• Dead Ed™

    An epidemic. Definitely

  • drizzle

    better then what i was expecting

  • a whitey

    i still can’t get past that face and those teeth

  • Christ

    For fuck sake… I’d rather jack off with a glue covered glove dipped in glass. That is one horrifying woman.

  • common vices

    hey fuckin yo! go think about taylor fucking swift while you re jackin off little boy, its much better to have one of those “trashy” women in bed than what your more than likely used to(who knows what they look like) I know damn well winehouse isnt some model but im willing to bet u dont take any chances with unique looking women, too busy with your social expectation on what your meant to think is attractive, granted winehouse would not be a good person to be with unless you want to see the worst in things as i do but you and others need to start realizing that you are just as ugly as she is.. externally i guess. the only difference is she gets paid for her pointless views and her “face and teeth”, thinking too much into your meaninglessness i guess have a good shallow day,im knee deep in nothing with you

    • uncommon silence

      I’m ugly as shit, but I don’t walk around with my junk hanging out drawing attention to myself. So why don’t you chew on that for a while, you pompous ass.

  • Dead Ed™

    Is there a chance Farrah Fawcett or Patrck Swayze left their cancer to Amy Winehouse in their will?

  • Dead Ed™

    Is it me or does Amy Winehouse look like she’s pissed in more sinks than she’s washed in?
    If Amy Winehouse dies this year, we will have lost the Goody, the bad and the damn fucking ugly.
    With all the celebrity deaths this year, it makes you wonder, who’s going to be next?
    My money is on Amy Winehouse, but that’s probably because I’m following her…. with an axe.

  • Cheekygirl

    Amy Winehouses tits are the best part of her body….obviously its also the only part of her body she has yet to inject drugs into…..The nipple was pink and tiny……On Amy I was sure it would be this deep brown plate sized thing….go figure.

  • Cheekygirl

    You think Lady Gaga looks like a man…….Amy so manish she doesnt tuck her dick she lets it hang!

  • szabby

    amikor minden felfordul,
    ti jest koniec, nie wiem jak to jest po angielsku,
    aber in Ungarn is alles sehr witzig.
    ich will…..

    the life in tehe bag….

  • Katie

    What a dog……

  • Katie

    I think they call that coyote ugly?