Amanda Bynes Flashes Her Breast

Amanda Bynes

Desperate to regain the spotlight, washed-up actress Amanda Bynes appears to have flashed her breast in the photo above.

It looks as though Amanda Bynes is leaving some Hollywood club after a night filled with heathen debauchery, when she catches sight of some paparazzi who are hopelessly looking for a celeb to photograph and decide to settle on her. Obviously Amanda tries to seize the moment by casually dropping her shirt from her shoulder exposing her sinful lady breast.

No doubt this is just the shot in the arm Amanda Bynes’ career needed, and thanks to the Zionists in Hollywood we will now be forced to see her once again starring in awful movies. This truly is a dark day for humanity.

  • aghmed

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  • militantlearner

    actually michelle heaton

  • Lion of Islam

    Fake,that’s clearly not Taylor “wardrobe malfunction” Swift.

  • Mr.fister

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  • Exec

    This is from 2 years ago lol

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  • HONG

    Dun even know if this photo is real or fake. They dun have anything else to do. Most of the photos here are all photoshopped or all fakes

  • Hashim The Destroyer of Evil


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  • The Guy with the EyE

    THATS NOT amanda Bynes..sorry but that aint her.

  • deathtomuslims

    Not this not Amanda Bynes, that is a British woman called Michelle Heaton.

    • Kahlid

      One infidel Western whore or another.

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  • Quief

    Boob is to big to be Amanda’s oh wait when I was doing her she did not have boobs yet just puffy little nips

  • moosef my balls

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  • Sevenace

    ok, so, we all know that not her at all, right? literally looks nothing like her. wish it was, but – nope!

  • Kahlid

    Before I beheaded Amanda Bynes, I spunked on her face and wiped my giant Muslim cock clean with her hair.

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