Alison Pill Tweets Topless Photo

Alison Pill topless

The infidel side of the Internet is all aflutter over someone named Alison Pill posting the above topless picture on Twitter.

As a Muslim I don’t see what the big deal is. If this nerdy young boy wants to post pictures without his shirt on there is nothing wrong with that.

In fact this Alison Pill fella should consider converting to Islam, as we appreciate the smooth shapeless bodies of dancing boys such as himself. Alison could live an extremely rewarding life spending his days constructing IEDs, and his nights hand-feeding figs in the tents of powerful Muslim men.

  • Paul


    • Umar the Yellow

      By the prophets holy pubic hair!

      This photo made me go “yellow” from waist down (if you know what I mean)

      May allah forgive me

  • The Guy with the EyE

    secondies,,,,been fap to them titters since yesterday

  • Grand Dragon Pete

    The muslims can have this one.

  • barack hussein obama

    Suck my veiny chocolate dong that your wives, mothers and sisters finger themselves over during my speeches!

    Especially the white women because white ‘men’ all have tiny peckers.

    OBAMA/BIDEN 2012!

    • Grand Dragqueen Pete

      Mr President sir, can I have some pleeeeaaaaaase?

  • The Real Prophet

    So when jihadist die they get like 70 virgins??? Fuck that what do i want a bunch of pussy that dont know how to do shit. Give me about 3 of the biggest WHORES ever and maybe ill tie a bomb to my massive member and go fuckie fuckie

  • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

    Brother Durka Durka,

    You are giving (impure) ideas to Small Worm Pete…

    • Grand Dragon Pete

      Homo Hashim

      The only idea I have is to have you hanging from a tree by the noose.

      That’s the purest thought and klansman could ever have.


      • Mufti David

        Big fag pete

        I have an idea…. to drag you across the streets of Alabama by your tiny dick until it snaps.

        suck google cock filthy queer.

        • Grand Dragon Pete

          Dick sucker David

          You wanting to grab me by my cock and drag me around is a sick homo fantasy that will never happen. I don’t know what you muslim queers are in to, but that’s even weird by a fags standards.

          Also……even if my dick was snapped, it would still be twice as big as that thing in your pants.

          Suck cock mofo


          • The west is the Best

            Thats right Pete these muslims are all homos they are known to drug men,teens and young boys and force them to work at there glory holes or keep them for there homo harems.

      • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

        Shemale Pete (aka Z Fag), the impersonator of a normal human being:

        All your void and delusional talk has only one purpose: to compensate and hide the fact that you are a shameless, debauched fag.

        But you don’t fool us, right eous Muslims. Soon your infected ass will stop spreading its evil.

        • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

          * righteous.

          PS – And your right hand will be chopped too. Not because of the foolish, meaningless things you write, but because of the sinful use you give to it all the time…

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            Brother Hashim

            Big Fag Pete’s constant talk of gay sex and the glory hole is getting old.
            Us Muslims are used to killing the enemy….not listening to their perverted sex life.

            It is time to call in the Mujahideen….to track down and kill the trannyklan.

  • Me

    Never heard of this bitch… and she’s ugly.

  • Saladin The Great

    Ahh, I remember trading a motor scooter once for a young boy that looked much the same as this one. Sigh.

  • Alissa C DiCarlo

    This bitch looks like she should be on the ‘Here Comes Honey Boo Boo’ show.

    • The west is the Best

      She looks like she needs a shower the stinking bitch

  • Towanda

    What is Honey Boo? Some white people shit?

    • Grand Imperial Dragon Cleetus

      Shut it, coon.

      Just know that every day you shitskins breathe is because the WHITE man has allowed it.

      The time is not right.

      Also: FIRStiES!

      • I AM AMERICAN!

        Just know that every day you white coons were not slaves yourselves is because of us. Some Muslim shit eater or Koren would of been took this great country if is wasn’t for us blacks. So show some respect trailer trash.

        • Mufti David

          Get the fuck off this site google. Get your tiny balls off this site monkey product!!

        • Arcachnar

          @I am American ha. What have you blacks done to save the white then from slavery? Come on.

          • I AM AMERICAN!

            @Mufti David @Arcachnar

            You dumb white trash let me elaborate, we build this great country and fought battles you whites were to scared to fight, and our great president Obama (half black) gave the Order to kill that Bin laden trash when the man before him almost destroyed this great country.

            So like i said if it wasn’t for us, this country would have been took years ago!

          • Mufti David

            No. googles are worthless scum of the earth. Even your own kind hate you and kill yourselves. You are totally insignificant to modern science and technology or anything except diseases, crime, drugs, filthyness, fighting etc. you even divide yourselves making up turfs and rage on your own kind. There is absolutely nothin good googles have contributed to the civilized world. If it wasn’t for us humans from europe and asia, you would still have been monkeys in Apefrica, you ungrateful piece of shit. That’s another feature of a google, no matter how much you do for it, it will never appreciate. Just like Apes it will think everything is free and should take it easy. Googles are also very good at betraying their masters. So humans have learnt never to trust em.

          • Arcachnar

            @American Great. Another delusional nitwit. The blacks have NEVER build up America or helped it to the modern age. Every contribution and discoveries were done by a non black. The most of the time your race were slaves as well. Don’t distorting the historically facts.

          • The west is the Best


            Wrong again I have posted the truth about all those black inventors before and you have tried to prove me wrong but it’s all true you can’t make false sites and cover it up with lies it won’t work they did what they did and the truth won.

          • Arcachnar

            False sites? Hahaha. Wow. Just. Wow. IF you had any functional brains, then you would have known that when you read all the history books, ask teachers or professors and/or Google those ‘inventors’ totally NOTHING comes up about them. YOU are the one who keeps on lying and distorting the truth. Go away and let the adults speak. This is not the place for childish behavior.

          • The west is the Best


            There you go again with the lies you can’t prove me wrong so you turn to you lies you are a sad case of brain damaged goods to much crack i bet.

          • Arcachnar

            @The west I already proved a dozens of time that you’re wrong. But. It seems that your non-existed brains makes it too impossible to comprehend.

            Where is your so-called proof if there is totally NOTHING about these so-called ‘inventors’ in the history books and Google at all? Show me.

          • The west is the Best

            Asslicknar. The only thing you have proved is the fact that you are a moron and your posts are lies and you have no idea of what you are talking about everything you post is a direct copy of something that a 10 y/o is reading to you.

            You still have problems reading the second grade dick&jane books or do Paki’s read dick&john it’s a known fact that Paki men rape young boys you mofos should have your balls cut off.

          • Arcachnar

            @the most retarded of the west Wow. Another useless post that contributed nothing to the topic at hand. Are we copying other people’s insults again? Because you are too retarded to think them up on our own.

            The only who have posted lies is YOU. Nobody of these so-called ‘inventors’and this other character Remus Johnstone does not exist either.

            I know exactly what I am talking about. For I have degrees on college in History and biology. Specialization in history of Europe and the Middle East. I have high grades on religion and politics as well.

            YOU? You probably NEVER went to school. Besides, you are too much of an imbecile to grasp all these knowledge about religion, politics, history et al.

            10 years old? Not only a 10 years old have more brains than you, I don’t need help from anyone. But like I said, you are just too moronic to comprehend all this. Are you still at that special school for retards?

            No. I have read William Shakespeare, CS Lewis, Charles Dickens, Lord Byron and much more. Something that you NEVER will accomplish with that minuscule brains of yours.

            Have you already told your little friend Pete that you stood up for the blacks? He probably is going to like this. (Sarcasm)

        • fuckers

          what am i under trailer trash or black cus i’m from the ghetto part of tampa,fl my mo’s black asian puerto rican n dominican n my dad’s european native ameruca n american so which side am i?

    • The west is the Best

      Towanda stinky ass mofo

      No it’s an old negro show from the 50’s where this groid named honey Boo was a shoe shine boy and an informent for the cops.

      • Arcachnar

        Oh. Who is the actor who played in this show?

        • The west is the Best


          Remus Johnstone.

          • Arcachnar

            Wow. Another non-existent character. I have looked up the name and it is nowhere to be seen.

  • Zoltar The Fortune Teller

    Zoltar predicts,

    I predict that Alison will……..HOLY SHIT! It’s a real picture! Not a photoshop!

    I’m speechless,

    I have spoken.

    • .

      Zoltar The Fortune Teller

      You should more often

      • .

        You should post more often

  • Umar the Brown

    Sally Jessie Raphael. You still have the fans! I remember you on TV when I was knee-high to a camel. Ah, the good old days, dodging cruise missiles launched by the evil satan Ronald Reagan. Thanks for the memories.

    Now you must be stoned like all the other whores who have barred their skin and made a mockery of the Holy Koran and the Most Holy Prophet Mohammad, may his name be praised!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ALLAHU AKBAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kahlid

    The pics of this fried egg chested whore was the real cause of the riot jihad in Cairo.

    We really humiliated you pigs good! Our Brother in your White House even apologized to us for killing YOUR citizens!


  • Kahlid

    Sorry that should have been:

    [The pics of this fried egg chested whore was the real cause of the riot jihad in Cairo.

    We really humiliated you pigs good! Our Brother in your White House even apologized to us for killing YOUR citizens!


    It is difficult to post on this Holy Islamic website and fire my AK-47 into the air at the same time!

    • Mufti David

      Brother Kahlid

      It wont be difficult at all to stone this filthy Queeress while shouting “Allahu akbar” and posting on this great islamic site and that too while having our coffee-break.

      • Kahlid


        Indeed, my Brother. Only a truly devout & insightful Muslim who truly walks with Allah would understand this.

        1000 blessings of fine tight pussied harlots await you in this life and the next!

        • I AM AMERICAN!

          Your Brother couldn’t get pussy in this life or the next.

  • FAN

    100% fake. thats not even her

  • FAN

    nvm. she said it was accidentally posted. the owner of this site has really gone to far this time

    • Kahlid

      Yes, ‘accidentally on purpose’. Kuffar, please.

      Loosing your favorite turban is an accident, misplacing the keys to your Camel powered HumVee is an accident, purchasing yellow cake uranium from Niger and being caught red handed by the Crusader GWB is an accident.

      However, ‘accidentally’ posting your sinful, disgusting, boy like tits online is attention whoring – plain and simple. The punishment should be severe for plastering her foul lady bits all over Allah’s WWW.

      For it has been Written:

      “Verily Allah has ordained a way for them (the women who commit fornication),: And in case of unmarried persons, (the punishment) is one hundred lashes and exile for one year.” – Muslim: Book 17: 4192

      In other words, prepare to taste the lash, you hermaphroditic harlot!

      • I AM AMERICAN!

        Yeah just like blowing yourself up thinking your going to get some virgins is an accident.

        How does that work anyway, fucking virgins with your crispy dick.

  • Alissa C DiCarlo

    This is a butt ugly pic


    @Mufti David

    Crackers are worthless scum of the earth, bitch we where a thriving civilization when you evil descendants of Cain mutha fuckers where still living in the mountains. Science and technology, have you ever heard of Egypt you second grade drop out. You evil bitches crossed the whole earth killing and ravaging everything, your kids shooting up schools, dressing like the fucking Joker shooting up people in Movie Theaters and you think your fucking righteous.

    • Arcachnar

      Descendants of Cain? Oh man. Wouldn’t it better to actual read the Bible, before posting? Egypt black? Sure. IF it makes you happy.

      Edit: wouldn’t it better to know first where people come from, before calling everyone white trash?

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      american google

      All infidels are worthless but googles are a special case.
      There ain’t nothing lower than a google or more stupid.

      Googles are the “monkey-rat” people sent by satan to torment the righteous.

      • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

        Brother Abdullah,

        Your sociological insight on googles is very insightful and completely accurate.

  • fireonacrackapieow!

    Yes the twatskinned animal crackers need to quit being mad because your girls butts look like a pancake and although you prefer your pink snotskinned boy body for a woman you frequent sites where you can see what you cant have on your own

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      what you googles call a woman…a biologist would call a manatee or hippo.

      • The west is the Best

        Abdildo the boy raper

        You muslims call women Jamal cause when you mofos lift the burka any hole will do if theres one with a set of nuts and a tiny muslim dick you can give a reach around while your banging your brother muslims ass.

      • Umar the Brown

        Their asses do look like manatees. Makes me want to run over them in my gold-plated Lexus speed boat and chop them up with the engine prop.

        • Afridi

          Brother Umar as you would agree

          Islam is the most peaceful religion

          Now every kafir shut the fuck up before I beat you all unconscious!

          • Afridi

            Sorry for my outburst.

            I am just reeeeallly jonesing for a hot, thick, sticky load of man jizz.

            Is Big Pete or Mandingo the Wise around?

          • Mandingo the Wise

            You an AIDS Terrorist, mang. I ain’t wit dat.

            Now I gots to take my AZT.

            Goan put a serious hurtin’ on you, muhfuggah.

  • muledoctor

    muledoctor won’t fuck her with your dick and your BBF pushn
    – word

  • boomboomroom

    Complete Dumb asseses on here. Someone should dig a hole and pour hot oil on you till you dround. And leave that little boy alone, there nothing wrong with a boy showing his bird chest on twitter… I don’t want to see that pink sickly looking shit but aye it’s a free country.

  • Marc

    You are all racist fucks. I respect all people no matter what race or religion and Im white. Blacks and Muslims are just as good as us if not better.

  • Gage Mims

    Beautiful Boobs, Thanks for letting us see them, maybe some of the other famous women will do the same :-)