Angelina Jolie Shows Her Naked Ass

Angelina Jolie ass

This picture of Angelina Jolie’s naked ass was taken from the outtakes of her movie “Wanted”.

I applaud the producers of this film for cutting Angelina Jolie’s butt. However, they should have taken their new found moral courage even further and cut her entirely from the movie.

Women should not be allowed to act. If a story requires a female character, say as a prostitute, then a teenage boy in drag makes more than an acceptable replacement.

I have never seen this Angelina Jolie movie “Wanted” but I would bet that her role could have been played better and much more sexily by say Nick Jonas or another young feminine teen boy.

Yes Angelina Jolie’s ass is an offensive site to behold. Let us hope Hollywood takes heed of our call for young lady boys to replace women in the movies, less we be forced to issue another fatwa against them. Allahu Akbar!

  • theheadchimp

    Don’t tell me Brad has to look at this every day. Her ass looks like it belongs on a biker at Sturgis. I’ve seen fewer tats on a double lifer at Attica.

    • ChimpSMacker

      You do realize that tattoos are fake and were only for her character in that movie right? Is that really what you turned u off? Fake tattoos. Fuckin moron.

      • theheadchimp

        You are one stupid motherfucker. This dumb cooze has a dozen tattoos all over her body. She has tats on her arms, neck, every place except up her ass I suppose. My point was this dumb bitch has more tats than a hells angel biker. You are the stupid fucking moron, try knowing something before you post you dumb cocksucker.

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          Good avatar

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    Check out those arms; she looks like a bat skeleton.

  • IHateCelebs

    The african tribal designs with which this harlot has defaced herself show that she is nothing more than a self-hating, race-traitorous wigger. stone her back to the stone age.

    • theheadchimp

      Its incredible how many of these celeb assholes think it is sporty to adopt their own little African niglet. Madonna, Angelina, and Sandra Bullock. Give these little black fashion accessories a few years to grow up and turn mandingo on these nitwits and I think this fad will disappear.

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  • theheadchimp

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    I THINK ANGELINA JOLIE IS HOT, yup i said it.

  • theheadchimp

    Yup she is hot if you like the trashy trailer park type with a vial of blood around her neck and with so many tattoos she looks like a freak. But to each his own.

  • White Crusader


    • Abdullah The Butcher

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  • theheadchimp

    yung truth spitta
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    • Abdullah The Butcher


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  • theheadchimp

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  • Peter

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    • Abdullah The Butcher

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  • miko

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  • TheOnlyRealAmericanHere

    Haha good to see Soviets, White Trash, Arabs, and African Americans all get along.

  • iWantAngelina

    Anyone else wish they could put their face inbetween her ass cheeks and lick her asshole?

  • t43t443

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  • All-of-u-r-dumb-as-shit

    U r a stupid person how can u say that they should have teenage boys in drag play girls. What r u scared of girls or maybe u have a little penis and have been laughed at to many times during sex. There are plenty of great actress and angelina Jolie may not be the best but she is hot as hell. You are a ignorent small minded douchbag I don’t know why u are so dumb in fact to call u dumb would b a compliment. And the rest of u suck donkey dicks she is hot as shit sorry she dosent where a sheet to cover her whole body that doesn’t make her a slut. In America women r allowed to express themselves how ever they want that’s why it’s the greatest country in the world. Sorry u dumb ass people Would rather watch a boy in drag then a fine ass woman like her

  • ali

    angilena can you do that another time

  • IHateMuslims

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  • Nos

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