All The Kate Upton 2012 SI Swimsuit Pics

Kate Upton

Below is the complete Kate Upton 2012 Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition set of pics, and after meticulously examining each one I have determined that they are extremely offensive to Islam.

Not only do the Zionists at Sports Illustrated mock us with Kate Upton’s shameful nearly nude body, but they have used the Jew science of airbrushing to remove any trace of body hair thus eliminating the one aspect of these pics us Muslims may have found attractive.

Yes ever since we discovered that Kate Upton sports an incredibly sexy mustache we have craved to see more, only to be met with insults as her lush pubics are removed from photos. A fatwa must be issued against Sports Illustrated for this blatant offense against the Muslim people. See for yourself their horrendous crimes in the hairless Kate Upton swimsuit photos below.

Kate Upton

*Photos removed by SI’s lawyers enjoy the Kate Upton GIF above instead

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  • gautam buddha

    A woman represents beauty. Everyone loves beautiful things and if anyone says he doesnt like,then he has a mental problem. Kate looks amazingly beautiful. All religions have put filters on human minds and have tried to divide their thoughts as pure and sinful. But the truth is that what you think is what you feel. nOBODY SHOULD FEEL ASHAMED OF SEEING THE PICS. great workss of mother nature.just see and enjoy as you would see a rose or a tulip.

  • buddhika

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  • Peace and Love

    i’m muslim , 1st thanks to everyone curse and insulted me in the above comments.
    2nd i;m just human being doing somethings right and somethings wrong.
    3rd the difference between us our religion which we made it even in church or in mosque but i think that outside those we are all same.
    4rd if you don’t know islam pls. note that islam the religion of peace and love and cooperate
    5th if you hate me that’s me you have something wrong because i don’t hate you i don’t even know you , so how i hate you ??????????????
    best regards

  • Peace and Love

    the first comment has no relation to islam :)

  • khan

    i do agree with Peace & Love.. comments

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