Ariana Grande Nip Slip Pic

Ariana Grande nip slip

Nickelodeon star Ariana Grande flashes the edge of her puffy teen nipple in the scandalous photo above.

Only in the heathen West would a teen girl like Ariana Grande think it is OK to flash her sinful aureola while making out with produce.

The look in Ariana’s eye leaves little doubt that have she finishes showing her nipple she is going to stuff that poor pumpkin right up her snatch. Obviously Ariana has been hanging out with castmate Victoria Justice for too long, as she is now also one sick depraved whore.

  • Mufti David

    That filthy bitch is spreading her viruses on that poor pumpkin. What a waste of food which can better be fed to coons. As you can see she’s just from dildoing her ass with that tiny dildo thing she is holding in her hand. This clearly shows that she is a lezbo whore who loves sucking on ugly things.

    • Professor Awesome

      Dude, thats a sharpie

    • prodogy

      Why hate she is hot

      • Mufti David

        She’ll will be hot when we make soup out of her.

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      • Fuckufuckmusslims

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  • Allah Havabeer

    another girl destroyed by disney,thank allah their parents just keep sending them….

    • Jack

      uh, nikolodean?

      • Kahlid

        They’re both ran by depraved Jews just like the rest of your Western media.


    both of u plus durka durka should just rot in HELL

  • Matt

    First Its A Sharpie Moron Not A Dildo and She is on Nickelodeon Retard

  • Tiikjhf

    This picture is really old

  • Kahlid

    All spics are depraved but that is because they are si9mply animals, as is said in the Holy Qu’ran, and do not know any better.

    This is the least egregious thing that a spic does in public. Victoria Justice shoves her fingers up her own ass and then pulls them out and smells them because it reminds her of home (Mexico).

    • Tyrone shoelaces

      Kotex Kahlid.

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  • Abdullah the butcher

    Old picture is old.

  • harun al-rashid

    she looks 12

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    I’ve seen a better tit on a camel.

    • Word of wisdom

      Where there are much more numerous !

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          • Black Jesus

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  • Balogundamilanre

    I fink dese re all lies deir blackmailers will do any fink to see dem fall wet dey do is simply take innocent pics of dem nd make up a false story wit wat u see nd Victoria justice is also a victim of dese fins dese ladies re not wat we see dem to be we ought to get to know dem beta nd see d gud in dem rather Dan judge dem as Allah does not like false judgements

  • worg

    Allah will forgive this child born of desire and unhealthy penetrated these seven pillars.

  • kezia

    Shes my favorite

  • Kahlid

    Immediately after, that pumpkin had to be taken into a nearby field and shot before Big Gay Pete could fuck it’s eye holes.

  • Kyle

    Lol to think these so called “Muslims” are indeed Muslims, is stupid. What Muslim would say google? What Muslim would say mofo? Those are Western terms, which comes to the conclusion that you have indeed been, or are, in the USA. You’re acting skills are horrible. And it’s the Internet so it’s even easier to act like something you’re not, yet you still fail. People, don’t be fooled by these so called “Muslims” they are meer white-men.

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    • Arcachnar

      I am not coming from the US. So. Statement does not count for me.

  • soul-man

    Ariana Grande is a beautiful & talented woman on earth.
    She is HOTTER & SEXIER than Vitoria Justice.
    I WANT TO SLEEP WITH ARIANA. She is pretty

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      sloth man

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  • BlitzComet

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  • anonymous

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  • Clord

    You guys really suck with the way you describe amazing people like her. She didn’t try to do that, so how about you shut the fuck up and stop lying about stupid shit like that.

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  • NSFWMohammad

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