermore, the awful stench of the pussy is repulsive for normal human beings( Not Jews, Of course). Not to mention, Queefs (Pussy farts), menstruation et cetera

        Unlike the Jew Dictionary, the Muslim dictionary does not contain the word ‘Homosexuality’
        Hence the notion that if one hates pussy one must love cocks is redundant

        And the ‘Female pussy’ distinction is required to distinguish this human organ from the animal cat……that americans call pussy.

        Now that the crazy Netanyahu has won the election once again, I am sure you jews must be revelling with joy, I hope you enjoy while you can, for your days are numbered.

        • Moshe Dayan

          Mohair The Gay One,

          The logic in your statement above has been analyzed by the best philosophers in Israel and their conclusion is unanimous; you are a homo. Lets put some symbolic logic to these statments:

          1. NOT (We hate female pussy) = We LOVE MALE pussy
          2.Not( Muslims hate sex and pussy is root of it all) = Muslims love sex where pussy is not the root = Muslims love sex NOT(pussy) = Muslims love anal sex with men because they don’t have pussies.
          3. NOT(Pussy has an awful stench) = Cock is nice
          4. Muslims are not gay and above is true ==> Muslims think its normal to fuck men and suck cocks.

          Mohair, the logical conclusion, if you think pussy is terrible, is that you are a blistering fag. No wonder Anal Abdullah mentions your name with such fondness.

          But don’t worry Mohair, all of your muslim brothers are also closeted queers and pedophiles, so don’t be too hard on yourself. Anal Abdullah and Homo Hashim are actually out and married.

          The big N is coming back and when he does he promises that he is going to turn Tehran into a smouldering asshole in the earth. We Jews are getting the special sauce ready for the barbecue.

          Eat shit and die mofo

          • Zohair – The Good One

            Moist Jew, do you know what the funny part is my friend (foe) ?

            It’s that the one who can claim that pussy is repulsive, is the one who can actually get pussy! Ha !

            I bet all that you, and of course your jewish fuck mates know about pussy, comes from reading magazines and watching porn.
            In all likelihood, you haven’t had a single pussy in your entire life……otherwise you wouldn’t be extolling pussy the way that you are.

            Either that, or you are a pussy yourself. Come to think of it, both of these seem to be true !

            If you ever get lucky enough to actually see a real life pussy, as opposed to in your dreams…..I suggest you smell it profusely, and then give us your opinion.

            As mentioned in Quran, vagina should only be used for procreation, and never as a source for pleasure.

            It makes us muslims laugh when you associate our dislike for pussies with homosexuality, because pussy for us muslims is a highly trivial aspect. Us muslims can have 4 wives for crying out loud! That is 4 pussies each day, 365 days a year !

  • boomboom


  • Farzan The Wise

    Her burka exploded right of her body when she had one look at my Iranian meat missile. Us Muslims have that effect on women.

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    I like big dick and i cannot lie
    You other muslims cant deny,
    when a google walks in with his big black thing,
    I whip out my cock,
    And start wanking off.


    Me and Hashim are in love
    We suck eachothers cocks – its good,
    Then Pete comes in,
    with his 9 inch thing
    And then i feel saaaad.

    Lyrics – Abdullah The Butcher
    Music – Abdul
    Inspiration – Sucking dick at the muslim gloryhole

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      fake abdullah the dumbass

      This piss-poor attempt at mockery is not only stupid….it’s your gay mid-night confession, because it’s the actual song (minus the part about brother Hashim) that your daddy sings to you at night….right before he goes to brown eye city.

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        Abdulla The Butt-Banger

        Your just pissed off because you couldnt hear the full song.

        And if the first bit is about me then the second verse has to be about you. It is the truth though… you and Homo Hashim cant stop butt fucking eachother till your asses are bleeding and filled with semen.

        You can play it to him tonight when you have your ”session”

        • Abdullah The Butcher


          take your faggy ass back to the hershey highway and beat time to your favorite glory hole…and catch AIDS and die!

        • Billy Bob

          Bleeding from puncture wounds. We know for damn sure it’s not via stretching. That requires a big dick and a small asshole, and we know Hashim and Abdullah don’t have those.

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            Bob knows best

            Yes that is true. I made a mistake.

          • Klansmen

            Abdullah your confession is heard and you shall receive….spray fire from the MAC 10, not cock, you sick mofo.

            Now stop spreading aids and die homo!

          • Abdullah The Butcher


            the only mac you know is the big mac..and for the special sauce you put on a big load of coon jizz.

          • Henchman

            I don’t wanna hear your deepest and darkest fantasies, you sick mofo. Speaking of deepest and darkest, how about the googles anus you stuck last night, ha ha.

          • Abdullah The Butcher


            The only fantasy us Muslims have is shooting you fags with the AK-47.

            Also, you must suck Moshe Mangina’s tiny jew cock because you sound a lot like that mofo.

            suck on that mofo

          • Henchman

            Shut you big homo. Being called a Jew is offensive and because of that you gonna get the boot to nuts and the 9mm to the head.

    • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

      Filthy impersonator,

      After reading your “poem” I must say that your future as bard is doomed to failure. I foresee for you another job: cum hoover.

      I’m sure you are much more talented for this kind of work.

  • Abdul Kiar

    Body like a boy,but acts like a slutty girl ?

    This hermaphadite will rot in Hell !

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    When will these old maid hollywood whores learn that if they want to join a Muslim man’s Harem, they have to advertise themselves when they are in their prime of 6 or 7.

    The only job I’d consider arianna for, is shit-shoveler at the goat barn.

  • Dar al Harb

    In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

    Assalaamu `alaykum waRahmatullahi Wabarakatoh

    I have actually proofs that this girl is a muslima, so unless you make her one of your four wives, any relationship with the girl is Haraam. If you have been slaying her slice with the meat scimitar, you must stop! It is Fardh for you to terminate any relationship immediately. If you do not do so, you will be guilty of the sin of Zina!

    Let it be known to her and her family that the only reason for keeping away is Shariah. Acknowledge your relationship was Haraam. Tell them you now regret it and Allah has given you taufeeq to change. That will serve as an advise to the girl to repent and also change her lifestyle. She is also aware of the haram relationship but cannot help herself as muslim pork sword is superior to all others! Leave her completely. Don’t offer any assistance whatsoever. If you do not do this, the direct contact will lead you back in the old trap as you may not resist her snizz.

    Make tawba and deal with your life. She will deal with hers.

    And Allah knows best


  • Justin

    It is fake her tits are bigger

  • pussyeatingbluewagfle

    you cum sucking whores i will put my 15 inch up that pussy and slay those boobies which will give milk to the whole islam world when i make her pregnant and abdallah the nutcher can suck jizz out of a glory whole for he sucked his own dick

  • Klansmen

    I wonder where that stupid google Kwame is? And here I am with the M4 ready to shoot a group of googles, yet theres not one in sight.

    • Bob the Builder

      There’s some sand googles if that counts.

  • Jimmy

    She has the rack of a 9 year old girl and you Arabs are drooling like its one of osama bin laden’s wives. You are pitiful repressed fucks who have been banging goats for too long. Goats have tiny tits so you think a 9 year old girl is a big deal. Fuck you sand googles. We’ll fuckin’ kill you all.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      jizzy jim

      and you are a pathetic cock pumping shit packer who wouldn’t know a real woman if she shot you with the AK-47…which is a damn good idea.

      • tralfaz

        allah sucks cock

      • tralfaz

        allah sucks cock

        • Abdullah The Sheik of Tikrit


          No asshole, your mother sucks cock and your daddy gives rim jobs to wetbacks and googles.

          Ha…and you do it all!

          Eat shit and die mofo

      • tralfaz

        allah sucks cock

      • tralfaz

        allah sucks cock

      • tralfaz

        allah sucks cock

  • Anwar Hafiri

    Stand down Klansman or I will waste your ass with a phosphorus RPG.

  • Anwar Hafiri

    We assumed you were talking about your wife or mother homo Jimmy.

  • Anwar Hafiri

    The real Ariana Grande has a small penis and tits of a goat and you Westerners jerk off to her pics.

  • Carla Fiore

    This site should be shut down immediately! It is racist and anti-woman.

    • Anubis

      A woman doesn’t have the right to think or make stupid comments, especially some beaner cunt faced whore on this most holy Islamic website. Beware woman, before some jihadist shoves a live grenade up your twat and shuts you down.

  • zeppelin

    you guys are all retarded and that is Photoshop, its really, really, really bad but its Photoshop.

    • Anubis

      Don’t be so full of hot methane air. Brother Durka only post authentic photos, and all his informative commentaries are very truthful, accurate, and even satirically humorous.

      May merciful Allah continue to bless brother Durka, all the pious Muslims that comment on here, and of course this holy site. All the others, the filthy degenerate infidels, can all be damned to hell.

      • Zeppelin

        What the fuck are you even talking about?

        • Anubis

          Blimp boy, you’re full of putrid smelly hot air between the ears (methane gas, aka farts – so you’ll possibly comprehend).

          Photoshop, fake, etc. – obviously satirical humor totally is beyond the intellectually challenged infidel Kuffars. That’s why we Muslims enjoy making fun of them.

          • Zeppelin

            I don’t know where to start other then you live in a huge sand box. The only reason anyone gives two shits about your area is because your sitting on top of approximately 6% of the worlds oil fields. With out that nobody gives two shits. You turn out just like most of Africa and Greece.

      • Muslim Hater

        Fuck off you smelly Asian pieces of shit these are pictures are fake and so is your homosexual god

      • Muslim Hater

        Fuck off you smelly Asian pieces of shit these are pictures are fake and so is your homosexual god

  • Tommy

    9/10 would fuck

  • infidels rule

    Hot !!!

  • bitches

    you fuckbutts need to chill out. dont hate americans because we have all of the hot chicks and you bitches are stuck sucking each others asses

  • hi

    Oh Hell Yes

  • Fuiop

    Guys guys, did you know that you might be 99% wrong.. Some of them are FAKE!!!!! So i’m just saying.. ⇔ ■▼■⇒ ya…………

    • (⇔★•★⇔)

      I mite agree some might be photoshop but some are not… BUT everyday i fap and mostly cum on the picture… like if you do it too…… adiós

  • The Truth

    its not her her boobs are too small

  • kkkk

    Stupid friggin muslims

  • Tyga

    Fake. Her boobs are bigger than this.

  • Thatguy275

    Wait,Who said she wanted to commit herself to island WHO THE FUCK SAID SHE EVEN KNEW ABOUT ISLAM?!

  • The American

    You fuckin’ islamic retards. What the fuck makes you think you even deserve to breed with our women. If anyones gonna fuck this sexy teen it’ll be everyone but you self centered idiots. Good luck with the whole “american women should offer up their body” thing.

    -The American

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      Your slutty women lust after us Muslims like a moth to a flamethrower. I admit we enjoy raping them and making them dig wells and cook goat but that doesn’t mean we want them for marriage. No, we shall just keep them as concubines and slave labor.

      However, you faggy american males ain’t good for anything and will all be destroyed when Islam takes over.

      Think about that while you wait for us Muslims to kill you

      ALLAHU AKBAR mofo

      • American

        Durka dirk
        Dirk durka!!! Hahaaaa

        • really

          You do know they aren’t actually muslim right?

      • pure american

        That’s funny. I recall America having the capability to completely anihalate any other military force on the planet a hundred times over. Dream on sick-twisted Muslims

        • American

          oh lol.. just.. lol..
          and it more lol if some dumb American got nuked in their country..

          • The American

            STFU you asshole! you don’t know anything about America!

        • Petty Officer 2nd Class Joseph

          Dude, pure american is right. We have the ability to make the middle east a big fat crater in the world with a few well placed nukes

      • Guest

        You have not respect for any woman and the decent ones you just defile beat rape and kill.

        • Abdullah The Sheik of Tikrit

          gayest guest

          Nothing says respect better than a good beating followed by rape. It is how us Muslims show women that they are #1.

          • truefact

            I don’t think you’re a muslim….u just use dat name

          • Fuck you

            Your are fucked in the head…..your “god” Allah is even ashamed at you

      • truefact

        Stupid…y u use islamic name anyways u guys?….your a disgrace

    • Nerdabiltiy

      also every single picture (pretty much) is photoshopped

      • liam Nelson

        Pretty much

  • Kris

    Ok dumb ass Islam first we have already have beaten you and yet you continue to fight rape and slavery is illegal u diserve to die in hell
    No matter what

    • Ariana Grande

      You are going to hell

  • Jack

    Dumbass islamic cunt bags

  • Jack

    You dont realize we dont want you here and that your not welcome and the only reason your allowed is to prevent a world war dumb smelly ass bag of shit islamic niger

  • Correct American

    Photoshopped. Oh and addressing this “Islamic Power” bullshit, you middle easterners have consistently been manipulated and bent to the will of the US government and the CIA in the past. They have given you tons of money and weapons to kill soviets for them and even kill each other. The US currently uses Afghanistan to grow the vast majority of its opium, essentially using middle eastern land to make billions in profit for American pharmaceutical corporations and the American illegal drug industry. This arrogant “American Pride” is annoying too. Many Americans are actually stupid assholes. The only Americans winning are rich businessmen and politicians

  • Chico-Taco ya!! ya!! ya!!

    yo!!! yo!!!! yo!!! Homie’s what the hell is the matter with you all, This image is obviously part real and part fake as to the concept of photoshop, the background image came from somewhere and the image of Ariana’s face came from somewhere else, the skin tone don’t match the body’s, the background image is distorted like all hell, and her face is pixelated beyond believe(small pixelation due to resizing of original image) the lips appear to be painted on not put on using lipstick, too much lighting on body not enough near face

  • the truth

    y the hell does durka durka mohamed care what disney stars do with their bodies
    its not like its gonna affect his life choices

  • Anonymous

    Please can everybody shut the fuck up one it’s photoshopped 2 go look up normal porn you perverted fucks you the Americans and you Islamic extremists you fucks can’t condemn a whole religion because of these dumb ass’ 3 stop the stupid religion fund extremist Muslims were not the problem the whole world knows you are Americans stop being a bunch of bitches

  • Anonymous

    By the way you ain’t getting your fake ass thousand virgins sorry to all of those American and not that are Muslims that aren’t extremist cocksuckers

  • Just some guy

    Ya know guys, I find all this stuff really funny, I see hatred amongst Americans & Muslims & yet.. It brings us together in a way. Me? I’m Irish… There is peace in our country. The only reason it bring us together is because I laugh at the insults you fire at each other. They are well thought out & make me die laughing.

    I hope you guys aren’t serious. Hope you are as light-hearted as me.

    • Agreed

      I agree with you

  • Really

    Really? You people really think this site is actually ran by muslims? It’s not. It’s all a joke and it’s supposed to be a way for them to keep anonymous.

  • Really

    Really? You people really think this site is actually ran by muslims? It’s not. It’s all a joke and it’s supposed to be a way for them to keep anonymous.

  • Really

    Really? You people really think this site is actually ran by muslims? It’s not. It’s all a joke and it’s supposed to be a way for them to keep anonymous.

  • Muslimkiller556

    Fuck all Arab motherfuckers and all fuckin Muslims shit burn

  • Muslimkiller556

    America all the way you Arab Muslim bastards should all blow the fuck up

  • Damion369

    I no see the tattoo on her side

  • docx

    i know this photoshop.. you can see at her hair..

  • Islam’s nightmare

    Fuck Islam you sand google prices of shit

  • liam Nelson

    I you hate then just don’t look at it and complain and get a life. they made many of these, and the people on the photo should complain not you

  • Scottdewit

    Fuck u

  • tasneem

    This pics are so not fucking real , first she has big boobs nw she has small 1s nd u can c its nt her by the colour tone. U guys are all fucking idiots u dnt hav respect for woman
    if u are muslim go make tawbah!!!!
    I wish there was a web that could make fake pics of u !!!!!