Amy Adams Topless Picture

Amy Adams topless

Amy Adams, the star of the movie “Enchanted”, appears to pose topless in the photo above.

As a Hollywood actress Amy Adam’s first instinct was probably to take a picture on all fours spreading her butt cheeks, but since she is mostly known for her family friendly movies, Amy had to remain somewhat reserved in her slutty pic.

This topless Amy Adams picture accomplishes everything she probably wanted. Her bare titties gets the message across that she is a wanton whore eager for sex, while at the same time her closed legs maintains the slightest bit of her perceived class for the moviegoing infidel public.

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  • Alissa C DiCarlo

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  • She’s cute

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  • Jimmy

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  • Lolmill

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  • Imam Tabrizi

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  • Anwar Hariri El Mahmud

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          • Dream Catcher

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  • Jonah

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  • Alissa C DiCarlo

    The exact number is somewhere between 2,270 and 3,020. 2,290 is a near estimate. Margin of error is around 35 guys, give or take. I’m a lesbian though. Had I been straight it would have been more.

    • Alissa C DiCarlo

      Oops. Range is 2,270 to 2,320. I can’t believe I said 3,020. Lol. People would think I was a whore or something.

      • Barnabys Bones

        Which number was I?

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          • Anwar Hariri El Mahmud

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    • Imam Bukhara

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  • America rules

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      • americais4ever

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  • Imam Bukhara

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