Ariana Grande Gets Wet And Topless

Ariana Grande topless

Ariana Grande gets her perky teen titties sprayed with water in the topless photos above.

This appears to be a scene from Ariana Grande’s Nickelodeon kids TV show “Victorious” in which Ariana’s character is taking part in a fundraiser car wash to raise money for drugs.

Yes, with this wet topless picture Ariana Grande is teaching the infidel children the importance of using sex for drug money. An extremely valuable life lesson in the degenerate US of A.

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          • Chekov

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    • Ikram Akhbar is Gay

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  • Anonymous

    Good photoshop!!!

    • TBEAR182

      John Grande is sitting at his computer right now pounding his pud into oblivion.

      • Anubis

        Probably because it’s his sister. They’re very close in a touchy feely way.

      • Kale`kona Kainalu Sexton


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    Those are NOT the tits you are looking for….

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  • mr_bootleg

    yes finally ari is topless finally yes

  • Stfu

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  • Alissa DiCarlo

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  • ToMmY

    photo shop level 2

  • Timmy

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  • TheBearJew

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        • Taylor Swift

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  • iwantrealpics

    love how fake this shit is

    • Imam Khalid

      The only thing fake is the name that says FATHER on your birth certificate.

  • bullshit

    My little bro watches this show. They wernt making drug money. This is photoshopped tits on her. I know this because she released a complaint over it. Get your info muslim bastards.

    • JDagger

      Yea I agree. She was in a bikini when this happened. And where did drugs come up? They were raising money for school I think… Either way this whole goddamn thing is wrong, photo shopped boobs, Ariana I hope she looks at this and comments like Taylor Swift did.



  • Nick

    It’s a fake In the show she is wearing a top not bear breast

  • Ollie

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  • Tim

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  • Imam Khalid

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  • Zeppelin

    Are you guy ideates if you go back maybe three mouths you used this exatily exapte it was a video and had no photo shop done on it

    • Zeppelin

      So she had a top on instead of fake boobs that you cut and pasted on

  • John

    Okay that isnt even the scene motherfuckers
    she is at the beach and having a squirt gun fight
    My son watches this show all the time
    I watch it with him
    You people are dumbasses

    • everett

      but your
      looking for it right

  • ksjdjsjskskdn

    In the real show she has a bra

  • Brendon D.


  • Zeppelin

    Just making double sure that you know this. SHE IS ITALIAN!

    • Jersey guy

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  • Zeppelin

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  • Shane

    Well do ya baby? Maybe I do maybe I dont let me know.

  • Cindy

    This picture is completely fake. She is fully clothed in the actual episode. There’s a lot of fakes on here… Most pics here are fake actually

  • kareem

    you guys are fucking retarded, i saw this episode of victorious and she did NOT get naked,you people are just too incompetent to realize



  • riellyb12

    this is obviously fake, if you actually watch the episode she’s wearing a red shirt which is soaked, she’s still got nice tits though

  • Tomas

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    • Abdullah The Butcher


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  • U.S. Marine

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  • Zim

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  • i’m just saying

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    Uck muslims this isn’t even how the ahow really went in the real show theri at the beach and she has a fuxkin top on this is photoshop fuck muslims u ain’t got shit on america why we killed ur fuckin leader osama bin laden 2 yeats ago so buh bye

    • Alex

      Dude what the fuck is your problem dickhead. People here in the USA do Photoshop too and it’s not like it’s bad I mean at least you are seing tits

  • Allah

    I love America

  • hp1710

    i love you arina grane

  • hohohohohoooo

    worst photoshop ever!!!!!!

    • Puft Dank

      It is telling that a reverse image search mostly turns up celebjihad links, and then content resharers.

  • yourmom

    fake. I’ve seen that episode

  • Steven Lobel

    i know its fake but they make it look so real its amazing