Ariana Grande Licking A Slushie Vid

Ariana Grande lick

Teen Nickelodeon star Ariana Grande licks a slushie like a total whore in the video above.

Clearly Ariana Grande is planning a trip to the Yukon, and is training her tongue to able to service the frigid Eskimo pussy she is going to encounter.

Ariana Grande should be well fed on her trip to the frozen north, but not by whale blubber, as the Inuits are notorious homoqueers who have a mere nine words for snow but over fifty for gay sex.

  • Jac

    She thought that it was John grande’s penis

    • John Grande


      • Gangsta rappa

        Grande gay mofo

        Don’t be talkin to dat bitch dat way only I can do dat she be my ho she loves da big black python up her tight little ass and pussy I streached dat bitch out good you should see her forcing her mouth open to get around my johnson. and I likes to abuse da bitch by slaping her face wit my dick the little ho loves it.

        Her only problem was dat she used to stink I hads to show her hows to wash cause she was a dirty bitch wit a smellin ass and pussy now dat she cleaned up I even lets my pit bull lick her pussy. but I had to kick her ass when i comes home from hangin wit da homies I caughts her blowin da dog I bets she wood been fuckin it if I stayed out longer I tell ya dem spic ho’s will take any dick.

        • John Grande

          Ok, 1st of all you need to go back to school and learn how to speak English the correct way. Who the fuck do you think you are. Tupac, 50 Cent, or Jay-Z. So you’re a “rapper” spit something, wigger.

          • Gangsta rappa

            Grande homo

            Back to schools why I makes lots of cash rappin while you clean da shit house wit yous tongue givin blow jobs on da side for yous crack money anyway I don’t rap forhomo spics like yous. Now dat yous pissed me off I am gonna go slap dat ho grande bitch in da face wit my bbc and makes he suck it whiles i fists her asshole.

          • John Grande

            You wont rap cause you can’t rap. I do clean my house while my wife takes care of our child. I make more cash than you do, im in the United States Army I make tons more cash than you.

          • John Grande

            I am not in the Army, actually. I just play a lot of Call of Duty and live in my 80 year old mother’s basement. the only paycheck I get from the government is welfare once a month.

            Back on track, that game and my fantasy of being Ariana Grande’s uncle are all that keep me from doing to world a favor and decorating this dank basement’s walls with my brains.

            God, why did you make me a pathetic loser Mexican?!!

  • Imam Khalid

    Ariana Grande is such a disgusting, nasty Western whore. She does enjoy deep throating my massive Islamic man minaret – a feat most sluts can’t accomplish. I reward her with a shower of millions of my proto-jihadists all over her spic face.

    However the funny thing is that no matter how hard John Grande masturbates his laughable dongafel, he will never be Ariana’s “uncle” as he claims nor will he ever get within a 100ft of her – otherwise he will wind up in prison for violating his restraining order.

    I can’t stop laughing!

    Truly Allah (SWT) has a plan for everyone!

    • Gangsta rappa

      Mofo man Kocklid

      You best watch da way you talks about my bitch You dam muslim homo mofo’s cause i be bustin a cap in your big head.

    • John Grande

      Khalid, you are a dumbass you are not a Muslim, you are a goddamn wannabe that probably lives In the United States. I am her Uncle, her mother Joan is my sister which makes her my Neice. You say America is the Great Satan yet you have know idea what goes on in the U.S if you don’t like America go to that shit hole of a country called Canada.

      • John Grande

        See? I can’t separate my fantasy from real life. If I really were her uncle I’d have more sense than to post here on a celebrity porn site and say so.

        The tabloids would be all over it and it could embarrass my alleged ‘niece’ and cause all sorts of trouble for her career!

        Then again, I am a dirty wetback and therefore are a subhuman piece of shit who really doesn’t know better.

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    Lets see if this beaner smiles after licking clean everyone of my 1000 camel’s assholes.

    • ObserversDickisaFatwa

      She will be cheshiring……

    • Abdul Rasul

      This little Mexican whore has fucked and sucked every homoqueer west of L.A. may she stoned one day to pay for her sins

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        Brother Abdul

        After she finishes cleaning my camel’s assholes…the stones will be ready.

      • Gangsta rappa

        Abdrool assfool

        STFU you ugly mofo dats a lie da only one who blows homo’s is you you ugly lookin big head mofo I will beat u upside dat ugly head wit a bat and mofo it may makes you look better.

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          gangsta nigger

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          • Gangsta rappa

            Abasshole the blowboy

            What da fuck up homo did I upsets you by dissin yous boufriend Abdrool? Why don’t you go suck his dick damn muslim queer.

      • John Grande

        She’s not a Mexican you fucktard.

    • Gangsta rappa

      Abdumba da rimmer

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      • Abdullah The Butcher

        my camels will scratch their assholes on your kinky afro hairdo.

  • Zeppelin

    So how would you eat a slushy. Oh that’s right you would attempt to blow it up for being diffrent. You whores are just so despret to get atten that you will go to any Length to bend the stuiped and retarded to your will

    • Yetiglanchi

      “Zeppelin” is John “Anal Lube” Grande’s new alias.

      No matter what name he hides behind, the stink of wetback, semen and fail waft through the computer screen.

      • The Observer

        I’ve noticed that, too.

        That or Zep is Kale Kunta Kinte but I discounted that since he can spell and doesn’t sound like tweaker fag.

        Zep is fag John Grande who thinks Ariana Grande is his niece,

        • Zeppelin

          Oh look it’s a tag team well I like to ask you how you know the name of anal lube you must
          use it every day when you go clubing letting every bear in you probably like them to shove there hand up your ass fag. And you think I’m fucking “John grande” who I have never seen but what ever. You probly won’t to get fucked by you goat and blow your dog.

          • Rafiq Mohammad

            Fucking goats?

            Blowing dogs?

            You have my attention!

          • The Observer

            I don’t think you’re the real Rafiq. Of course, it doesn’t matter. This is a porn site.

          • Rafiq Mohammad

            He is a bastard is what he is…and yes it really does not matter since there are literally millions of other names that one can post with.

            At least the kindergartener impersonater has something to do before his bedtime :)

          • Zeppelin

            Rafiq that’s was actually pretty damn funny.

      • Rafiq Mohammad

        Yetiglanchi and The Observer

        Zeppelin is none other than “The real prophet”

        Look at how much space he left blank on the second line of his comment above

        • Zeppelin

          I have no idea who the fuck you are talking about becouse I apparently i am many people to you. you should stop assuming that I am someone else I am me no one else.

  • Mohumad in da cupboard

    This is disgraceful, ive seen some sick shit in my time but a woman eating food with her tongue is about as bad as it gets, in my country if one of my wives did this i would cut out her tongue and feed it to the other 5 making sure they chew and swallow properly. How has this young infidels dad not taught her how to swallow properly by now.

  • Gaza Militant

    In Gaza City all women practice sucking cock in this manner from a young age.

  • Gaza Militant

    Actually, in Gaza City male members of Hamas all learn to suck cock by age 7, and most well before that. By age 12 they are all big time cum suckers.

  • Osama Lives

    Dirty little spic whore.

  • Nazi

    Ok, so she eats a frozen treat with her tongue and that makes her a homosexual…. How?

  • cdcwc

    lol you fags make me laugh