Anne Hathaway Flashes Her Vagina

Anne Hathaway vagina

Anne Hathaway put to rest the rumors that she is actually a lady boy by flashing her bare vagina at the premiere of her new movie “Les Misérables”.

The winter season is a notoriously difficult time to release a movie, as films have to compete with each other and the holidays for the attention of the moronic infidel masses.

However, the sneaky Jews who run Hollywood use whores like Anne Hathaway to pull PR stunts (like flashing a vagina at the premiere) to garner attention, assuring box office success. So if “Les Misérables” goes on to make millions it will only be because Anne Hathaway prostituted her lady gash in this pic.

  • Black Knight

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    • Smarterthanyou2

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      • Black Knight

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        • aghmed

          Don’t you mean if you ever meet in prison?

          • Black Knight

            Fuck you racist!

            No use crying now…you should have picked the fucking cotton yourselves!

          • Black Knight

            The guy above is another imposter. I agree with what he said but he is not me. You fucking Muslims are deceetful and lying. Stop pretending to be me. Go shave your assholes or something.

          • Black Knight

            Imam Khalid said to me:

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          • Imam Khalid

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          • Zohair- The Good one

            My word Brother Khalid !

            This comment of yours deserves an award!

        • GodAmongstMen

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        • zedd

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      • datdude

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      • Science & Violence

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        • Reaper

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      • Blackzrule

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        • Debunked

          Google who told you that you could use the computer?

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    • Harry Groinalarea

      yeah, just what she always wanted, a looser, low-life negro computer troll

    • wrb

      only pedos like hairless pussy if you want hairless go find you an 8 year old

    • JK

      The “Fuzzy-Wuzzy” does not know what he is missing! The hair is for after you eat the bitch! When you are eating the “Breakfast of champions” one needs “Natures Dental Floss” to clean out your mouth and yours does need cleaning out!!!!!

  • Dr. Frankenfurter


  • ObserversDickIsAFatwa

    It is sad to see such an old maid spinster perform her last gasp attempt to secure a husband before she is trotted out to the poppy fields……..that hairy gash, whilst quite popular on the Hollywood movie sets of yore has clearly outlived its prime….

    • Imam Khalid

      She would do well to straighten up and fly right if she ever wants to attract a virile, wealthy Muslim man.

      Otherwise, her life will have no meaning or purpose.

      • Ben

        ‘I want to attract a muslim man’ – said nobody ever

        • Grand Dragon Pete


          That’s a false statement.

          There are many other muslim men who have uttered those words…..very often.


      • Harry Groinalarea

        why are there so many muslimes on here, did they shut down all the 7-11s and fag bars

  • Bashiri al-Saud

    Im not sure brother Durka, im convinced anthony hathaway is a post-op transvestite or a had jewish tradition gone wrong. Maybe they took a little too much off besides, jews a have inferior dicks to begin with. Maybe thats why Grande Queer Pete is always talking shit!

  • Einsam

    yes its not a amish paradise down there

  • TBEAR182

    She no doubt has her cock tucked, look at the size of those feet!

    • Anubis

      Rather keen observation I must say. She is rather big boned, and thick thighs to go along with her huge roach stomping feet. Even her chauffeur is looking upwards to avoid gagging from looking down at her nasty crotch.

      She may be stopping at a Hollywood ritzy gay bar where shemales, transvestites and other infidel queers gather. Come to think of it, it may be the Hollywood premiere itself, since they attract the same clientele.

  • Umar the Brown

    Kind of a shame that vagina (sniftikar) is attached to a flat butt, a thick neck and horse teeth.

    Unlike Arab women, so many Western women have to try to attract men by showing their harlotwhore bodies. They will have to pay the ultimate price for their crimes against modesty.

    • Harry Groinalarea

      arab women cover their faces because they dont want to scare children and dogs(their husbands)

      • Umar the Brown

        Harry Faggotsucker

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  • Jin Amaya

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  • lkj

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    • Harry Groinalarea

      you should change your name to Douchy VonDouchebag

  • Josh

    You’re all a bunch of racists. Fucking stupid too. It sickens me.

    • Harry Groinalarea

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  • rjbravo

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  • scorpion king

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  • ejex

    But she shld hv worn panties

    • Smarterthanyou2

      And your father should have worn a rubber.

  • wow

    “So if “Les Misérables” goes on to make millions it will only be because Anne Hathaway prostituted her lady gash in this pic.”

    Oh yeah, because she obviously did that shit on purpose, rite????

  • Ben Dover

    I agree with the black dude. Stop the Black vs. White stupidity and unite against the common foe… the ragtop muslies that beat down their women and force them to hide under burqas.

    • GodAmongstMen

      You’re an uneducated google yourself. Millions upon millions of “blacks” are Muslims you fucktard. Look at a fucking map for CHRIST’S sake. Here’s just a few countries that are predominately Muslim and predominately google, BECAUSE THEY’RE AFRICAN:
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  • Ray

    Haha fucking Muslims on here are pathetic……USA bitches and ps I’d bang Anne haha ;)

  • BECK

    All of you people are stupid. Really, she didn’t mean to flash her private area. Anne Hathaway would never do that. On another note, it’s a WOMAN’S business whether or not she shaves that area. And the first guy that commented, god I hope you rot in hell because that was the stupidest, most degrading comment I have ever had the displeasure of reading. If Anne Hathaway doesn’t want to shave her vagina, she doesn’t fucking have to. That is none of your business you primitive asshole. So why not do yourself a favor and go be with all the whores that I’m sure you can find yourself with. In the meantime, I thank all of you who stood up for this woman. Because, quite honestly, she is a fantastic actress and a good person.

    • miley fucks goats


    • Harry Groinalarea

      she and you suck and swallow

  • Sometimes I Worry

    I, honestly, worry about people’s sanity, especially after reading all these ignorant and downright offensive comments on this article. Do all you assholes really think that you have a chance with a MARRIED, GORGEOUS, FAMOUS, ACTRESS who is starring in one of the biggest movies of the year? I realize this is your only place to vent your anger once you get home to your parents house after your shift at McDonald’s, but do yourselves, and everyone, a favor and just stop talking.

    Pshh, calling Anne Hathaway a whore when you’re probably watching porn and masturbating in your room.

    • Tis ashame

      Best comment thus far. I actually respect people who are openly racist than the ones who are in the closet.

    • Harry Groinalarea

      sometimes I worry that you’ll pull your head out of your ass

  • Joe

    Want to know why so many Muslims are on this website? Look at the URL! Also, not sure why they are looking at this photo, because now they are all going to burn in eternal hellfire (which Islam teaches). Haha, self depricating Muslims

  • GodAmongstMen

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  • JimCrowe420

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  • JimCrowe420

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  • MissTaylor

    ok, now chilkdren….black, white, middle eastern, whatever you are…..let’s all play nice…..Signed: Southern Belle lady


    Lol, I can’t believe somegoogle actually come on here and thought he could get with Anne Hathaway. Here’s a few reasons why you never will…
    1. You’re black
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  • puzzailsignorvincenzo

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    • TopDawg17

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      • Bobert

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        I would not be surprised if it just shuffled off shortly after it’s immediate needs were not met.

  • Claudia

    She looks nice with or without panties.

  • Wivitpawz

    This entire thread is daft. She has a vajayjay…she flashed it. Big deal.
    Now put your balls out of their misery and have a wank..the lot of you.

  • AngelEyzNYC

    Uh actually OUR president is half white. I wish black ppl would stop thinking they own Obama. Hes my President too and hes also white…like me.

  • Ijs

    Yet, Obama still the president. The most powerful man on earth. Lmfao. If we monkeys, then this planet of the apes. You pink, bacon smelling, fuck boys. Lol

  • sherlock

    Stop arguing fags,what are you 10, lame childish insults

    • Watson

      Sherlock are you 10 ? Because it seems ” elementary ” to me that you just did the same thing. ( fags )

  • Menace to Sobriety

    Looks like Anne Hathaway’s vagina has caused a race baiting good time here at Celeb Jihad…so carry on gentlemen. I’m glad to know that a barely exposed landing strip can still get a roomful of retards to argue over whose little dick would disappoint a woman who wouldn’t give anyone here(present company included) the time of day. P.S. Anne…if you still have the cat woman get-up from The Dark Knight Rises, and don’t mind hooking up in my mom’s basement hit me up…I’ll blow your mind.

  • re

    The thing that makes the president black is not the color of his skin but the fact that he only saw his dad twice.

  • miz j

    Ok seriously why don’t you want hair on the pussy unless you are into children? Children have no hair. Adult women do. Pretty simple there perv.

  • WHY

    Really? Why on earth would people get into a race argument over a picture? Sure i am going to get some dumbfuck post some stupid remark about how black or white or muslim is better. Guess what im white, you think i give a shit if someone is black or not, no i don’t. So how about everyone stop the complaining and saying oh your some white faggot who only talks shit on the computer. For all we know your the same way. We will never find out though so just fucking drop it. And who gives a shit if her vagina showed. Big fucking deal the persons fault that is, is all the media fucks who have nothing better to do than invade the privacy of others and snap all the pictures they can. If they all really wanted to see a vagina get a fucking girl and be done with it.

  • Oxygen thieves

    Wow im from new zealand, however have lived in many countries around the world and i travel extensively. Your negativity and uneducated commments towards other religions,cultures prooves that your all a bunch of worthless oxygen thieves and society would be better without you. Waste of space the lot of you. You embarrass yourselves your nations and your fellow countrymen.
    All ignorant !!!

    • Imam Khalid

      New Zealanders are just homoqueer bootleg google Australians which means you’re lower than dog shit and even less valuable.

      When the jihad reaches your filthy shores, we will find you, take you up in a plane and drop your ass first onto the peak of Mt. Aoraki.



  • troll spotter

    Welcome to troll center. So this is where you all hang out! me thinks you all climbed out the abortion bucket…

  • Camille

    WOW, People, why are you all so mean? Try being nice, this world would be a much better place.

  • Imam Khalid

    I’m sorry for why and when and what I said

    Allah forbid!!

  • LaughingBoy

    Is there one comment here that isn’t from some New York City Project Megaphone style Zionist Cell?? Doubt it.

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  • Alonzo

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