Ariana Grande Has A Sick Foot Fetish

Ariana Grande foot fetish

Teen Nickelodeon star Ariana Grande shows off her sick foot fetish by sucking her toes in the photo above.

Foot fetishes are common among the degenerate infidels as their drug-addled minds are able to sexualize even the filthiest of body parts (like feet and vaginas).

Yes Ariana Grande’s attraction to dirty toes is a symptom of growing up in the heathen West. Thankfully for Ariana, when Islam finishes conquering the West she’ll have plenty of eye candy while serving at the heels of us Muslim men.


    That’s just strange, even by my standards.

    • TBEAR182

      That is the way rednecks trim their toenails.

      • Anubis

        If this beaner Nick harlot is indeed trimming her toe nails while sucking on them, then filthy horny infidels everywhere upon seeing this will then lustfully pose the question, “Does the bitch swallow or spit it out?”.

        When her dwindling youth can no longer obtain further acting employment, with such a disgusting skill, she could open up a shop in decadent Hollywood or Frisco where the sick clientele would flock to her shop in droves.

      • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

        Tranny Bear069,

        This time I must admit you said something funny, what’s really odd for someone like you.

      • AMERICA

        I actually do this

    • Ali Abu Musaffa

      Allies DiCreepo

      You have no standards you are a lowlife whore who lies about being Allyssa Hall the porn star so why don’t you and your hairy smelly ass jusst leave you are not wanted here.

      • Eric

        Actually she is Allyssa Hall the porn star, or at least Im pretty sure that she is.

        • Eric

          I’m pretty sure, indeed, as nobody on the internet would take someone else’s identity.

          • Jethro

            That is true. No one would do that on the internet..right?

          • Ali Abu Musaffa

            Eric the fool

            Did you just fall off the yam wagon Many people are imposters on the web she is just one of many she trolled her site and used info from her site to pose as her.

  • Mohumad in da cupboard

    Dirty lezboqueer or bioqueer, in our religion feet are thought of as unclean like a pigs arse. Thats why when we always enter a westerners house we take our shoes of first so we can walk around your house with our dirty filthy feet, we just pretend to you that we are being nice and polite. If this whore girl did this in my mountain range i would cut off her feet and boil it in a pot and make a very nice fine stew out of it and than feed it to my wives for punishment for one of their fellow women sinning. Bitches.

    • Amal Muhammad

      What kind of a sick demented freak are you asshole?

      Get professional help.

      • Word of wisdom

        You don’t need to be so intolerant and bigot. You have to respect the beliefs and ideas of cupboard guy up there.
        He can do what he wants with his properties, even if can seem a bit radical. Remember that islam is not as rigid as you are. It is a very progressive and liberal religion, and if cupboard’s imam determines it’s ok because it’s a local custom, or because foot fetish is considered totally haram in his village, then it’s allowed.
        Try to be more open and less judgemental !

    • John Grande

      You’re a fucking dumbass. Apparently know one knows what a fetish is and Wyatt Ari is doing is not a fetish.

      • Ali Abu Musaffa

        Grande homo

        The little tart is a cum slut and what the fuck does Wyatt Earp have to do with this?

  • ObserversDickIsAFatwa

    I’ve got a half of a foot appendage she is welcome to mouth…..

  • Umar the Brown

    This perversity never stops. I was reading a Hadith this morning that I feel is perfectly applicable to this Satanic wench:

    “And when you see them practicing their perverse acts, you will fall upon them with great wrath and let Allah judge their souls.”

    Truly disgusting and Allah will judge her accordingly.


    • ObserversDickIsAFatwa

      After you’ve fallen on “them”….do you bounce around a bit?

    • John Grande

      Allah is fake you dirty peice of SHIT!

      • Grand Kleagle Otis

        The only thing that is fake is the claim that you are this beaner cunt’s ‘uncle’ you deranged burro humper.

        Never fear, Klan Science will cure you of that delusion – permanently.

        Our KKK Science division don’t discriminate against skypes, greasers, dykes, homos, googles, ragheads, chinks or dotheads.

        The noose ‘loves’ you all.

        Suck cock, mofos.


  • Nazi

    Ummmmmm Ok.

  • John Grande

    God I want to have sex with my “niece”.

    • Ali Abu Musaffa

      Grande homo

      You might as well everyone else has banged her.

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    If little fag pete wasn’t a homoqueer, I’d say arianna was demonstrating what its like to suck his tiny pecker.

    But since she is just sucking on her feet for fun, all I can do is condemn her for being a perverted slut who likes toe jam.

    • Crow T. Robot

      I liked your avatar better when it was of Sabu. In curious, why did you change it?.


      • Grand Dragon Pete

        Cock to Rectu$

        Any previous pic made Anal Abdullah look to manly to pick up a nice feminine muslim boy.

        This new one has all the boys lining up at his gloryhole.


        • Crow T Robot

          Grand faggot Pete,

          You know this because you are fighting to be first in line every day. You have to beat off several other guys… Literally.

  • Ali Abu Musaffa

    I only have one question i would ask this grande whore.What smells worse tour feet or victoria justice’s asshole?

    • Fuck Muslims

      how about you shut the fuck up you stupid fucking sand monkey I can’t fucking wait until every single one of you GOD damn sand monkeys die in the fires of an American nuclear bomb dropping in your heads

  • Iam not Muslim

    This little pig who is sucking her foot is known to do gangbangs And she loves to be dped I know this because I have done her many times she like to be tied down i would then grab her by the hair and ram my cock in and out of her mouth while she sucks and blow a load down her throat then with her legs spread wide I would fuck her going from pussy to ass till i leave a cream pie on her asshole.

    After that she would take on 10 or more huge black cocks for hours then finish up by sucking them all off and take the cum in her mouth and all over her face

  • John Grande

    That lying niece of mine she told me she was a virgin and that she could only suck my cock Thats also why she won’t let me eat her pussy she knows i would see that it’s been used and abused.

    • the one

      Your fucking sick get the fuck out.

  • Imam Khalid

    This photo proves my assertion that Ariana Grande has no qualms about doing ass-to-mouth.

    She may have some use, after all.

    • Matthew


  • Alexthearab

    Stfu you dumb fucking Muslim cunts no one likes you go ride your camels and get the fuck of the internet and stop looking at hot western women when you can look at your fugly hairy Muslim women!!

  • Zeppelin

    Little fun fact this has been up for maybe three years I don’t know when that shitty show victorius started but it’s from back then. You mothers Need to keep up.

    • Zeppelin

      Also she wont’s the D so I will give it to her. I’ll take the hit for all men. Let my sacrifice be noted in the history books. I will also take on Victoria Justice for men everywhere. I’m going in!

  • Spliph

    This site is messed up…

    The members are idiotic and the comments are pretty much retarded…

    Just sayin :)

    Haters gonna hate, potatoes gonna potate

  • the one

    Okay, so, I’m probably gonna be hated for this, but i don’t have a problem with Ariana sucking her toes, in fact i think its hot. I’m not sure if everyone here is Muslim and a male, and frankly that doesn’t matter, but if i didn’t know any better i would’ve thought that y’all were a
    bunch of homosexuals. Everyone sounds like a bitch. Your calling the vagina filthy? Seriously?! Are you a fucking faggot. You muslim fuck. Wow, you got KKK racist mother fuckers commenting and terrorist fucking commenting. You are a sick douche, saying “Thankfully for Ariana, when Islam finishes conquering the West she’ll have plenty of eye candy while serving at the heels of us Muslim men.” Get the fuck out. America is richer and better. Your just mad cause your a little bitch
    who wears his underwear on his head and yells like a retard durring battle. Yes, i know America can get annoying i agree, but you don’t see us bombing stuff just because something gets on our nerves. Y’all hate us cause we treat everyone equal. Why are you Muslim people always hating? Stop putting yourself above everyone else you worship allah yet y’all think of yourselves as better than everyone else, i know America is the same way but we don’t go around killing ourselves and others fucking pussies. I love America. America is Awesome! Everyone here that is racist or a fucking terrost go to hell.

  • Matthew

    10/10 I want,to worship them

    • Matthew


    • Ali Z

      yeah seriously…I’d give her every penny if she would just let me worship her perfect feet. I bet her feet taste like caramel.

  • Bumbaloo

    Who has a problem with vaginas they are a perfectly natural part of life

  • Q

    Really, and you’re people justify killing all others who are not Islamic and you have the balls to talk about America like that you haji piece of shit I eat fcka like you for breakfast if you hate it here so much go fckn home no one likes you. Talk about corrupted minds you my friend are the one that has it backwards May Jesus have mercy on your hating soul

  • Normalo

    You are terrorists, if she likes liking feet WHATS YOUR BUISNESS, its not affecting you

  • ilovepussy

    Durka durka mohammed…. Haha.. Durka durka.. Lol! Oh btw, I fucking love ariana. I want to fuck her more than any other celebrity. As for licking her feet and sucking her toes, My paradise would be to do that with her feet all day and night forever

  • ADMIN12

    I am here to say if you hate Ariana grande and or are Muslim dominist please leave! Now the internet police are on there way

  • kyle

    Why do you people act like foot fetishes are such a bad thing while your all sitting around looking at asses well there’s nothing wrong with feet they are just another body part especially considering that it isn’t the hole that shit comes out of

    • Ali Z

      I’d lick her sweaty feet and her sweaty butthole and I’d kill a dozen puppies to do it.

  • I’d jizz on her perfect toes then lick it off