Alison Brie Pretends To Suck 2 Men

Alison Brie 2 men

Despite having no acting talent and only being moderately attractive Alison Brie manages to star in 2 TV shows (“Community” and “Mad Men”), and has become a bit of a sex symbol in the heathen West.

In the video above, Alison Brie simulates her auditions for those shows by pretending to suck 2 cocks. Of course sucking off 2 guys is fine for TV, but if Alison wants to make it into the movies she is going to have to put all her orifices to work.

We’ll see if Alison Brie takes her career to the next level and starts appearing in film after getting gang-banged in a Warner Brothers backroom. They say that is how Meryl Streep got her start after all.

  • ObserversDickisaFatwa

    She is wise to play to her strengths…….she may make a fine second wife…….but at least a third wife….

    • Osama Bin gettin Fucked in the ASS

      But it a whole lot better than a handjob from this bitch.

  • Dick Hertz


    Now that is funny!

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    This infidel shows “concubine” potential.

  • jew boy

    she knows how to get a head in life

  • Friendy Neighborhood Mossad Agent

    This is the greater thing since watching Saddam Hussein sentenced to his death!! What an extraordinary talent! America really is the land of opportunity.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      you asshooles wont think it’s so great when us Muslims unleash Saddam’s hidden stock of WMDs.

  • Umar the Brown

    This kufahr whore appeals to me. I am marking her name down on the concubine list and putting a crescent moon beside it.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      She should make a fine concubine.
      I read that she took lessons at “big gay pete’s” school of cock sucking.

      If that is true…she learned from an expert.

      • Umar the Brown

        By the time we take over, we will have enough anti-biotics to clean out any residual glory-hole contamination. But, she will have to stay apart from the rest of the tribe for several months, just for cleansing purposes.

        • Xander Legere

          By the time you take over… lol. Get a life, your house is build on one heck of a muddy surface.

        • Xander Legere

          By the time you take over… lol. Get a life, your house is build on one heck of a muddy surface.

      • Grand Dragon Pete

        Butt pirate Butcher

        You know damn good and well that there’s no such thing as a homo aryan, and definitely no homo klansman such as myself. We bang the pussy….just ask your mother.

        This Alison is already property of The Klan and you muslim mofos never had a shot with her anyways….she wanted the white don’t and she takes it like a champ. No doubt she takes the big meat stick almost as good as yourself….but she ain’t no swallower like your queer ass is.

        She has a special assignment…..kill all muslims.

        Suck that mofo


        • Abdullah The Butcher

          big fag pete

          the klan is a homo club and you are their “head homo”

        • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

          The KKQueer Gang is a well known tranny club.

          Tiny Pecker Pete (aka Z Fag, aka Small Worm Pete) is the “queen of the ball”.

          When a customer complains, TPP is called to solve the problem. Nobody like “him” knows the secrets of ass giving.

        • Ted

          Alison Brie isn’t KKK in any way or form. She’s Jewish.

  • Kahlid

    She is already comfortable in causal Arabian fashions. It will not be a large step for her to go full burqa.

    Though she may resent the mandatory cliterodectomy, she will realize in time that it is for her own good.


  • ben

    Where is this from exactly? What show or movie? Inb satire posts

  • Xander Legere

    What a silly hate filled website this is.

  • Xander Legere

    What a silly hate filled website this is.

  • dav345

    You need to be more specific. It is not just any men she pretends to suck – she fantasizes about her lifelong fantasy to take 2 eighteen inch Muslim cum missles down her throat to give them a taste of the afterlife before they embark on their final jihad. Her ultimate goal, of course, is to bewed a holy jihadist, move into his tent, and carry out her wifely duties of attending to his every need and competing for his attentions versus the other 13 child brides. Your description was far too vague, my friend.