Alexandra Daddario Topless Scene From ‘True Detective’

Alexandra Daddario topless

“Percy Jackson” star Alexandra Daddario shows off her bare breasts in this topless scene from the HBO series “True Detective”.

It doesn’t take much of a detective to notice that Alexandra Daddario’s breasts are perfect, and then deduce that they must have been formed by Allah himself.

Yes Alexandra Daddario has been blessed with the most righteous of mammaries. Now she must do the right thing and not squander her Allah given talents by prostituting them on paid TV channels, but rather allow them to fulfill their destiny of getting sucked raw by us virile Muslim men.

  • The Guy with the EyE

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  • Abdul Nasser Al Umayyad

    Brother Durka:
    This is a great discovery that even in the infidel west a young girl may be given gifts by Allah himself to pleasure our monster Islamist dicks. We must only hope she converts, gets her clitoris removed, and joins one of our harems before the American degenerates make her another slutbag feminist who has been tricked into believing she has “rights” and “equality.” I do not want to see her skull among those caved in after my terrorism mission I have planned to takedown American harlots next week.

    • Brother Abdul, you’re right.

      With us she will has the same “rights” and “equality” (aka, be a sexual object) prostituting her body, but not on movies or TV channels for a society of millions of losers, but for the pleasure of a caring and loving Owner Master Jihadist, who will care for her until her body is worthless.

      No doubt she could be my third wife, no!, my second wife!.

  • Milky Way

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  • Lil Peter

    OMFG. Who is this Goddess?

  • Mr E

    Normally, I’d have to say that you Jihadi chaps wouldn’t know a perfect pair of breasts if they slapped you across your grizzled, cum-encrusted beards. But I must make an exception here – clearly your Brother Durka has found ’em and put them on display for the world to see. For which many thanks.

  • Seal Team Six

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    • Supreme Cleric Farzan Of Iran

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  • America

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