Amy Wren Flashing Her Boobs In “U Want Me 2 Kill Him?”

Amy Wren

Up and coming actress Amy Wren flashes her nubile perky ginger titties in this scene from the Sundance hit “U Want Me 2 Kill Him?”.

Amy Wren

If Amy Wren showing her boobies wasn’t bad enough the fact that this film’s title sounds like it was texted by a teen girl surely damns anyone involved with the production to an eternity burning in the hellfire.

One can only assume that heathen Hollywood will only turn out more and more of these “hip” movie titles with young actresses flashing their sex organs in them. In fact, it is being reported that Amy has already signed on for a new production entitled “Totes Obvs Jelly”, which features a scene in which she gaps her ass at a friend’s party.

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