Alexandra Daddario Epic ‘True Detective’ Nude Scene

Alexandra Daddario nude

Alexandra Daddario shows her boobs, butt, and bush in these screen caps from her epic nude scene in the HBO series “True Detective”.

Us Muslims applaud Alexandra Daddario for her commitment to this role. Alexandra plays a big-tittied Texas whore, and embraces this fully by showing her vaginal lips on screen which is something most of the hypocritical actresses that infest heathen Hollywood would never do (Jennifer Lawrence).

Yes as you can see in these Alexandra Daddario nude pics, her dedication to her craft is admirable. Hopefully Alexandra will portray a righteous Muslimina in her next acting job, and show the same zeal for the role by going out and skinning a Jew.

Alexandra Daddario nude

  • The Guy with The EyE


    • Fed Up Jihadist

      Firsties? This posting was made over 12 hours ago.

  • Mr E

    Alexandra DD is the ultimate proof for the non-existence of Allah. If Allah existed, He would want His people to be happy, and that would include Muslim men appreciating her curvaceous beauty. Since a Muslim man’s ideal for female perfection includes body hair, lice, genital warts, and a penis – and since Miss DD possesses none of those “qualities” – it is obvious that the Muslim deity does not exist. QED.

    • William Ketchersid

      you are wrong Allah does exist stupid Allah is just another name for God the father in the christian belief structure.

      • Mr E

        Get a grip – and grow a sense of humor, too.

  • Imam Mehdi

    Her vagina reminds me of the black stone in Mecca which I saw during my Hajj trip…

    Its not doubt that Alexandra has been blessed by Allah with a beautiful body and she should allow it to be touched and kissed by all muslims like the Kabba

    • Mr E

      For a race that currently prefers camel anus, I’m surprised they stuck that stone in a stylized silver vajayjay. Muslims have obviously devolved.

  • Muslim Woman Inspector

    Alexandra Daddario is the perfect example of a woman who should be pleasuring a Muslim man she is absolutely perfect unlike other heathen Hollywood actresses. Her skills and beauty should be used for Islam.

  • Abdullah The Sheik of Tikrit

    This lanky slut is no stranger to the sex position known as “camel style.” I can tell by the way she assumes the position. No doubt in her youth she was the concubine of a powerful Muslim.

  • ObserversDickIsAFatwa

    I notice the homo-commie (No)Woody Harrelson studiously ignoring her whilst he waits for his next young boy to enter the hotel room.

  • John John

    She is so sexy